Venus In Scorpio With Mars Conjunct Pluto… Dirty Grave

I can’t believe I’ve gone this many days without mentioning Venus in Scorpio and how those pesky old lovers come to haunt at these times. They come out of their trash cans and up from their graves, I like to say.

Mars has just ingressed into Capricorn, conjunct Pluto and Mercury and whaddya know. All the sudden I want to write about it.

My husband and I got some crappy news today. I say “crappy” because that is what Pluto rules and when it is all said and done… well let’s just say the crap will be exposed.

I don’t have feelings about this one way or the other. I see as the way life goes and I am always willing to get involved in life.

Anyone else get a heads up they’re going to be digging in the grave… deep this time?

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  1. i met an ex for coffee. it’s the anniversary of his brother’s death. i told him i remembered. he asked me to go to the graveyard. i probably shouldn’t have went. super awkward conversation ensued. basically i had to spell out a very stark/difficult NO. no we will never get back together. yes, i really mean that. sorry.

    like–over your brother’s grave are you KIDDING me. spend 8 years with a person only to turn into a complete figment of their imagination. venus/neptune stuff run amok.

  2. Oh my! This resonates a little too much for me. My dad is dying – a couple of months left, tops. Of course, its a complicated family relationship.

    When he met my stepmother, who has borderline personality disorder and Munchhausens (really truly diagnosed), he stood by while she was emotionally abusive to me and my sister. He moved in with her and lived just far enough away to drop out of our lives. this was especially hard for me as I was a bit of a daddy’s girl. Over the years, stepmom made it so miserable that my sister and I stayed away as far as possible.

    This experience has profoundly influenced my relationships. I’m “the great girl but…” or “I love you but I’m not in love with you.” Every relationship I’ve had has been with a man who cares about me but cares about something or someone else more. Yep I’m repeating my relationship with my dad.

    So my sister, stepsisters and I are going to see him for one last Christmas. We haven’t all been together in 25 years. The day I see him? Venus in Scorpio will be square my natal Venus, transiting mars square my natal moon, transiting pluto will be inconjunct my natal mars (and DC ruler), and the piece de resistance – a lunar eclipse with a mutable t-square in which my Virgo 29’33 Sun makes it a Grand Cross :-). One of the axis falls on my 3rd (sibling)/9th (distance travel) houses.


  3. I am a double Scorpio with Mars in Scorpio and and my Mars is in the 11th house. So a lot of times my hopes, wishes and dreams come to crap! But most of all, most of my super tight friends’ lives are mired in crap. I am drawn to this crap. I need this grave digging to feel like I am alive. Ironic yes but hey I am a Scorpio. I have been visitng graveyards since I was a kid with a feeling of total connection to the dead. I sense them…don’t see them!.. But yes I am also going to be digging in the grave of two passing relationships…we shall see how they transend and regenerate…but to be honest I have a feeling one is going the way of the Titanic and one will Transform into something good for both of us…we shall see! I wish I could do the astrology as Jeannie has. That is intense!!

  4. It’s already happened. My doctor was trying to get a hold of me so they sought after my emergency contact – my ex. Then he’s been wanting to chat with me. Argh. I’m not ready to see him yet.

  5. ((Jeannie)) Be strong through this. You obviously already are. Hopefully this will prove to be the turning point in your life where you can finally get the love you deserve.

    I was going to post an anecdote here, but it seems superficial and silly after reading all this.

  6. Not really sure what to think yet. Real estate agent called today and the bank made a rather rediculous counter offer so we countered them..

    Hoping to know soon where kids and I will call home for Christmas.. But then I guess home is where ever we all are together

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    curious wanderer

    Well, my own personal journey has me digging in the grave already. On top of that, my exes have been sniffing around a bit.

  8. Blagh Venus in my 11th, hopping around in Scorpio is making me dream about ex’s, think about them, and reevaluate the one i’m with (i’m having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that i’ve repeated myself…) ~Gemini & Sag in me are trying to remain positive but i don’t know how much longer it can last!

  9. DEFinitely. News regarding my dad. Coming from very, very deep underground. Times like this I thank the universe for my moon-neptune. Transcending for now because I don’t know what else to do.

  10. Not from the grave–in the flesh after 47 years. On 23 July, the day Jupiter stationed direct,she contacted me. Test run for possible relationship began 18 October and we were done by 15 November. Her Moon is in Scorp. Yikes.This is my second try with a Scorpio. Had another relationshop end in Nov 2002 under the same transit.

  11. Ohhhhhhh yes… & like I’ve had time for it! Four exes have contacted me in 3 days for “a chat & a catch up”… & I’m also trying (& not going TOO bad… so far… *gulp*) to sort out a relationship with an ex who’s come back & been welcome.
    Sound confusing?
    Exactly! 😉

  12. Venus is still in my 12th house, and yes- I’ve been dreaming about past lovers/husbands, which is much more preferable that face to face interaction for sure! It’s inching up to my AC/Neptune/Moon, so we’ll see what sort of ‘crap’ that will bring up.

    I’m actually more concerned with my natal Venus right now, which transiting Saturn is opposing…

  13. it’s hitting my natal venus in the 3rd house. i always get calls and letters regarding other people’s unpaid bills whenever we get venus/scorpio stuff (and yeah, it’s started.)

  14. CArRiE: I also have been having incredibly realistic dreams about an ex this week, which hasn’t happened for years. And yesterday in the grocery store, I ended up in a staring contest with this guy who looked just like my first love.
    (That’s the one I’ve been dreaming about.)

  15. ((((Jeannie))))

    My ex-husband’s mom called today out of the blue. Haven’t spoken with her in about two years and she only found out recently that I had remarried.

    My husband and I are dealing with his ex-wife’s messy financial situation. She took out several credit cards in his name–after the divorce–and has creditors running after her. We discovered this while applying for a mortgage for our first home together. She ruined his excellent credit rating in under a year. Yep, no housey for us. We’ll be stuck renting for the next year or two while he re-establishes his credit rating and I begin mine (my Canadian credit rating won’t transfer to the States). Transiting pluto just crossed my IC into the fourth house. Our home and financial foundation removed just like that. We also found out via a concerned neighbour friend that his ex is bringing craigslist “boyfriends” home with her…while the kids are home (but asleep). My husband sick with worry as both his girls are beautiful young teens.
    Ex-wife is a Sagittarius with Venus in Aqua, moon in Virgo. Not sure how the transits are affecting her but I hope she grows up soon.

  16. Oh, just looked it up. Her mars is in Capricorn and Mars/Pluto will be conjunct her natal mars over the next two weeks. Something is going to blow up soon.

  17. I just got spam from an old boyfriend’s email account!

    Other than that, Venus in Scorpio is transiting my 5th house and my son called me out of the blue yesterday acting like he didn’t tell me I’m a shitty mother just a week ago. I think it kills him that I don’t react and chase after his shit. He’s got his nana (my mom) trying to lobby for him to visit at Christmas. To what purpose really?

  18. A friend of my close friends shot himself the morning of Dec 6.

    On another (lighter) note, holy crap so many of my former lovers or former almost-lovers are all sorts of popping into my life. One texted me that he’s single now, another asked if I was free in January to go with him to NYC, another has been talking to me again, and another was in town visiting and dropped by.

    My Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto are all in Scorpio and the 12th house (except Pluto, which is in the 11th).

    It’s pretty weird.

    Pretty weird. There is such a flux of dudes in my life. It is so ridic.

  19. A former high school crush contacted me after 4 years of not seeing or talking to him, just after his girlfriend of a year broke up with him. Very out of the blue very random. (Could this be a little of Uranus direct in the 5th too?)

  20. I think it was a man named Green, who wrote a book “Pluto”; that best described my natal Scorpio Sun conjunct Venus: That no one will accept you as you are (paraphrased). And that has certainly been my experience(s). And it does not help to have Mars and Mercury also in that same house….all squared by Pluto in the 7th…and in addition being a Cap rising…been rejected by even the twin flame, a couple soul mates etc…so a few years back just gave up; and doin’ ok; and if someone wants to step in beside me (someone that’s not certifiable); well, that will be ok, but certainly not planning on it. But, have to add; have had a great deal of fun along the way.:)

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