Looking Bad, But Believing You Look Good

venusI went to my new stylist today. I liked her and she improved my hair, which is all that could be hoped for considering the state it’s in. I told her how I wanted my hair to look, generally speaking.

“I don’t really care if it looks bad. If people think it looks bad, or I have the wrong hair cut? I don’t have to look good, I only have to think I look good.  That’s plenty.  And then if people see me and say, look at that woman. She thinks she looks good – should we tell her?” The stylist laughed.

“Yeah, I don’t care if that happens. I could care less. Thinking I look good is all I need. If I’m deluded, so what?”

Venus square Neptune on the Midheaven.  Who can relate?

5 thoughts on “Looking Bad, But Believing You Look Good”

  1. Venus in Aries squaring Neptune & Uranus.

    Definitely don’t give shit. I do for me .. & so what? Everyone’s taste differs anyway.. Whose to say who knows better than who? So might as well do me 😀

    Pluto Scorpio Rising.. Used to it anyway 😉

  2. I’d rather have a good hair day then food. Venus conjunct Neptune in the 2nd house. I value the illusion of beauty. I was talking to my daughter yesterday about how even at 63 I feel attractive. I like how my once dark blonde hair is streaking itself instead of having to pay a hairdresser to do it.

  3. Wila- I can totally relate. Hairdresser told me some years ago “Women pay to have their hair streaked to look like this”. I suppose that’s some compensation! Neptune in Virgo 29 degrees in 7H (well, we won’t talk about that) – loose square to Venus in Gemini in fourth.

  4. I relate. Venus opposite Neptune, both in square to Saturn. I’ve been beat down so much in my looks throughout my childhood that I *have* to like my appearance for myself. Funny thing about Saturn in aspect to Venus is that we get actually better as we age. It surprises me when people say I’m “so attractive” now that I’m grown but I’m no longer attached nor seeking their validation. Meh. I feel more like a crusty old toad but maybe Neptune is good at hiding it? 😉

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