February 2024

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Weekend Love Forecast – Heading To The Meaning Dance

All weekend we have Aquarius Mars and Venus squaring Uranus in Taurus, so living on the edge or under erratic or irritating circumstances may be wearing us a bit thin. Take care that weariness or inattention doesn’t lead to missteps or putting yourself in physical danger.

Satori Speaks Through The Portal

“Are you in a twilight zone portal?” That was my text to, Satori. If only I were joking. Satori has had inordinately challenging problems in recent months; a period of time which has stretched into “going on a year” at this point. End date, unknown.  Please don’t contact her, as it will tax her further.

Mars Square Uranus: Danger, Accidents

Mars is currently squaring Uranus. This combination is well known to create conditions where accidents happen… fast and unexpected. The exact aspect will occur on March 9th which means this energy will be active for the next couple weeks. Mars rules metal, machinery, weapons and anything with a sharp edge. Uranus is associated with electricity. I

She’s Ready To Blow!

Tomorrow is an amped up version of today. As you can see, the stellium in Pisces will remain intact. The change is the moon in Scorpio is clashing with Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. If something or someone blows, it’s going to be BIG. As to what. it’s beyond merely unpredictable.  We’ve got planets in


Achilles Heel In Your Natal Chart

“Achilles Heel” refers to a weakness or a vulnerable point, in spite of overall strength.  A client read Passive Aggressive – The Unconscious Mars. It caused her to ponder the damage done by the repression and denial of her anger over the course of her life, though she’s been successful. I have another client; wounded

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