February 2020

Pisces 2020 solar return

Pisces 2020 Birthday – Solar Return

I am seeing a lot of Pisces solar returns that look like this. Specifically, ALL the planets (and lights) are bunched together. The exception occurs when the fast moving moon is *not* in one of the featured signs.

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What Sign Was Jupiter in? 1979 – 2032

Here you go! Jupiter in Virgo September 30, 1979 – October 27, 1980 Jupiter in Libra October 28, 1980 – November 26, 1981 Jupiter in Scorpio November 27, 1981 – December 25, 1982 Jupiter in Sagittarius December 26, 1982 – January 19, 1984 Jupiter in Capricorn January 20, 1984 – February 6, 1985 Jupiter in

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How To Interpret Yout Natal Chart

I had a client reference her Moon in regards to showing what she wants in life. I told her that what a person wants is shown by Mars in their chart. The Moon describes a person’s emotional needs. I realized that beginners could use a simple cheat sheet, so here it is: What you want

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Is Capricorn Always Career-Oriented?

A question I hear a lot, particularly from younger clients and friends, is why Capricorn is so regularly described as career-focused. Many of them who have Capricorn placements either say they don’t identify with their sign or even worry that they are failing somehow if they are not putting their career first. This does a

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