October 2015

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Her Father Died Under The Full Moon

Hi, Elsa. My father committed suicide during the blood moon, September 27th. And beyond somewhat wondering what was behind that, I mostly struggle with getting the love for the full moon back. Instead of a message of subconscious and perhaps release of things that have come to fruition that need to be let go, I […]

Is Your Life A “Busted Flush”? What A Concept!

I ran across the phrase, “busted flush”.  It was used to describe a man’s life and I was just floored. I realize this may be my own weirdness. I played a lot of cards when I was young…when I was a kid. I know what it means when your flush gets busted. It means you were holding

Finding A Friend Who Looks Out For My Adversary

I lack a friend who looks out for my adversary. I am actively brainstorming how I might fill this void…or even it if can be filled? Friends tend to see your side of things. It’s nice!  But I feel I need someone who will be charitable to the person I oppose or who may be opposing

aquarius waterbearer bronze statue

Aquarius Asks, “How Can I Embrace My Chart?”

Hi, Elsa I was wondering how I could like my birth chart better. Is that a strange question? I suppose it means, how can I embrace myself better? For instance, I have Venus in Capricorn and have not had the easiest love life. The good news is that I’ve had a varied love life because it’s

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