April 2019


Solar and Lunar Eclipse Dates: 2020 – 2030

Here’s a list of all the solar and lunar eclipse dates between 2020-2030. You can also check out my Transit Calendar to track other important dates! 2020 Lunar Eclipse Jan10 19° Can 54′ Lunar Eclipse Jun 5 15° Sag 42′ Solar Eclipse Jun 20 00° Can 21′ Lunar Eclipse Jul 4 13° Can 30′ Lunar

Neptune tips

How To Survive A Neptune Transit

On my last post, How Do Neptune and Pluto Transits Compare? Amreen writes: It would be great to have tips and guidelines on coping with such Neptunian transits, including ways to identify that we’re deluding ourselves . When it comes to outer planet transits, your best bet is always to lean in. Outer planets represent

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