Will Saturn In Aquarius Pressure Individuals To Conform?

aquarius water bearer 1876Saturn will ingress into Aquarius on March 22nd, 2020. I first heard the term, “internet governance”,  circa 2004.  There was to be a movement towards requiring people to identify themselves as opposed to being able to say anything they want, anywhere.

There’s been a lot of movement in this direction since and I notice it accelerating at this time. More and more, you’ve got to “sign in” to access content. Sign in with Google. Sign in with Facebook.

More recently, it’s all about getting you to download an app to your phone. It’s common now, that access to various things is restricted to mobile only.  You give up you phone number, and with it, any semblance of privacy.  You carry your cellphone around, like a chip that’s been implanted.  You’re part of the matrix.

There is a lot of talk about the idea of “social credit”, taking hold.  If have the wrong thinking (as determined by the authority, you’re excluded (Saturn) from humanity (Aquarius). Good old-fashioned shunning!

I don’t know that this is going to happen. It seems like it is going to happen.  But personally, being highly Saturn-oriented, I’m going to try to play this in a different way.

I will work to define and maintain my individuality. I prefer being a human being with quirks and flaws, some of them, glaring.

What do you think about Saturn in Aquarius. Do you have a plan to deal with this?

21 thoughts on “Will Saturn In Aquarius Pressure Individuals To Conform?”

  1. As an Aquarius Rising, I never drank the Kool-aide of FB postings and carrying my cell phone around (heck, I don’t even have an IPhone – blame it on my Taurus ruled 3H!). I am in regular contact with my true, human friends and family. I prefer to fly under the radar.

  2. I don’t know what to Expect when Saturn goes into Aquarius, it will immediately opposite my Venus in Leo and later on oppose my Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in Leo in my 10th house. So i guess it will add to my Neptune SQ Neptune . In my work i deal with Google every day and it’s harsh.

    I guess Saturn will make me look or force me to look differently at what creativity means. Looking at ways to be creative from another angle. And it might dampen the creativity, and that wouldnt even be that bad. Upcoming Uranus will come close this year to an Opposition to my Natal Uranus. So id rather go for stability and ease. It will trine my Ascendant and moon tho. So het that is the positive part.. I’m laying low and will wait my turn lol..

  3. I think we’ll see more ambitious targets by government(s) to lead in the race for technological innovation.

    Inklings of reforms may emerge when Saturn in Capricorn reaches 29 degrees (3/9-21). At that time, Pluto will be slowing and at a mere 2-3 degree conjunction with Jupiter also in Capricorn, so a big push for power and possibly more unitary control might occur. Jupiter-Pluto is formidable energy, that has exact conjunction thrice this year; so don’t be surprised if it gets super nasty.

    And so, I don’t think anything will really make much sense until around the time of Jupiter-Saturn’s Aquarian conjunction in December.

    I’ve gone on a bit of a tangent here, but I also feel like later this year there will likely be two clear camps (N.Node in Gemini):

    (1) those who are fighting the last battle, and despite Saturn-Pluto, just seem to struggle letting go and when Mars goes Aries (yes I intentionally made this a verb) for 6 months, it maybe the fight of their lives for this group of people. Do they win? No because there can be no going back from a Pluto slaying (Saturn-Pluto conjunction already happened).

    (2) those who’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction’s ashes have settled and are ready to lead in the race of technological innovation. Have you seen the stock price for Tesla lately? That should tell you that there are many that are already in this camp. Many who are looking to the future of tomorrow, because today no longer exists as before, it has evolved.

  4. One of Saturn in Aquarius’s first actions is to oppose my Mercury, and it will do so twice, stationing on the degree of opposition, before retrograding back into Capricorn. I think I am going to have to use the first part of this transit just to see what happens and figure out how to work with the energy. I expect to be challenged in some way. Once I figure all that out I can decide how to handle the transit moving forward.

  5. A little conformity is okay, I guess. But it would be from my own free will! Of course, I’ve always been shocked that Aquarius is the sign of rebellion, because it’s a sign that rules the masses.

  6. Anybody ever read the bible so the beast works its way into night into day the number of man is 666 the whor rising out of the water on the beast is ai riding the man made power not the power from jesus christ. Who is every one bowing there head to for answers the whore riding the beast. Something to enlighten everyone because i am an aquarius i say pull the plug of the beast and the whore. Look at the dragon of the world what it did to them china they got the snake cause of there dragon

  7. Saturn will conjunct my sun and mercury. It’s already (together with Pluto), hit my venus and jupiter, so I figure there’s not much joy left to be taken anyway.
    Fortunately, this year requires seriousness to complete my degree. I am also undergoing my Jupiter return so I will use this energy to maintain ‘the faith’ and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  8. I’m all for continuing to define my individuality. Without consciously knowing that would be our plan, in 2007, we went from living in our car because of environmental conditions, to building from scratch a home before it was fashionable to live in a tiny home. We have lived on the edge of conventional definitions of conformity ever since; we’ve been shunned and made the adjustments to survive the pressures from the real estate authorities and society’s standards of acceptability.
    We’re planning to tighten our belts a little more to keep living within our means, keep teaching through example, and check for any attitudes of ‘entitlement’ or ruthlessness in our communication.
    My Progressed Sun is in Aquarius, and the Saturn transit will move through my 1st House; having been born a Scorpio Sun the lessons of fixed and intuitive ‘spider senses’ will come in handy as Saturn ingresses into the other Airy Fixed Sign. Natally, I am low on ‘air’ … this Saturn-Aquarius time frame could be just what I need in my 1st House.

  9. Well, it’ll be my 2nd Saturn return, 2nd house, square Scorpio Venus and Neptune, 11th house(already being opposite by Uranus). There are so many master hits going on my map that honestly, I have no clue what is what!
    I’ve never been a conformist even having Virgo Sun and MC, and Capricorn Moon. One thing I really never stood is invasion of privacy.

  10. Well Uranus and Aquarius rule Utopia too and I think the either we will work harder in that direction, to gain it, or the hammer will come down on Society to let go of any idea of that. Not that a Utopia is easily attained if even possible. But higher ups may be analyzing how they can either help move us more that way or will work to squelch the idea.

  11. I feel confident that I can remain in my own personal dark ages to a degree, but I do worry for younger people. It will break my heart to watch my children grow up in this. Of course, I’m thinking of worst case scenarios, like mandating health care and injections, or implanting those chips into their brains, like Elon Musk has just introduced. I’m not into trans-humanism and the borg.

    Part of me would like to escape to the wild, but I know that’s no answer. So we’ll see. I don’t have a plan, since I don’t know exactly what’s down the pike. Right now I see Real ID and that is already too much for me. But then I wonder, am I just paranoid? I wish I knew how to tell.

  12. Learning to appreciate being alone. See through social conformity and the disassociation from my inner life it creates. Not much has changed in that realm. I’m 61.

  13. Avatar
    Hildegarde's Girl

    My aquarius saturn has a prime place in my 5th house.
    whenever I had any idea of romance, it was quite properly squashed. My Virgo sun doesnt help
    It squares my 8th house moon , opposes my 11th house Leo North node and my squares my 2nd house Venus. Talk about a love damper!
    It may be at this 2nd Return, it will be about finally letting go of any hope of love
    Ah well…
    As long as it doesnt affect my son(who I had during my 1st return) in any bad way, I will be grateful.

  14. Aquarius has very fixed ideas. It all depends on the quality and content of those ideas. The shadow side of Aquarius is that they/we all believe their/our ideas are for the betterment of humanity in general, and when humanity does not accept their/our ideas, then humanity must not be human.

    I say this as someone with Aquarius, it can be the most wide and kindly of all, but if the shadow takes over, then watch out.

    The worst of Aquarius is that it creates what it does not want eg to be free, you must first do exactly what I say.

      1. I remember Neptune in Aquarius, the first time round in the 90s, machine dreams. We will all get together on the internet, and let a thousand flowers bloom.

        Then Aquarius got the shock of its life when it saw what that meant: cyber-bullying, stalking, extreme porn, political weirdos gaining traction.

        So Aquarius over-compensates – people, if you can’t play nice, I will make you.

        I understand my Rising Sign so well.

        It’s not Aquarius that is the matter here, it is Capricorn the sign of Big Business and where there is money to be made.

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