Appreciating Each Individual’s Unique Character – Video

Improve your life and relationships with this one little but potent, idea!

Do you tend to classify people in large groups, using politics, race or class?
If not, how much effort do you put into understanding the person you’re interacting with?

11 thoughts on “Appreciating Each Individual’s Unique Character – Video”

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    My Mamma Was An Aquarius

    You know Elsa I have been reading you for so many years. I just really like you! I lost my Aquarius mother when I was quite young. But before she left I vividly recall her standing me on the bathroom counter every morning for as long as I can remember and pointing at me in the mirror and saying you are remarkable! And teaching me how to say it too. My grandmother, her mother told me she had done this for my mamma too, and that my great-grandmother had done this with my grandmother too. It takes a long time to make a diamond I guess. It struck me later that as an Aquarius my mother was the most serene person I have ever known, had no fear of checking out and moving on — or even leaving me behind. I say this with complete humility. I was her masterpiece. You really help me to understand my chart in a way I never have before. I can see now that I have always tried to understand it as a way to understand if there was anything we left unsaid between us. Your post today felt like a shot straight to my heart from my Aquarian mamma. We are every one of us magnificent — thank you so much for putting yourself out there and saying it, MMWAA

    1. Thats beautiful. My Aquarian sister does that with her daughter-stands her on the bathroom counter and has her look in the mirror and say things like, I am beautiful, I got it goin’ on etc… it’s really a wonderful thing to do for a child. All parents should do it.

  2. Beautiful advice. Life can become more interesting and emotionally fulfilling with meaningful exchange. Every single person has a unique story.

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    James Slattery

    I’d agree most older people are interesting in their complexity because they grew up in a world that wanted them to conform to their class, ethnicity and gender. Now that the youngsters have more freedom to be anything they want, it seems they are more conforming on the inside as well. Maybe the mass consumerism and social media are to blame for this.

  4. Love this:) Everyone is a genius at being themselves.

    Ive recently realized something kind of different but kind of similar. Its like seeing divinity in the individual, seeing God in them. Like God shows Himself to Himself through his masterpieces (us).

    I think for me, it seems like some people WANT to classify themselves by race, politics etc. Ive never quite understood that, but do honor it if thats the depth that they want to go to within themselves.

  5. Beautiful Elsa…and a lovely way to carry on Charlie’s love for everyone he met. Bless him and bless us all!

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