Effects of moon in aspect to Uranus. Conjunction, square, opposition, trine.

Uranus Watercolor

Natal Moon Opposite Uranus Characteristics

If your natal moon opposes Uranus, you’re bound to be significantly eccentric, for good or ill. You’re likely to detach emotionally, from family and your roots in general. This is a not really possible so straight away, there’s tension in the person’s life. Before anyone explains to me, how they left their family on the […]

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Uranus Transit Moon: Just Because You’re Attached, Doesn’t Mean They Are!

With Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto transiting my Moon, things are poppin’ like popcorn in my home and emotional life. Things shocking, stabilizing, healing, killing, hopeful, expansive, you name it. My roots are electrified, I’ll tell you that. Some of this is painful which I consider to be inevitable. Today I dug out pictures of

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Moon Conjunct Uranus: Emotional Jarring

Last night the moon in Aries squared Venus in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn as it headed into Taurus to conjunct Uranus in the sign.  I was shocked last night, when I learned that someone I am close to; someone I rely on will be leaving town. The separation was most definitely unexpected.

My Father Is Taking Drastic Steps To Keep Me From Man I’m Attracted To

Dear Elsa, I have known a man for 3 years and the chemistry – both intellectual and emotional – was intense, as was the physical attraction. However, due to geographical/career constraints we went our separate ways but always stayed in touch, helping each other through turbulent times by talking/writing to each other. Although frustrating for

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