July 2015

8th House – Keeping Secrets

I’ve no choice but to keep a lot of secrets.  You may read that and think I have choice but you’re wrong. I am talking about my own secrets here. That other people’s secrets are kept is a given. This week in the midst of the pressure I decided to tell someone some of my […]

Political Correctness (From A Con Man’s Perspective)

I was talking to a man, he feels that people are so trained in what they are supposed to say and not supposed to say; what they are supposed to believe and not supposed to believe, they have no idea who they are anymore. I agreed and added, “I think a lot of people say whatever it

Tribute To Astrologer, David Roell By Frederick Woodruff

Astrologer, David Roell died last year. I contacted him, ten years ago with what I thought was a favor. He replied to explain I was impossibly stupid and not at all to his liking. Later, he linked my site from his. I was surprised and grateful! Astrologer and gifted writer Frederick Woodruff has written a wonderful, in

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