November 2015

8th house

8th House At A Party

This story seems appropriate for the energy of the day. I was talking to a group of people, I’d kneeled on the floor to do it. Everyone else was seated. Someone offered me a chair, several times. I waved them off. I was completely comfortable and in the middle of a story I was telling. […]

Progressed Jupiter In Aquarius

My progressed Jupiter ingressed into Aquarius this week. It was immediately apparent.  Almost like flipping a switch. The change I’ve noticed is along the lines of concern over what people think of me. Capricorn is known to care about their reputation. I’ve completely detached from that. I’ve have become surprisingly outspoken. Things I have never

What Is Your Temperament Like?

Jilly has been visiting over the last few days. We do a lot of talking. We tend to see things in a similar way. It’s a nice break from all the strife in the world! “I don’t have the temperament for that,” I said.  This is one of the things we agree on. People have

Astrology Crystal Ball Person

Occasionally it hits me, there are legions of people, if they hear you’re an astrologer, they think “fake-crystal-ball-freak”. I cringe when I realize or rather, “remember”. I don’t think about it because it’s so unpleasant (for Capricorn). There is nothing that can be done. In this way, this calling is a curse. Do you reveal

Joseph orginal

Mistaken As Anti-Social?

This morning my husband told me that the foreman at his new job said he was anti-social. He was a bit taken aback. I was surprised as well. He’s getting on well there. He comes home each day and tells me what jokes he told. He’s what you call, “a funny bastard”. It’s clear he’s

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