Scorpio Woman Probes Gemini Man

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Dear Elsa,

Two years ago, I met a 42 year old Gemini man through work. We struck up a great friendship. At first I wasn’t attracted to him at all romantically, but he pursued me for 6 months and wore me down. I became very fond of him, and then what I thought was love developed.

Then the relationship became off and on. We both loved being together but we irritated each other also. We would laugh and say we will be together forever, as whatever happened we always came back to each other. I have finally ended it for good, as lately he has become very destructive in the words he says when things don’t go the way he likes or I disagree with him. He cries and begs me back, and then when I say NO to trying again, he gets very angry and says the nastiest and most destructive things about me that he knows will hurt me.

He asks me to marry him one minute, then says he hates me the next. I’m mature enough to know this is not healthy but does this behavior anything to do with him being a Gemini?

Scorpio Woman

Dear Scorpio,

Does this have anything to do with his being a Gemini? No. Regardless of what some believe, all Geminis are not flakes. Your man sounds deeply disturbed to me. He sounds chaotic and cruel and the fact he behaves like this at 42 is a sure sign you should run for the hills – so why don’t you? You’re 10 years younger, you know. What do you want with this old bastard anyway?

It would be one thing if he were treating you well. If he were treating you well, I would not mention his age but as it is, I think his age is relevant. I also think the fact you did not want him (initially) and he crashed your boundary is relevant, considering you mentioned it in your short post. It sounds to me as if you have lost your way and with a stellium in Scorpio, I wonder how you can take and tolerate such a powerless position.

Look. I think he is using your energy. You are 33 years old. You are the one with Mars conjunct Mercury in Scorpio – so how about you tell this 42 year old crying baby to take a flying leap and get back on your game? Because this guy is not going to get any better and your life is going by.

Good luck.


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  1. Arent scorpios supposed to be like that also? Love you one day and despise you the next? Bringing people down with cutting remarks….that can be quite scorpionic as well. Its so weird how alike gems and scorpions can be and yet so different.

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