Venus Square Saturn – Love In Real LIfe!

Venus will square Saturn on Friday. Will work for love!

I was reminded of this video regarding love as currency. Simple and to the point.

Search “currency” on this blog for more on this topic.

If you suffer from Venus Saturn problems, check out my workshop on the topic – Find Your True Love & Soulmate. It’s bound to have you see things differently.

4 thoughts on “Venus Square Saturn – Love In Real LIfe!”

  1. Honestly. I commented “Authenticity is life’s currency” in one of your previous posts just few minutes ago…before I saw this.

    THIS is the kind of stuff of life that makes me ecstatic 🙂

  2. I love love love seeing you. Makes you seem more real. I get the Uranus/7th oddness appeal. I have Uranus for my 7th ruler. I like unusual beauty, too. One actress who comes to mind is Geena Davis. I think she has Uranus on her MC. And she’s an Aquarius. Something about her looks weird, but she’s so beautiful to me. And she’s stayed beautiful into her 50s. As for men, I think it’s always something striking about the eyes that gets me. I like erratic or eccentric personality traits, too, but unusual physical traits add just a cherry on top.

  3. So great to see you, cutie! I think maybe, after all this time, we should skype our next session! Sending love >>>>

  4. I Love this! Made me laugh. I have four planets in Gemini , including Venus, so for me it’s always “Show me your brain”. Let me see you have interesting information and knowledge and wit.

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