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Three Outer Planet Transits, Simultaneously

Sometimes I talk to someone who has all three outer planets transiting their chart at the same time. I’m not talking about opening up the orbs so wide, this situation becomes usual.  I’m talking about tight orbs; three hardcore outer planet transits hitting you at once. This was a common scenario back in 2019-20 when

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Neptune Transit: Illusion Wipe-out

I searched “favorite son”, preparing to write this. I was surprised to see it defined by Wikipedia as a “political term”.  My thoughts on this have nothing to do with politics. When I say, “favorite son”,  I mean the child who is favored by the parents. I am also talking about a person who is favored

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Tips For People Having Neptune Transits

In working with clients having Neptune transits, I’m cautious in what I say. People are suggestible under a Neptune transit. It’s important to realize you have free will. Beware an astrologer coming ’round telling you that X and Y and Z was going to happen, as if your life is completely out of your hands. Under

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