May 2013

white knight

Loving Broken Women – White Knight Syndrome

Hi Elsa, I’m just out of a relationship. The long and the short of it is that she loved me, but out of fear she dumped me for a married man. Now I know I did everything I could in this situation…. in fact, I held on for too long. But in the end, she […]

My Father Is Taking Drastic Steps To Keep Me From Man I’m Attracted To

Dear Elsa, I have known a man for 3 years and the chemistry – both intellectual and emotional – was intense, as was the physical attraction. However, due to geographical/career constraints we went our separate ways but always stayed in touch, helping each other through turbulent times by talking/writing to each other. Although frustrating for

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Emotional Sensitivity And The Energy You Exude

Recently someone asked about emotionally sensitivity on the boards.  I said I was “medium” in this regard. There are times I might have claimed to be more sensitive, but I had just talked to my friend, Ben who is sensitive. The difference between us is hard to ignore.  I’ve also written this: I’m Not That

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