Overcome Prejudice To Be A Good Astrologer

zodiac elkes signsIt’s normal to have some bias when reading a chart. You must transcend this so the symbols can speak to you. It’s very common that people deny part of their chart. They have all kinds of hinky ways to do this.

They may simply refuse to pay mind their Moon in Aries, preferring to pay lots of mind to their stellium in Pisces.

Others look at a planet in a late or an early degree of sign. They don’t like so declare it to be in the next sign, or the sign prior. Nice trick but you will never be an astrologer if you insist on doing this because think about it…

When you do this, you elevate yourself above the planets. You look DOWN on them as if you are the God and it just doesn’t work that way. The planets will cooperate with this, though. They will give you nothing but wrong information and it’s your fault.

If your Moon is in Aries but you want to read it as if it is in Taurus, go right ahead. But you’re on your with it and it’s not astrology in any way or shape or form. You’re much better off to look in the mirror and realize, “yep those are my thighs”. Figure out how you’re going to work with them.

Is there part of your chart you like to deny?

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  1. I embrace my sun square pluto… my 12th house saturn leo and the f****** rising virgo… i have so many aspects that ppl would deny, but ITS ME. :p

  2. Ugh. Don’t get me started . . .

    Neptune sits at the top of the chart, conjunct Saturn my chart ruler, and plays havoc with the cardinal grand cross (hi Chelley!)

    Understanding my own chart, let alone astrology in general, has been a challenge for more than 30 years but I keep comin’ back for more. Elsa helps to keep me sane.

  3. I always want the truth even if I dislike it at first and over react. One of my biggest flaws is jealousy in the area of my love life. Sometimes it is unfounded but usually not. Very strong spidy senses. When deceived it is loca time. Venus conjunct Pluto. 7th house too!

  4. I can`t deny anything in my chart, is more obvious it`s my stuff the more I learn…but I wish I could just throw saturn and my south node out of my 6th house..but where to put it?;-)

    1. Avatar
      Libra Stellim

      I have north node in the 6th and Saturn is transiting. I’m care giving and helping others. It doesn’t feel easy but at the moment it’s all I can do.

  5. For the first 40 years of my life, I lived only my Virgo stellium, surpressing my fire signs (moon in Aries, Venus conjunct Mars in Leo) and my Libra rising. And I spent much of my life feeling depressed. A liitle midlife crisis and out came all my fire planets! So now I’m living my chart and feel complete. 5th house Saturn and Venus square Neptune wreck havoc on my lovelife so I wish those aspects would just go away….

  6. yeah I have trouble being a Libra. I don’t look like a Libra or dress like a Libra and I am not particularly friendly or charming or beautiful. I’m more the Dwight D Eisenhower type of Libra. I also have Capricorn at *0* degrees so I’m always wondering if I’m really Sadge. I just read the horoscope for Capricorn and blow off the ones for Libra because frankly they always suck. No one seems to notice this but me by the way. I don’t think most astrologers even know what to do about Libra.

  7. I peek in here from time to time…. This is timely…..

    I have a bunch of planets in my first house , which depending on koch/placidus, can end up in 2nd , which I’d really like- cause I wish I had some nice earthy Taurus in my chart…and some mad money handling skills.
    Meanwhile that same house (but later) is getting a lovely Jupiter bath, which I have been ignoring in favour of self-absorbtion and unhappiness due to all the Pluto, Saturn transits happening….Pluto especially in my 12th. Saturn in the 8th….Aspects all over the place.
    It’s easier to be sulky….than to admit that you might have some luck if you let it happen.

  8. Jeannie, I wrote above about not denying my chart, but I did in a way, for a long time. I think it was here that I wrote, last week, that if I’d known getting really pissed off would help me, I would have done it *years* ago. (I did in select situations at home, but outside of my home? I shrunk from anxiety, and despite my being told that I fight fairly, I barely stood up for myself/believed in myself, and anxiety would cover my personality completely).

    I denied my Aries energy, being used for a good thing: owning my mistakes, and my personal power. I denied my Scorpio the same thing. And I denied my Gemini planets, my Jupiter, etc… a social life. It wasn’t all bad, since I need time alone, and was fine when I felt okay… it wasn’t okay when I would feel crushed over one miscommunication. I had several tools at my disposal, in my life, outside of my chart, but didn’t access them, because of that.

    So I did deny my chart for a while… the good side. I let the negative (fear) rule.

    God, I hate feeling so melodramatic. I rarely felt or acted that way back then. 😉 I just did my own thing.

  9. “It’s easier to be sulky….than to admit that you might have some luck if you let it happen.”

    I remember when I was sixteen, I almost bailed on something important to me, and my mother gave me a little push in the middle of my back, whispering, “You’ll regret it if you don’t.”

    I think I should have had that tattooed onto me, somewhere. 😉 Either that, or put it somewhere prominent, to remind me… because that little push kept me going.

  10. Totally, Angela.

    I am going nuts, processing everything, unable to decide what bits to work on and what is just…sludge. And along comes this bright and shiny planet of ALL possibility, and it lights up all my other shiny bits in my chart, and I want it to go sit in a corner and Shhh… But it is like those exact moments when you need to push through, and you can’t see that either…and your Mom saw that…..
    Other people and perspectives are important!

  11. I tend to forget I’m an aquarius, and pretend I’m a shiny leo because that seems like a stronger sign. leo rising sun in aquarius.

  12. I tend to deny my scorpio and everyone else sees it, but me. It’s a huge blindspot and still unclear to me how to use it properly.

    I do feel like the kid in the mirror!

  13. My Sun in the 7th house. Boooooooo! Ain’t know friggin way to deny it…because it’s squarely in there. I’ve tried every house system too. Nothing seems to work to fix this problem..lmao. smh. So I just imagine it to be in my 1st or 5th or 8th or 10th…anywhere but 7th. My magical thinking knows no bounds :p

  14. I’m so glad you said that! My opinion is the same, Elsa. I think it’s useless to pretend you have something else in your chart, I don’t get that. I work with what I got even if it ain’t as good as…

  15. Avatar

    I tend to ignore my nodes. Aqua birth node I totally dont get aqua.. Maybe it’s time to take a closer look. After all it trines my ASC and my Pluto(ruler if my moon) making a grand trine.

    But honestly for some reason I have a hands off approach with aqua and I don’t know why

  16. Insightful post. Thanks for this Elsa.

    I don’t deny parts of my chart but I’m still learning how to work with them. The good bad or ugly.

  17. My problem isn’t that I’ll deny my chart. My problem is that I am never entirely *sure* of my rising sign since it’s 0.39 Capricorn. This is what it says on my birth certificate. But…if you just knocked it back even three minutes, I’d be late Sadge.

    This makes for all kinds of confusion since you’re looking at competely different chart rulers with totally and utterly different lessons and signatures — it’s not like the chart ruler is *either* venus or jupiter; or *either* saturn or pluto. It’s either Jupiter, or Saturn.

    And if you want to go with whole sign houses, then the charts are really significantly different.

    This is how I got involved with Vedic astrology because over there no matter what I do I’m a Sadge.

    And I can relate to both risings signs. Childhood of limitation and heavy responsibility, disappointments, youthful appearance later but appearing much older when young…I mean a lot of these things as a Cap rising.

    I could *also* be sadge…tall, emphasis on freedom, big front teeth, lots of travel and wandering, the tendency to leap before I look and apparently be quite impulsive.

    For this reason there are some things I just can’t know unless I settle on that 0 cap number and let it be what it is. Which I do, but I just have my reasonable doubts.

  18. Eva, I know what you mean — 2 minutes earlier and I’d be Leo rising, which is what I have in Vedic. I do identify strongly with Virgo, though My Leo Venus is conjunct my Asc so that muddies how I appear as well.

    I can’t say that I wanted my packed 8th, but there’s no denying it and there’s a huge well of power there so I’m into it now that I’m older and can better tap in.

  19. I tend to deny my Virgo Sun. Which is funny because it’s in the 10th house. It’s just not a glamorous sign ☹

  20. Avatar

    No I don’t ignore it as such, I just don’t understand how it all ties into my chart so I focus on the parts that do make sense to myself. I don’t deny that I have a Uranus in Cap or an Aries descendant. That I’ve now found out that my birth time was out by 55 minutes and that’s changed the actual placements of planets. No longer am I a Scorpio stellium in 1st and 2nd but a packed 2nd house, for example. I like it though… I get to learn more about what I have to work with.

  21. Avatar

    Moon in Capricorn. ‘Nuff said, though it probably balances a lot of the fire I have in my chart.

  22. I don’t like that I have SO MUCH Libra –it’s exhausting.

    Also I come off as really nice to people and then get irritated about it because I feel like their perceptions of me are unfounded; I didn’t understand why until I read about my Pisces ascendant.

  23. Mercury conjunct Uranus. For most of my teen through to adulthood, p.Mercury was retrograde, so this aspect just might as well have been hidden, from me!

    So I’m not sure this is necessarily a deliberate denial on my part, but I believe it had to happen this way so that I would grow in other ways before recognizing or receiving my full wings, kinda like mature into it. Because when I consider the rest of my chart with this aspect, well ….!

  24. If I could wave a magic wand, I’d swap my 4th house Saturn for Jupiter. I couldn’t deny it if I tried because it’s the handle of my bucket chart. I have become more comfortable and embracing of this energy over time.

  25. I am never entirely convinced by Rising Signs, based on minutes or even approximate hours of birth. This is not so easily verified.

    Having said that, I do think I am Aquarius rather than Pisces Rising.

    Precisely because I say things like this. 🙂

  26. I used to favor my Aries ASC over my Cancer stellium. (“I hate being sensitive. I want to be fun and entertaining.”) Fire signs seem to have a whole lot of VITALITY with their emotions, which to me always seemed lacking in water signs.

    I liked my 3rd house stellium, but felt it drowned in Cancer. And air is cold and detached anyway. So I favor the fire signs, lacking a lot of it, it seems. These days I’m much more accepting of my chart.

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