An Anomaly In The Collective- My 8th House Informs The Young Woman What She Is In For

This is what happens when the Moon hits my Capricorn and transiting Saturn, natal Pluto in the eighth house.

“If this is everything you know,” I said with my arms out, held in a circle. “Then this is your paradigm and everything you run into you, you’ll try to fit it into this space.”

She nodded.

“And it works pretty good,” I said. “It works for most things but then what happens when you meet anomaly? An anomaly… and authentic one is very rare. Most people don’t recognize one at all simply because they have never seen one in the first place.”


I had her attention. She was young, like maybe 27 years old or so, Saturn return age.

“Yeah, so when a person runs into this authentic anomaly they of course try to fit it into their paradigm,” I held my arms in a circle again and nodded, “But an anomaly won’t go in there. By definition, an anomaly goes over here,” I said breaking my hands apart and pointing over my other arm. “By definition the anomaly does not fit in a normal paradigm so if a person cannot or will not go outside their normal range of thinking, they are going to be lost on this thing. They will not be able to figure it out, ever… perpetual confusion.”

She nodded.

“So I am telling you that you are dealing with an anomaly, a real one which is very exciting if you are smart or one hell of a problem and one you will never solve it you are not. I am sorry but I can’t make it any easier for you. These things exist – anomalies. They are out there and now you are going to meet one and I have no idea what you are going to do but whatever it is, the anomaly will stay an anomaly. It will never fit in the paradigm unless the paradigm expands to include it and to do that you have to perceive it, I suppose. And then draw yourself a new line.”

After that we both smiled.

Have you ever met an anomoly? Tell us.

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  1. yes, that’s what I’ve been learning too the last year. Paradigms have to change, over and over again so we can grow!

    I’ve met certain ‘anomalies’ again and again this year till I expanded my paradigm to include it. And I have served as an ‘anomaly’ in the lives of others too…quite unintentionally, but still so. It’s difficult to know how many of these invisible lines you can have in your mind…till life starts to challenge them and you have to draw a new one! Pluto transit has made me expand my paradigms multiple times, and I think I like it 😉

  2. What about the terrible events of 2001? Prior to the 9/11, I kept wondering, will this prosperity and reasonableness continue? How will we know it is the “new age?”

    The end of an age is also an anomaly. The Catholic Church is losing properties to the lawsuits for the crimes of 2000 years, imposed on children. The dumbing down of major media has caused TV, News, Radio to lose their audiences in droves. All these things could be said to be anomalies of a Sagittarian Type.

    Yesterday I was informed that someone close to a friend (no one I know personally) was shot dead in his car, just leaving his driveway. It was a rage day for someone else who didn’t get his meds and this friend, a Baptist on his way to Church on an early Sunday morning, took the bullet. Done. No explanation or reason, not expected or wanted, just the facts, m’am.

    I had a former room mate of many many years ago, in Oct ’06, also shot dead in his front yard. Done. Over.
    Unexpected. Unexplainable. Anomaly.

    My partner, whose maternal relationship was an oppressive, unproductive and bitter experience was visited by a dream about her. “You have always been such a bitch!” he screamed at her in the dream. The Anomaly: In the dream, she broke down and wept. In the dream! Not what she would have done during her life.. she passed about a year ago. But my friend? We were in tears when he told me. It is an anomaly that underscores that it is his love that defines his life, not hers.

    Why? The dream was an anomaly from the Unconscious.

    Dreams do not visit us because we are lonely or we have needs or some shit, dreams come because there is a communication we might need from a soul level which can potentially give us a new point of view.

    My partner got a new point of view with his “mother,” (she had adopted him, she was not his birth mother) now after nearly two years of being on the Other Side. That’s an anomaly! We don’t expect to change, or to be changed, but it absolutely must happen and in deference to the victims of 09/11, we must live to tell about it and face bravely what the world anew must be for us under the new definitions created by the anomaly.

    For my partner, his love of Humanity was increased and forgiveness begins in a contentious love history. He is finally able to commit. (we signed on the dotted line) He has Sagittarius rising, and Pluto (even if it is a degree into Capricorn, it will return again to Sagittarius-land) to finish off the alchemy, the cooking of the soul.

    I learned in science class that when you boil an egg, it changes. The scientist call the hard-boiled egg, “denatured protein.”

    In a way, we are moving always between being a raw ego, and a “denatured” ego, meaning that the ego moves from one state to the next in a boiling: the anomaly is the high-temperature cooker which leaves us permanently asking “Why?”

    What is the brain? A prediction machine! The brain itself requests a pattern of continuity. The unconscious comes along and challenges that continuity.

    That’s alchemy: the process of becoming something which we were not about ten minutes ago.



  3. I have several in my life…perhaps it’s my Sun in 4th opposed Uranus MC. The bonus of the 4th House/10th House axis is, of course, I grew up thinking anomalies are normal.

  4. By the way, cf, those initials are the same as my own initials and I love being able to comment below your/my signature 🙂

    the commentator known elsewhere as cf

  5. Cf, I also wanted to say my thoughts are with you and your friends’ family…I actually didn’t read your comment very carefully the first time round.
    I’m sorry.

    And I don’t mean to suggest I think occurances like you mention ARE normal, just that my life has been a bit weird. Love to you!

  6. all the time.
    seriously, every experience is unique, we just don’t have the cognitive capacity to grasp the subtlety of how, all the time.

    not that a lot of things aren’t predictable anyway.

  7. Heh, I just wrote a post about gay families and how my dad thinks homosexuality is the result of a defective gene. While I don’t think they are a complete anomaly, (a thing hard to imagine), they are definitely something for people to adjust to whether their concept of “natural law” comes from science or religion.

  8. “dreams come because there is a communication we might need from a soul level which can potentially give us a new point of view.”
    Okay, but how do we know that a dream is not an expression of “unconscious” desires and a conveyor of true information we wouldn’t have access to in our waking lives? How do we differentiate this from taboo desires or “building a go kart with my ex landlord?” How do we know that this woman was really his mom? I might believe it.
    I can ascertain something like a psychic choosing to visit me in my dreams if I ask them and they aver that they did. Somehow they always sound harsher in my dreams.

    What makes a complete anomaly? Is it unimaginable due to our societal makeup? An anomaly doesn’t have to deviate completely from what you know, but can do it in degrees. I think cf’s examples are not unimaginable. The brain is a “prediction machine,” but not a psychic. It predicts to the extent that it can imagine beyond what it notices, such things as maximum or minimum permutations of a thing, like eternal time.

    The brain can imagine possibilities, so I don’t see someone taking a bullet for someone else an anomaly at all, it’s a possibility in a situation, a possibility that I can “predict.”

  9. Maybe there are degrees to which you can pick out your paradigm, it might just be societal mores and for one society, some action might be unimaginable or repressed as a possibility. Don’t you think that to some degree “nothing is impossible?” Especially for the mind?

  10. I have met anomalies and sure i’ve been one at times, life seems to like me to experience them whether i like it or not. But generally i like it, i like my thinking to be challenged. Its all growth and understanding innit.

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