How Can I Raise My Vibration?

Goat on mountainHello Elsa!

I’d like to ask about wavelengths and raising one’s energy. Its sounds woo woo, but here’s what I mean. A Scorpio can be a stinging scorpion bent on punishing all for past wrong, or they can be a wise soaring eagle, focused on justice and righteous (rather than vindictive) retribution.

Or Venus/Saturn aspects, moving from closed off and no relationships, to an enduring steady, stable one.

I’m trying to raise my vibration, elevate my astrological placements. Any suggestions?

Question from the UK

Hi, UK.

This is a great question and it’s not woo woo, because the answer is practical. Intention goes a long way. That’s your next step.

For someone who may not have your clarity, the first step is to realize there are different ways to be. We can choose how we express ourselves. We’re not programmed!

Now if you’re going to use astrology, the next step is to figure out what the high expression of various things in your chart would be. The writer here has done this and given clear examples.

From here, she moves to have the intention of living in accord with her vision. Astrologically this would correlate with Jupiter -> Saturn.  You can see what you want, on the horizon (Jupiter). You commit to that path (Saturn).

As a practical example, let’s take the Venus/Saturn problem.  This combination deals with a lot fear. Fear of rejection, mainly.  To move from the group that’s thwarted by this combination to the group that’s supported by it, a person will have to address their fear.

To understand, just imagine a goat at the base of a mountain. The goat is supposed to climb that thing. It was created to climb.

Now if the goat won’t climb the mountain, he or she is going to be isolated. If a person with Venus Saturn won’t work to open up to others, same thing!

On the Scorpio end, as you gain experience, you see the result of lashing out or misusing your energy. You can carry on, in spite of what you know, or you can take a different path.

It’s all on you. Some people develop. Others do not.

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18 thoughts on “How Can I Raise My Vibration?”

  1. I was told once that in the case of challenging aspects in the chart (square etc), look at the description of the easier aspects (e.g. trine) of the same two planets. For example I have Mars square Pluto in my natal chart, so occasionally I check out the descriptions of Mars trine Pluto or Mars sextile Pluto in various astrological books or online, I’ve found it to be a good reminder of a possibly better way forward.

      1. Thank you, mm, for your suggestion. Time to re-study Robert Hand’s “Planets in Transit” book! I, too, have a 4H Gemini Mars squaring my 7H Pluto/Pallas Athene. This Mars also squares my 1H Pisces Moon. In addition, I have a 7H Virgo Venus squaring my 11H Sagittarius Saturn. Yes, Elsa, rejection and emotional abandonment sums up my life. However, over the years I’ve learned that the heart is amazingly resilient. Isolation and loneliness follows if you don’t put yourself out there. When good happens it’s extra sweet!

  2. mm, I want to thank you for sharing the tip about looking to descriptions of the easier transits as a way to grok the more challenging ones. Lightbulb moment! Your suggestion is like a Rosetta Stone; I thank you so much!

  3. That’s a great way to move forward!

    As for sharing, I have Moon square Mars in my chart! Mars is exalted kn Capricorn but lies on the 12H cusp = hard to take action, and also self undoing themes. (= bad actions for yourself).
    Lo and behold my moon in Libra, she is NOT exactly happy in the 8H.

    So, actions lovked between feelings, and I end up doing nothing and if I ever do, things “die” or self-undo me sometimes.

    I have sort of “cracked” this, coming to have realized that my feelings can put me in a self-contained prison. Especially when it comes to intimacy stuff. The key for me has been to know that I *can* act. It’s possible, because otherwise I will loose myself (Moon) in intimate relationships.
    The prison I have created with my feelings (not giving up on the toxic relationships), is my own prison. In reality – I CAN take action. And ai should, before things goes south and I loose myself.

    To do that you must first experience all those toxic relationships unfortunately…. 😉

    1. I’ve not completely understood, what you are doing. My Moon is trine my Mars and I don’t have any relationship to experience. Trines use to be quite relaxed. They have nothing to do with action. That’s much more a thing of the squares. Squares rather cause action, whether you want it or not. So I don’t see how a square is ‘raised’ to a trine. My Moon is troubled too. With square Pluto, quinkunx Mercury, opposition Jupiter. A trine isn’t a higher vibration of a square. The aspects to my Moon are all very different.

  4. As a Venus square Saturn, I couldn’t agree more! I finally started letting people in and it’s been the best thing for all my relationships. My friendships have bloomed all over because of climbing that hill. ?

    1. @Primrose
      Sorry if this seems a personal question, but would you be able to give an example of how you opened up? Saturn square Venus here – looking for tips!

      1. @Kate: Maintaining an island of distant perfection is exhausting (like we Venus-Saturns are apt to do!) and so, there was a crisis of sorts. A breakdown that I went through and it wasn’t pretty. I just learned to embrace my inner mess. And when I did, I stopped caring about maintaining an image of strength (which is our proverbial hill) and became relatable to others. I became comfortable talking with complete strangers. If friends or family asked how I’m doing, I’d be honest instead of giving the typical pat-answers. ” “no, I’m not good. I’m feeling shitty today because …………” But mostly, I learned that I don’t have to carry the world on my shoulders and YES, I deserve to be loved as I am, not who I *think* I should be.

        So learning how to not care what others think of you. Get in touch with your shadow side. (Satori writes beautifully about this at length!) And remember, the only barrier to this is you. When you love others with an open heart and become vulnerable enough to let down your guard is when life changes for the better. ?

  5. I have 2H Venus at 0 degrees square 5H Saturn at 0 degrees. I’ve tried to find information about aspects in the same degrees on tinternet, but no luck. I am currently working hard to ‘open up’ and move on from the past. But it’s taking time…my head knows I am crazy not to move on and forget. My heart, however…!
    Does anyone have an opinion on the impact of having two 0 degrees in a square aspect? Thanks!

  6. some of the things that raise your vibration is to give love unconditionally, send out love to Mother Earth and any harsh reality’s, hence our Election!! I guess just thinking positive thoughts and send them out!!This really works for me!!!

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