All Planets Above Horizon – Progressed Chart

A man bought a Progressed Chart Report yesterday.  He included a note, “What is the most noticeable thing about my progressed chart?”

I decided I’d answer his question when I sent his report. I entered his data, calculated his progressed chart and this is what popped up.  All his planets are above the horizon!

I don’t see this very often, though my own chart has all the planets but one, up high. I just wanted you to have a look at this. It’s remarkable!

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14 thoughts on “All Planets Above Horizon – Progressed Chart”

  1. So would that mean lots of outer activity, no inner? Tons of action and out-in-the-world-doing, no reflection? Initiating major career initiatives? Swept up in events?

  2. My current progressed chart is remarkable in that it has everything in fire and air – no earth or water other than Cancer Asc.

    Prog moon moves into Taurus in a couple of months to give me some earth for a couple of years. But in late 2019, I’ll have 10 in air until the MC progresses into Pisces.

    But the way the chart progresses is sort of amazing given that back in 1999, I had 5 in earth for a time. That was when I was progressing to Lance Armstrong’s chart!!

  3. All but 2 of my natal planets are above the horizon. Mars and Saturn are below. I have stelliums in both 9th and 10th houses.

  4. All my natal planets are below the horizon and I have always wondered what would be the main difference with some one that has all his natal planets above the horizon. Real introvert vs extrovert?, egocentrical vs altruistic? submissive vs dominant?

  5. He may definitely be engaged with others a lot right now. May be traveling too? This is pretty amazing! I wonder how he feels about life right now?

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