August 2020

Neptune Venus

Why is Neptune the Higher Octave of Venus?

If you hang around astrology circles long enough, you’ll eventually hear about the outer planets being considered “higher octaves” of some of the faster-moving planets. What this means is that the outer planet is considered to bring a higher, more universal expression to the principles of the faster-moving planet. But what does that mean in […]

Taurus Pluto

Is Taurus the Antidote to Pluto?

They told you life is hard It’s misery from the start It’s dull and slow and painful I tell you life is sweet In spite of the misery There’s so much more Be grateful -Natalie Merchant, “Life is Sweet” Whenever we have an excess of the energy of one sign, the best antidote is to

goat on a ledge

When Will Things Get Better?

People keep asking me, “when am I going to get out of this mess?” Or this holding pattern, or whatever it is that has them stuck. I keep telling them, so long as there’s a stellium in Capricorn where all planets involved are retrograde, people will have trouble gaining traction. “When then?” When the planets

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