Saturn in Aquarius

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Effects Of Transiting Saturn In Aquarius By House

I had a gal ask me for a “blurb” on Saturn in Aquarius transiting her 8th house. I thought this would make a good blog post. Saturn in Aquarius transiting your 1st house: Who are you? Define and update your first handshake. Saturn in Aquarius transiting your 2nd house: Innovate how you handle money. Shore […]

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Is Reality A Social Construct? What A Spokes-Thing?

Saturn is associated with “reality”. Aquarius is associated with humanity. I don’t claim to be particularly knowledgeable about the concept of reality being a social construct but it sure is interesting to contemplate. It’s relevant with Saturn (construction) in Aquarius. Aquarius us also associated with electronics, the Internet and social groups. If I detach and

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Saturn In Aquarius Transiting Your 2nd House

When Saturn transits your Venus-ruled second house, you’ll feel pressured to get your financial life in order.  You’ll also define your values and earn and solidify your sense of self-esteem. This doesn’t sound very sexy but a person who manages to pull these things together is sexy in a real and tangible way.   Related posts: Effects

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What To Expect When Jupiter & Saturn Enter Aquarius

There’s a big shift coming, mid-December when Jupiter and Saturn leave Capricorn for Aquarius.  This should be quite noticeable, in part because the planets change signs within days of each other. But also because it will mark the end of the Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction that has held the entire world in some degree of

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Saturn in Aquarius and Toxic Relationships

In the last few years, particularly with Saturn in Capricorn, we saw a resurgence of boundaries. We no longer had the time to invest in relationships that did not serve us, and instead we labelled those relationships “toxic” and cut them off.  We’ve taken a hard line against codependence and have made sure that every

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What Is Saturn In Aquarius About?

I’m juggling a lot right now but I want to pop up to say that I don’t think people “get” Saturn in Aquarius. I don’t even know how it adds up to “social distancing”, really. Sociability and interaction with others is a Venusian thing. Does “distance” equal “detached”? I don’t think so.  Related posts: Why

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