Venus Neptune Gives Away Money… And 8th House All Over This

“She’s psychic all right,” I told my husband, regarding my sister. “For example one time I went to see her in the desert, I was trying to get away from a man. He was in my house and I left him there. I just left the state.”

I heard him exhale on the phone, he doesn’t like hearing about me and men and I don’t blame him.

“Yeah, I wanted to get away and stay away until he was gone, so I was sitting there in her house and I asked her, what’s he doing? She told me he was doing something with flowers… he was getting me flowers and he was eating pizza. Yeah, he likes pizza, I said. It’s pepperoni, she said. Well then I knew she was wrong because he was a vegetarian. He doesn’t eat pepperoni, I said. Well he’s eating it now. Apparently he’s only a vegetarian when you’re looking – I was a vegetarian at the time.”

Another sigh.

“I wanted to go home so I kept asking her if he was gone and finally she said he was so I went home. Son of a bitch. I walked in the condo and it was full of roses. I mean there were 50 dozen at least. They were everywhere. They were on the table, in the blender on the kitchen counter, the bathroom trash can was full of them – they were even in the toothbrush holder, they were everywhere. I threw them all in the dumpster too.”


“Yeah, I threw them in the dumpster but first I called the police and they said, hey. He got you a lot of roses, I think this guy is in love with you,” I said, groaning. “In whatever case, then I opened the refrigerator and there was the pizza box with the leftover pepperoni pizza, I couldn’t believe it. He was a very bad guy. I caught on.”

“What was he?”

“Rip off artist. He has a boiler room, churning penny stocks. Turned out he started his business by ripping off some gal in Boulder. She’d been in a car accident and had a brain injury. They were in AA together and bullshitted her out of her accident settlement. $200,000 I think it was. He got it all, told her he would double it for her and so forth. Total ripoff off.”


“Well I was in a position to give her $27,000 so I did.”

“You gave her $27,000?”

“Yeah, I did. I drove it up there to her, she lived in Boulder. I don’t even remember her name, I’d never met her in person before I went up there. I could have kept the money but I didn’t want any part of it. The money was dirty. It wasn’t mine, it wasn’t his. It was her money, near enough. She was not going to see her $200,000 again that’s for sure so I thought it would at least be something. I’ve never told you this story?”


“Oh. Well I did give her the money but unfortunately she probably gave it right back to him. She was a disempowered woman. She went to AA meetings and prayed a lot… she had a brain injury. She was… messed up. She wanted to believe in him so chances are good she gave the money right back to him but at that point it was out of my hands. I mean it was just none of my business.”

He sighed.

“They were real surprised I gave that money away, my sister and her husband I mean but I never gave it any thought. It seemed normal to me. There was no question in my mind about what I was going to do and now that I look back on it I guess it is kind of strange but I have no regrets and I never have.”

This happened about 1993.


5 thoughts on “Venus Neptune Gives Away Money… And 8th House All Over This”

  1. dirty money isn’t good to hang on to…. there’s a sort of liberation in turning it into a gift.

    not that i’ve ever been in a position like that…

  2. Dear Elsa P.,

    Your site has really opened up my mind to a lot of interesting things. I never thought psychics existed until now.


  3. Avatar
    Mariana (Mex)

    Neptuno conjuntion venus
    My family virgo-cancer, never knows how beatiful is that.
    I was a slave in my own house, until came uranus and disapear every thing.
    They try to blame me, but they realized that they was swiming in shit.
    My mother took my money, shame on her.

    … unbelievable ! my new nephew is a Virgo 1st house :s

  4. that is sad about the woman with the brain injury. 🙁
    you got away from that man, but unfortunately she didnt.

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