8 thoughts on “What Planet Rules The Anomaly In Astrology?”

  1. anomaly: “deviation from the normal or common order or form or rule”. I would say Pisces,12th house, Neptune.
    However, Uranus may also be a significator, so I guess it would depend upon the context.

  2. Yeah, I agree with Uranus and am wondering if adding an aspect like the Inconjunct to the picture might be useful. An anomaly suggests difficulty in relating to the more usual patterns and inconjuncts do that. Maybe Uranus inconjunct to planets & Angles?!

  3. I vote Uranus with my mind. But something nibbling at the edge of my consciousness indicates to me that there may be something else in the picture, so… hello, Neptune? ^_^

  4. It’s Pholus. He’s a Centaur, like Mr. Tumnus of the Chronicles of Narnia– quite an anomoly indeed. Or Chiron. Depending on where the Centaur eventually leads you.

  5. it’s funny, I’ve heard that word used to describe myself often. I think it’s depends on the person or thing you’re calling an anomaly. It could be neptune or uranus or both definately, because they represent two different kinds of anomolies. A neptunian anomaly could be something akin to an intangible, escoteric vision or motivation behind said person that’s fairly subtle, while uranus would be more like that same person with motivations that are infused with electricity. Uranus is definatly more readily visible, but neptune is just as powerful. They just give off different vibrations, a different feeling.

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