March 2014

I’m In Love With A Sagittarius Man

Elsa, I’m a 22-year-old Cancer woman who seems to be hopelessly attracted to Fire signs.  Usually they are Aries, but actually my most serious attraction is a Sagittarian friend of mine. We’ve been friends online for at least seven and a half years. Over the last few years, it’s turned more serious; he had a


I was reading about suffering last night. I made me aware I’ve not suffered in a number of years.  I’ve suffered in the past, that’s for sure. But I’m not suffering today. It’s almost curious. It’s definitely good. It leaves me available to help people who are suffering. I know a lot of them and


Neptune In Pisces (More For Virgo)

A Virgo client was concerned about self-deception with Neptune in Pisces… “You have always been susceptible to this, everyone is!  You can have a dream…and misinterpret it.  And you’ll have no clue that you missed the plot! Or how about illness that a person denies? Or weight gain? Or a lying friend? All of us

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