Uranus in 4th House: Teeter totter!

I had someone contact me yesterday about a chronic issue she was having. It seemed that no matter how much money she had, she’d spend it all way before the next payday and was left hanging for days or even a week, with no money or groceries. I didn’t ask what she spent it on, I asked for her birth data. The most prominent aspect was Uranus in the 4th house, square Venus. Uranus/Venus, that’s an easy way to recognized the money in/money out thing, but Uranus in the 4th house contributes greatly to this.

Uranus in the 4th is someone that is used to security instability. They may even court it. There’s just something familiar in having your security issues always up in the air. Maybe you like to move a lot, maybe you like to flit from relationship to relationship, keeping things spicy. Or, like my client, she liked to be nail-biting it on the countdown to payday. One way or another, even if you claim you *hate* the drama, it’s in your blood to be teetering on the edge and flirting with chaos in some manner. The trouble comes when you teeter too far over on one side and before you know it… disaster.

It’s not impossible to change this kind of behavior, but it takes uber-consciousness and the ability to forestall the knee-jerk desire to open the window and throw it out. Uranus is nothing if not impulsive and downright defiant when it sets its mind to something! Once you’re aware of a pattern of sabotage, you can make a deal with yourself to WAIT a day before doing the behavior that seems so imperative at the moment. It may take some practice, but it’s doable…. especially if other transits are helping you along at the moment.


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  1. I’m totally like this! I have Aqua IC and Sun/Uranus conjunction in 2nd house. Venus in Capricorn, Saturn in 2nd. I’m a spender, not a saver. I prefer instability, it’s what my life from ages 0 to 26 was all about. Saturnian finances in my life mean deprivation rather than frugality. Money burns in my pockets and slips through my fingers. It’s the same whether I have little or a lot.

    I got money last week and have none left now. I don’t tend to worry about it though, I’ve never died because of lack of money. What bothers me is my life is often just waiting for the month to change so I get money. Good side is I have to come up with stuff that doesn’t cost anything.

  2. I can’t agree with the point of view that Venus has anything to do with money. My Second house is empty, but ruled by Venus. So I should be quite wealthy, but I’m poor. I just survive somehow. It really can’t be called living.

    Uranus on the other hand loves to drain money. Uranus did this to me through transits and relocations, without connecting to Venus in any way.

    1. I am curious as to why you think that just because Venus rules your empty 2nd, you should be “quite wealthy”? There must be more to your thinking here.

      1. The article described Venus as representing money, the first comment (from Anne-Marie) described the Second house as representing money. Both seem to be accepted here.

        Venus is generally seen as good, but my Venus is also quite strong. In domicile and an angular house, not ‘hurt’, but rather detached. There’s only a not too exact trine to the IC, the sextile to the MC probably out of orb (there remain three degrees until exact). Venus is exalted in the sign of my rising. The only opposing factor as that my Venus is in a sign, which is locked-in in the Seventh house. A minor factor, which is hardly paid attention to by anybody. There is no interference with other house rulerships or objects in the Second house. So the house of money has a strong ruler.

        Where else should I search for wealth? Or for poverty?

        1. ‘The only opposing factor as’ Of course I mean ‘is’ not ‘as’. And I forgot to mention that my Venus is also in direct motion and in a high degree of its sign. Even when including minor factors (asteroids, antiscia, midpoints), then it won’t become weaker.

          If a midpoint has an orb of one degree, then my Venus is conjunct the Uranus/Mars midpoint.

      2. Not enough things considered? All the succedent houses have to do something with wealth, although the Second house is the most important. This won’t change anything. My Eleventh is empty with exception of the North Node. My Fivth is empty with exception of the South Node. Eleventh is ruled by Saturn in Three. Fivth is ruled by Moon in Four. There are Sun, Neptune, and also Lilith in my Eighth house, ruled by Mars or Pluto, both in Seven. The Sixth house should be considered too. It’s empty and ruled by Sun in Eight. Fourth can be considered for immobiles and heritage. I’ve got Moon in Four, ruled by Mercury in Nine.
        The empty Fivth shows that speculations aren’t important for my wealth or lack of it.
        Six empty and ruled by Sun is an indicator of entrepreneurship. As well as the detached Venus or my Mars conjunct Ceres or the ruler of One, Nine, and Ten in Ten. This blends well with Sun in Eight, the house of the money of other people, which means of investors in the chart of an entrepreneur. Indeed I would like to be an entrepreneur. Because I don’t have a job, so I’m free to be an entrepreneur. There’s only no investor in sight! Although everything would also have blended well with my Eleventh house, which shows income from entrepreneurship. The North Node there is another sign of wealth, at least in vedic astrology (and my North Node remains in Eleven if the chart is made in vedic manner). With a retrograde Saturn as ruler of my Eleventh and Saturn sesquiquadrate Mars and square the Ascendant and contraparallel retrograde Mercury should I not become incredible rich, but it is the chart of an entrepreneur without any reason why I shouldn’t be wealthy. My North Node shows responsibility (Capricorn) for groups (Eleventh), which I also read as successful entrepreneurship. There’s only the vicious circle that no money means no investment means no enterprise means no profit means no money means no investment and so on.
        Is it clear now why I read something in my chart, which doesn’t resemble reality?

  3. This is a trait of some adult children of alcoholics or other chaotic environments as well, but of course the beauty of astrology is that it bypssses all that. It’s really a fearful response. I’ve struggled with it too. Inner child work helped me along with some other understandings about how the universe works, but money is still a “thing” with me.

    1. I too was taken away from an alcie mum and got thrown in foster care and youth homes. I suppose I still kind of look for drama like that and if nothing else happens I can always fuck up my finances. Like I wrote above, Aqua IC (plus Aqua Mars in 4th) and Sun/Uranus conjunction in 2nd. And all the Saturn-Venus. I’ll have to look into inner child work.

      1. Well, I think it’s important to know that these traits are actually not you but a response that you learned to survive. Sometimes with money or food (those base level things that we need, fourth house stuff, base chakra stuff, survival stuff), we go through it really fast because we (that survival part) are afraid that the things we receive will be taken away so we have to use it up to make sure we get what we need before it’s taken away. It really is a safety and security thing. I think the trick is to see the universe as an essentially endless and abundant place where all of our needs are going to be met. I mean that’s it in a nutshell but could take some work to dig through that stuff. But it’s not as daunting as it seems. You learned these traits. They are not you. Like Diane says the first step is to make an agreement with yourself that you are ready for something better and then be courageous enough to step into a new dynamic.

        1. well, but I also think that Uranus squares can indicate self-sabotage, the shoot-yourself-in-the-foot syndrome. For instance, let’s say you were told as a child that you didn’t deserve “things”. Even love! This is a Venus issue, and to some degree, a Sun issue. It goes as far back as to when you cried in the crib, no one came for you. You learned that you could count on *no one*. All of this = preverbal. Fast forward 30 years and every time you fall in love, you ditch and run, precisely at the 3 month mark, because that’s usually when the “mask” needs to get stripped down and the nitty-gritty of a relationship starts to appear. So you pre-empt the breakup; throw a nuke and run like hell. The way to start learning how to *manage that aspect* (I don’t believe we ever CURE our issues, we try to learn to manage them so that we can have a LIFE) is to learn how to sit in the uncomfortable-ness of partnership; to not alienate (Uranus) yourself in the partnership by not telling your partner that you are in fight-or-flight-but-mostly-flight mode. You become WILLING to take the risk of sharing that part of you that usually doesn’t DEAL, it RUNS. Or checks out. Or stands right there and openly sabotages. It’s scary; it’s vulnerable and it’s really really sacred work.

            1. I think any time we do something uncomfortable in order to “ascend” or grow, it’s tantamount to trying to get closer to God, to spirit, to whatever realms it is that Neptune rules. Same with doing things like walking through terminal illness with someone; not abandoning them because it’s uncomfortable as HELL watching someone die. But to be there for them, be their witness… these things are sacred things.

        2. This part resonates so much: “Sometimes with money or food…we go through it really fast because we (that survival part) are afraid that the things we receive will be taken away so we have to use it up to make sure we get what we need before it’s taken away.”

          1. @Kendra I don’t think like that, that fear it will be taken away, I want to keep things for my children to “have”, so that fear of consuming is ridiculous to me. I hoard and hoard to my detriment, but I try to keep it at a minimum being married to a husband who hates hoarding. so we compromise.

      2. I still think I know you but interesting reminds me (your story) of a Doctor Who raised a kid didn’t know the details.

    2. Thanks for the seriousness of it. Thanks for that point. Appreciate yet I think I’m a saint I don’t save or copyright songs I’m surrounded by show biz peeps related. All of that.

  4. Yes, you guys must be sick of me now, always saying that Uranus is linked to trauma, the kind that can be pre-verbal all the way down to cellular memory. That’s why it’s so stinkin’ hard to change these ingrained habits. I have a Uranus/Moon square, been working on that for decades. No alcoholism in my family, but definitely a different form of chaos. I really do think it’s possible to substitute in “healthy chaos”, something that challenges the way the unhealthy habit does, but does not cause destruction or poverty or terrible insecurity. It takes some brainstorming, but there are other clues in the chart as to what the substitute might be!

    1. Hmm. I never throught about substituting something for it. Where in a chart could we find indicators of something like that?

      Also, could something be done about finding order in the chaos? Is that why astrology is so interesting to me? Because it finds order in seemingly chaotic situations? Just posing those questions. You don’t have to answer them:) but I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have any.

    2. Sick of you? Because Uranus is linked to trauma? The discovery of Uranus was already a really big trauma to all of the society. The perfect world of seven planets, the holy number, was no longer there. So I rather agree with you.

  5. I definitely think astrology helps. If anything, in the middle of a chaotic situation, you can look at your chart and *know* “this too shall pass”. Those become not just words, it’s reality, because you can see a transit beginning and ending. That helps me enormously– it helps me endure whatever is happening; grounds me.
    As far as indicators of a substitute in the chart, it just really depends on the chart. For me, if I can become obsessed by an art project, it totally substitutes for my need to create crazy somewhere else in my life. But I have a hard time starting an art project sometimes; it seems like you can become mesmerized by whatever crazy is calling you and just walk off the cliff! Or… jump on the train tracks and dare the train to hit you – that’s always been one of my favorites. yeah, not literally.

  6. I actually like Uranus…like a lot. But I have it conjunct Jupiter and trine Mars in my chart. Plus, my descendant is ruled by Uranus, so I tend to attract Uranians for relationship partners. My husband, for instance, has it directly conjunct his Asc.

    To me, Uranus does not mean instability or chaos or trauma or anything like that. It usually translates to excitement, awareness, intelligence, eccentricity, etc.

    1. Hard aspects usually bring the chaos. But, plenty of people thrive on chaos, court it and revel in it! Different strokes…..

  7. @Diane: I really like the idea of “healthy chaos”! A very interesting take on the problem of out-of-contol stuff. Luckily, in my chart Uranus has only “good” aspects – trine Moon, sextile Sun, Saturn and Mercury. I feel very lucky for this b/c chaos is something that blows my mind. I guess it’s my Virgo Mercury. (Thinking of what one person said here that really made me laugh: “Virgo is not just neatly folded underpants” or something to that effect. LOL)
    My idea of Uranus = accidents. They can be good or bad, but it seems they happen randomly, except when unconscious energy is at work (self-punishement style).
    And also like Libra Noir’s interpretation: “we (that survival part) are afraid that the things we receive will be taken away”. With or without Uranus issues, I think that is the basis of a lot of sticky reactions. Also, had never thought about the adult children of alcohlics connection, but it makes sense. The unpredictable nature of some alcoholics (although paradoxically very predicatble!) sure makes for insecurity.
    Very interesting post! Thank you to everyone, and to astrology, of course, and Elsa’s blog!

  8. I don’t have Uranus in the 4th house but it does square my Sun, Neptune and Saturn in Libra. This is a very interesting post and the comment on self-sabotage is especially insightful. I always thought this was 12th house Pluto’s doing.

    1. I think there’s usually more than one marker in a chart for people that do more than their share of self-sabotage. I mean, everyone probably does it once in awhile. But those that *consistently* seem to shoot themselves in the foot– there’s usually a couple/three aspects that promote it.

  9. I have a 7H Leo Uranus. My ex-husband is an alcoholic and I dated a mentally ill man. Both relationships were fraught with drama (Leo) and instability (Uranus). My 7H Uranus opposes my 1H Aquarius Chiron. Erratic (Uranus) relationships (7H) are deeply wounding (Chiron) to me (1H). You wrote a detailed post on this opposition, Diane, and I found it very helpful. To add insult to injury, my 7H Virgo Venus squares my 11H Sagittarius Saturn. Maturity and the study of astrology have been game changers for me.

  10. Uranus in 4th house here. Chaotic home life as a child. Alcoholic stepfather and emotionally unstable mother. I have moved 4 times in the past year. Finances are perpetually up and down. More down than up. When I have money, I tend to spend it on good meals (survival instinct) before anything else. There’s always a feeling that no matter how much money I have, it will not last or will somehow be taken away.

      1. Um…Okay? Of all the things I have ever been called in life, greedy is not one of them. Not sure how you came to this conclusion. Care to explain?

        1. @leorising, lol no I don’t know you. you only know yourself. from what it reads, is that you have to consume everything right away like when you have your money, you can’t save. and the food connection gave an image of consumption. we all consume, some more to greater amounts, whether that’s food, money or anything else. i’m pretty greedy myself, I love good food. lol

  11. I have an Aquarius IC, with Uranus in the 2nd house opposite Moon in the 8th house and both squaring Venus. Lots of security and stability issues. I am not completely careless with money (Venus in Virgo can be frugal), but “there’s just something familiar in having your security issues always up in the air” is so true. I have a good idea of how much I make and what my expenses are, but I just cant bring myself to monitor my spending and saving diligently. It’s a tug of war between the impulsive impulse and the practical part of my brain that knows better. Takes mindfulness.

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