Jealousy in all forms…

A pang of jealousy
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Envied By The Rich

Hi, Elsa I don’t have much material wise in life, but I have many talents. I use them to live an interesting productive life. I never boast about them. Quiet soul. No matter what- everywhere I go I meet envy…someone Always wants what I have- even the small possessions that have only sentimental value. Even […]

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What Rules Jealousy In Astrology

Someone asked me about envy. I’m grappling with how to handle the question. In the meantime, here’s an earlier post. People do all kinds of mean and crazy things, driven by jealousy. I seem them build a case against a person or persons, totally unaware of what’s driving them. Maybe they feel the person who

trust couple
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Synastry: Can We Trust Each Other?

What can we expect with exact aspects in synastry like this: – Aqua Venus trine my Libra Pluto – Virgo Pluto opposite my Venus – Aries Mars opposite my Pluto – Virgo Pluto trine my Capricorn Mars. To me it sounds like we are equally on fire and equally on guard. Can we trust each

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