January 2023

jack beanstalk

How Jupiter Transits Work In Real Life

Jupiter is considered a benefic planet in astrology. It’s a planet given to going overboard and this holds true when astrologers talk about it. The idea that money or things are going to fall from the sky when Jupiter transits your whatever is a common misconception. What you can count on during a Jupiter transit

Pluto god dog

Pluto Transiting First House: How It Begins

A lot of people have been reading commenting on my Pluto Transiting the 12th House series which I wrote over the course of fourteen years. I covered Pluto transiting my ascendant as well. Pluto is now a few degrees into my first house. While the effects on my body (given to the ascendant) are still

ElsaElsa ask the collective

Ask The Collective: Why Do Humans Ignore The Obvious?

I’ve been thinking about naïveté over this last week.  Specifically, we seem to view life as if we’re children.  We’re trusting and so very easy to trick. I know there are numerous theories out there in regards to this, but it there a home truth to be found? I’ve been mulling this and then this morning

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