Saturn in Pisces: Defend Against Gaslighting

Les dudeckGaslighting is defined as “psychological manipulation of a person usually over an extended period of time that causes the victim to question the validity of their own thoughts, perception of reality, or memories and typically leads to confusion, loss of confidence and self-esteem, uncertainty of one’s emotional or mental stability, and a dependency on the perpetrator” and “the act or practice of grossly misleading someone especially for one’s own advantage”, per Merriam-Webster.

It’s vicious stuff and also one of the main weapons in use right now, used to keep people paralyzed and anxious.

It stands to reason, if you can learn to see it (define it), you can defend against it… this invisible thing.

If you have Saturn in Pisces or any Saturn Neptune mash-up in your chart, you probably have at least some idea what I mean.  I’ve written about this extensively.  Hologram fear and self-undoing.

This is my favorite gaslighting song. Poor, Les, is having some trouble with this gal’s thighs.   I offer this for levity but also because it painlessly illustrates the invisible thing, it’s important to see. Also, just look at his face!

How do you defend against gaslighting?


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    Jeanne Cavanaugh

    I’ve seen so many negative and fear-inducing descriptions of saturn transiting in pisces. Saturn is ment to incorporate structure into a person’s life, lasting structure. It’s only when our behavior is not in sync with Saturn that one feels the lack. Saturn helps crystallize, and provide concentration and focus so tasks can be achieved and completed. Take advantage of this valuable time.

    1. The fear threatens to spread like a virus… no edges whatsoever. It’s entirely possible to keep a foot on the found in the fog, though.

      I am trying to draw at the least the outline of a (foot) path with these recent posts.

    1. Moon in Cancer- sniffs it out. Moon oppose Jupiter- blows it up.
      Mars conjunct Chiron opposite Pluto- Acts out. Call me Cassandra!
      Those are my angles-AC-DC-MC-Nadir.

    2. I don’t want to go into TMI detail but last time Saturn was in Pisces my Pisces mother and Cancer father had a blast! At my expense. They made rich best friends who owned a sand blasting company, they spent many nights up to 3 am playing Canasta, often tossing me like a coat into their friends spare rooms. I was molested for a year. I was 13-14, their friends son turned 18 during this so I was statutory raped too. My parents never took accountability for it. They continued with partying tried to win big in MLM doing anyway meetings and dining with friends at Denny’s till 3 am while I often babysat till 3 am, when they found out about abuse BTW, my fault I’m not accountable and must never tell. Ok so throughout the transit I think the Great Creator, universe, what have you tested them with illusion, both Saturn and pisces, but they failed. They lost a lot of money moved away and had to start over in 97. Oh and I was taken out of public school and put into private at their friends suggestion, the decision was made at. End of 93 school year so I lost all my friends and entered 7th grade alone. So… Years later and many stupid relationships later I end up committing to men who repeat abuse but it never comes out until they get me to commit, this last relationship had me standing up to him and my parents. My dad slandered me to my kids and sided with men who physically hurt me. Long story short I realized it came full circle and I saved my daughter from abuse by removing the predator, my kids and I lost all respect for my parents and it’s sad it took me 42 years to value myself that much. Some people want this transit to feel light, it’s already effected me before it officially began and many times we do suffer dramatically from it and no it’s not our fault as comment above implied. Sometimes we’re children.

      1. Angel, l am so sorry this happened to you. I think something similar happened to my niece…she is not in a good place. Thank you for sharing your story here. You are a brave and powerful voice. You have broken a cycle.

        1. Thanks for that, you and Elsa. I know it sounds awful especially if I “go there” in my head. Currently going through my Neptune square Neptune so learning quickly not to overthink it or it gets dark fast. That said, like your niece, I’m sure I’m not the only one. I feel for anyone who suffers. I hope she can make peace of the pieces. I figured stating the gory truth might help others come out and come to terms with the results of others decisions during these transits. Also sad to see my parents finally tasting the results in my absence when I’m the only accountable caring kid they have and I’m not talking to them, as I feel explaining it is moot. They know. They won’t ever admit it but they know. I shouldn’t have to get them to see, I probably can’t. This testing of illusion can bring out the worst in those who think they are the best. I Also remind myself I’m not immune to being deceived and it’s a scary world to me, after all the humbling ( I’m sure any seasoned person past their midlife crisis who does astrology gets this)

          1. My neice is in early recovery(l hope). She is self destructive and mistrustful…l understand that.Telling the truth puts it out there, Angel–yes they knew…and how you have kept your kindness, despite that, is really something special.
            You can’t show something to someone who doesn’t want to see…not your job. Cutting psychological ties is not simple…with Old Knots go Gordian.
            All good things sent your way.

    3. I haven’t seen that movie in ages. A classic.

      Geez…maybe this is what it is that is me. Along the lines of, don’t ask the question if you’re not prepared to hear the answer. Defend, apologize, or accept the consequences or don’t act.

  2. @Elsa Great song! How is I never heard of this guy?? I love you’re using more music videos!

    How do I deal with Gaslighting? Well I have Merc and Saturn conj in the sign of Sagittarius. “You are after the truth and you can sniff fake things from miles away.” From Advanced Astrology website. This is true. So when someone tries to gaslight me, I cry “BS!”. I think about what I know to be true and how do I know it? Would it hold up in Court? Could everybody see this is not true? Then I just sit in the Witness Box because if the gaslighter is going to go on, I just let them and eventually they give up.

  3. Yeah…I relate. Saturn-Neptune square in my chart. I had a boyfriend who gaslighted me BAD. It’s messed up and hard to come out of. I was even told point blank what he was doing and I refused to believe it. This was 23/24 years ago. It lasted more than a few years (ugh).

    I found out recently he got divorced and immediately blamed him in my mind, whether that’s fair or not. There were a couple of local news articles published about him a few years back portraying him as this self-sacrificing type who rescued those around him, and he came off as humble. From where I am it was obvious he was still playing his game. He is SUCH a faker. I don’t know that people like him can change. Maybe not people like me either; I’m still somewhat of a sucker.

    1. I have learned to take what I hear with a grain of salt, and trust what I see. That works out pretty well in relationships of any sort. Now, if I see or hear something online, well, it’s likely to be fake. I try not to jump to conclusions. Being aware that there is so much gaslighting is disheartening. Ultimately, we can only trust ourselves, but sometimeswe might never know the truth. .

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    the laughing goat

    My defense against gas lighting is my life mantra – Actions speak louder than words. Not a perfect defense but it has worked pretty well for me.

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    Saggie Saggie

    Oh I’m dropping a press release about a rat infestation and corporate retail deceit. I read the earlier bread crumbs path Firestarter newsletter. I despise lies. Bullsh#t on your ratsh#t I say. I service mothers holding babies then see them cradling their kids walking down Main Street. Letting vermin proliferate for a year then having your employees suffer through clean up and cover up ain’t my cup of empathic Truth Teller Tea. Rat infestation is a mind set. Maybe the planets are helping me burn it down metaphorically.

  6. I just have to say, this picture is perfect. Just look at her. She looks like so much fun. She’s having a great time. And the guy’s expression, he’s willing to keep trying, but he’s asking, what is going on? And saying, but can you blame me? 😄 Oh man.

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    Bob (in Australia)

    Hi Elsa
    A perfect description of the favourite weapon in a Narcissist ‘s toolkit. Unfortunately also a sad indictment of society in general these days. We are a strange species though. We don’t seem to be able to learn something until we suffer the pain first. It is not until we do,that we realise (hopefully) the spiritual value in that lesson. The flip side of Saturn’s influence in the language of Astrologeuse is that we can all learn compassion for one another as we all evolve together. Every moment is but a glimpse into that awareness and then we are gone. Don’t waste any of those precious moments!
    We all came here with a particular tool set to use in this embodiment and the greatest gift is not only to use it for the purpose we chose, but to recognise it in everybody else too!
    Those glimpses are easily recognisable in every single comment contributed by your readers and all add to the unfathomable quantum sea and healing power that is Pisces!
    May the peace you have created descend deep into your soul for all the work you have done since you decided to become an Astrologer!

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