A Stable Home For The Restless Wandering Sagittarius Moon

Is your moon is in Sagittarius or the 9th house? Do you have Jupiter in the 4th house or Jupiter aspecting your moon? If so, I’m sure you’re like me – you’re restless.

We’re travelers! We’re moving through, we’re moving on.  But have you ever heard that Saturn was the antidote for and overload of Jupiter?

Here’s how that works in real life aka “How the perennially restless can cut a break”!

Referencing this piece in the video: 40 Years Old And She’s Never Decorated Her House

19 thoughts on “A Stable Home For The Restless Wandering Sagittarius Moon”

  1. I love this response because I’m the one most likely to toss out fifteen years worth of hard earned “stuff” and move on with very little regret. New pastures, new beginnings. I love ’em.

    Funny how boundaries sometimes really free us, though. Stating something unequivocally can be liberating. On the other hand, “For Now” was the motto of my Libran husband (ie, “Where are we gonna put that lamp?” “Let’s put it here, for now…”), and it then it became the family motto. But as much as I enjoy my freedom, eventually the attitude of “For Now” turned literal: we’re divorcing. As pleasantly as possible, but it’s happening.

    Ah, well.

  2. From my two divorces, I took the minimum amount of stuff and money. Can’t be weighed down! An ex-Sadge boyfriend lived on a yacht. It was big and pretty nice, and although I thought it somewhat weird to live on it, I thought it was great how everything was compact and organized and everything was there. I try to think of my house like that.
    Glad you found a solution, Elsa! An outside limiting force makes it a lot easier. I guess the fact that I’ve paired up with Sadges historically really didn’t help me to put down roots, huh? 🙂 Boy am I sucker for them though– my ‘unconscious’choices don’t seem so unconscious, suddenly…..hmmm.
    Am off to think about all of this.

  3. I’m not trying to kiss your ass, but for some reason this is one of my favorite videos from you. I don’t know, maybe it’s because you seem genuinely happy?

  4. Ahh, love this video! But wow, you talk Fast!!
    Is it possible to have both?! On the one hand, wherever I live I make into a home. I NEED it. On the other hand, I never plan on staying anywhere long and I have moved across borders many times. I love the excitement of a new place. (but I still invest in the home, even if it’s just painting the walls in colours and having flowers etc.)

  5. this made me smile.
    I can relate because I have a Sagittarius Moon also, but with all the Taurus I stay put in the same place for a long time. When I finally (almost 2 decades!) turned my last place into a HOME that said me… I moved.

  6. Just stumbled upon this video, and I must say – it’s brilliant and clever!
    I think I have kinda the same energy, feeling restless, not putting roots down anywhere. (Gemini in the 4th house), Sun, Venus Jupiter in the 9th house, Aquarius ASC.
    It spells commitment phobia and restlessness as nothing else.

    I will use this to consider talking to my BF. He has moon in 9yh house. But he has Taurus in the 4th house. We live together but he hasn’t yet moved in officially. I know I will be more calm when he does it.

    He has owned his home for 10 years 😉

  7. i’m definitely very restless soul. sigh. but I love to stay home though, so it’s a strange dichotomy (being Taurus dominant and having Sagittarius too) my husband wanders about..he has Sagittarius mars and mercury. but he likes to stay home mostly, and have a home. we love to travel a couple times a year to nice places far away. last year we didn’t go together much away, but I did, go away to a few places without him, and he went away on business trips to France, Turkey, Germany, and Croatia, few times, and maybe again this year he will do that, without me. we do have travel time together we go together of course.

    1. years later after pandemic, and me and my husband stay home mostly and the last 2 years i had to go take care of my elderly parents full time when i travel back and forth. Plus my husband took a sabbatical year off work too. he’s a homebody like me but we’re kind of forced to move about, or rather have obligations so it helps with the moving about (both mutable dominant)

  8. This is making me laugh. I have Jupiter moon trine. I love little trips in the car, errands, travel and I like my car, although it’s old, to be clean and have some little comforts, like a sofa on wheels with my “stuff” close at hand (tissues, hand cream, music, water).

    But what’s really funny is that I moved into my (now) husband’s house 19 years ago. He has these godawful kitchen-pattern (fruits and gingham) valences in the living room and heavy dark red curtains in the (small) dining room. I hate these things. Have I done anything to change them? No. I look at them, think ugh, then I’m on to doing my thing and forget about them…for 19 years and counting! 🤣

    My husband’s Saturn is 4 degrees from my sun. If the day comes when he suggests changing these ugly ass curtains, I’ll wake up and say, let’s go! But until then I’ll probably keep forgetting the second after I stop typing this because I’ve got other things to do haha

  9. Ha ha, I am getting ready to move again after a year here. I actually spent 8 years in the last place I lived but my hubby put his foot down and said this was it for a while and then he got sick and died there. I spent 3 more years there because it was so inexpensive. I had it decorated in a bohemian style. I live in a college town now where I feel at home with the energy. I am staying in the town but moving to something more affordable. Just as Saturn in moving into my 4th house. I entertained the idea of turning my van into a home and just roaming the USA but decided that was not wise to do by myself at my age. I still plan on moving to Florida in 2024. I have a SAG Asc, Sag Venus and Sag moon. with a Jupiter in the 9th house.

  10. I too was going to ask about NN in Sadge on the 9th H cusp. For years I made decisions and changed jobs based on boredom or the fear of boredom! 38 years ago I became a Buddhist practitioner. Never a dull moment With this either. Good thing my husband has NN in Sadge too and he’s a double Gemini. It’s been a great ride! Restlessness is a good motivator. If you want to live an anything but boring life, go for it! I have few real complaints!

  11. I have Jupiter in Sagittarius, in the 4th. Conjuncts my Mercury & Venus in the 5th. Before I had kids I was a hard core traveler. Nothing cheers me up like strange places. When I got stressed, I’d drive around in my car for HOURS.As an adult I moved around a lot. Another fun way this manifested is that growing up, I didn’t know my father’s family as he was adopted. He eventually found his biological family which contains a few genealogy fanatics. One of them has our family traced back 450 years, along with literally thousands of descendants across 10 countries. So famine to feast in the family department!

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