January 2017

Fantasizing Control Freaks Who Marry You, Then Complain!

Have you ever dated someone who doesn’t really like you? I made these two similar but different videos a few years ago. I’m not surprised I felt compelled to rant about this more than once. They’re super short but informative.  If you have Venus in aspect to Neptune or Saturn, chances are excellent you’ll relate to […]

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Is Life Harder Than You Thought? Don’t Panic!

My son, Vid, will turn eighteen in April. He’s starting his second semester of college, studying engineering. He did exceptionally well his first semester which was great because it gave him confidence. I’m just off the phone with him. He says this semester is much harder.

Scorpio / 8th House / Pluto – Qualities At 40, 50, 60 Years Old & Beyond

Lynn wrote on: Scorpio, 8th House, Pluto Types – General Qualities: “Maybe it relates to how you were talking about turning away from people. It’s not easy to be Plutonion, and so misunderstood and under-appreciated and even reviled, when your intentions were not at all prosecutable offenses…quite the opposite. It’s intense!” You can read the


Spending Your Life, Battling Invisible Demons

“It’s all on you. Some people develop. Others do not.” I wrote that on my last post, How Can I Raise My Vibration? I got me thinking about people who never do develop or raise their vibration. I wouldn’t say, I figured this out in five minutes, but it got me thinking of people who


How Can I Raise My Vibration?

Hello Elsa! I’d like to ask about wavelengths and raising one’s energy. Its sounds woo woo, but here’s what I mean. A Scorpio can be a stinging scorpion bent on punishing all for past wrong, or they can be a wise soaring eagle, focused on justice and righteous (rather than vindictive) retribution.

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