Aquarius – Rebel Love

Alien black and white
“Pictured: Not actually an Aquarius”

Aquarians. They’re iconoclasts, humanitarians, freedom-fighters, and one of the best partners you can imagine.

Wait, really? Aren’t Aquarians aloof, cerebral lone wolves who are more interested in friendship than love? Don’t they spend a little too much time watching conspiracy videos on YouTube and rebelling against The Man to be good partners? Aren’t they, um, aliens?

Well, kind of. Turns out that, however strange they are, they’re actually real people (it had to have been an Aquarius who came up with that. They love being compared to aliens as much as Leos love being compared to royalty, which is to say, A LOT). Aquarius can certainly appear to live entirely in their heads, and they definitely spend a lot of time chasing their passions and fighting for what they believe is right.

But is that such a bad thing? It’s true that Aquarius is the sign of friendship, but how many of us say we want to marry our best friend? Aquarius may be cerebral, but how beautiful is a true meeting of the minds? How valuable is a partner whose deep sense of morality guides them through life?

Remember, Aquarius is FIXED. They are loyal to the core. And, unlike many signs, their loyalty isn’t driven by their emotions, which we all know can be fleeting, but rather by their convictions. Being loyal isn’t only what they want to do, it’s what is right. That is something you can count on.

And as stable as they are, they will never be boring. They are always learning and expanding their world, and they’ll expand yours right along with it. But at the same time, they’ll never expect you to agree with them about everything. Instead, they encourage your individuality and independent thinking as much as they prize their own. Aquarius simply doesn’t do control, especially mind control. In fact, Aquarius doesn’t even believe in control. Most Aquarians value critical thinking and innovation far too much to try to hold anyone back. So while you may have to listen to them explain how the moon landing actually took place on a sound stage in Arizona, they’ll be delighted to listen to you explain your pet theory that bees hives are collapsing because they’re being replaced with surveillance drones. Aquarius is the antithesis of the status quo.

Which doesn’t mean they can’t have deep, loving relationships. Sure, they will find a way to rebel, but they’re more than happy to rebel together. An Aquarius I once dated was thrilled by the way that our relationship subverted gender norms, with me being the higher-earning partner who made many of the relationship decisions while he took on most of the emotional labor. He would talk about taking my name if we ever married, and the whole room could feel his glee. While yours may not rebel in the same way, the pattern remains. Find a way to stick it to The Man together, and you’ll have a partner for life.

And while it’s true that Aquarius is all about freedom and space, it’s not the same as Sagittarius’ freedom urge. Sadge needs space to roam. Aquarius needs space to be an individual. They need to feel free in their minds. As long as they have the room to be exactly who they are, they’d far rather do their exploration mentally while cuddled with you than out on safari.

Yes, Aquarians are weirdos, iconoclasts, and idealistic non-conformists. But they’re also loyal, interesting, and true lovers of humanity. If you want a partner to make you look good at the company Christmas party, Libra or Capricorn is a great fit. But if you want a partner who will be just as fascinated by you as you are by them, and who will spend the rest of their days changing the world with you, Aquarius is the one.

Tells us your stories about Aquarian love!

46 thoughts on “Aquarius – Rebel Love”

  1. Not a fan.. not at this point in my life. Aquarians can be too harsh and make me feel like my views are from a different planet.

    I was discussing space with my friend with Virgo planets, he was pointing out how we communicate differently and how I seem to be demanding that he respond to me in a way I want. It’s a lesson I have to learn. But, he’s not Aquarian.

    Can’t wait til you do one for Pisces. I was sharing a place for a bit with a 23 year old Aries with Venus in Taurus and Mercury/Mars/Saturn in Pisces.. he’s on fire with a mission of the lord.. he moved to a remote island :/ I hope he’s not like that Christian guy..
    He showed me so much grace, even if we hung out briefly. He shared chocolate and nuts with me and gave me breakfast. It means a lot when people don’t let me go hungry and give me my alone time too.. I’m not easy to be around. Piscean people are sometimes some of the few I can stand to live with, they know how to show grace and take care of you with a light touch.

    1. Aquarians have their own moral code, which might, and most probably won’t, make sense to you or me. As for loyalty, much depends on the rest of the chart. I know of two now-divorces Aquas who still hang out. You’d think that cheating wouldn’t be an issue but the female Aqua cheated on the male Aqua. A Leo would rip her head off for the insult, or at least return her to the life of penury he rescued her from, but the male Aqua still hangs out with her. He is almost proud to have been chuckholded and robbed of 50% or whatever % she demanded so that she can shag another guy AND still wear Camilla.

      I read another respondent who cited a male Aqua as wanting to take her name if married, and frankly it doesn’t surprise me. They are a strange, strange breed…always rebelling even when it makes no sense.

      Pisces on the other hand, have love as deep as the ocean. When they tell you they didn’t mean to hurt you, you CAN actually believe them. Their selflessness can compel you to examine the validity of your motives.

  2. A lot of the forward thinking people I meet lately have mondo stelliums in Capricorn, including Uranus/Neptune. I change frequently and what I need changes gradually too.. what’s weird is a lot of Aquarians and Aquarius moons tell me that they feel a lot, even “too much”.. and think that I feel less… I thought they were right but I wouldn’t understand why. Maybe they are more neurotypical.

  3. Loved this! Thanks.

    Sun in 11th-Uranus-Mercury aspected, and many times I get blank stares when I say speak, discuss ideas. It took me years to realize that it’s not me it’s them! Though secretly, it crosses my mind every now and again that I am from an Alien nation.

    In love: I need alone time, we have to be friends 1st, my relationships are always with people who have something or think unconventionally, I’m fiercely loyal but if you cross me you’re dead – that last bit was Scorpio who just had to remind me who really is in charge here!!

  4. I had an Aquarian ex. They are weird and fun but the emotional detachment and easy detachment from me (loyalty…no), not so much.

    1. I don’t think they are so much as loyal as they find socialising, especially with unknown persons, a bother. That reduces the incidences where their loyalty may be called into question.

  5. I love my Aquarian friends! I have a Scorpio stellium in the 8th house and Pisces ascendant. I have Chiron in Aquarius in the 11th house and Uranus in Leo in the 5th house. I have the best time laughing with Aquarians.

  6. Aquarius on Asc on the 2nd degree of the sign.

    Combine that with a lot of Scorpionic force of planets in the 8th/Scorpio… Hello get-ready-to-rumble-rebel energy LOL.
    I have to say a lot of it makes a lot of sense. Probably why my boss is such a control freak around me. She can’t stand my rebel energy. She has been such a bitch and a judgemental one at that.

    Also, my progressed Moon has shifted into Aquarius as well. Double whammy energy!

    My Uranus is sextil my Asc. Crazy frog with weird and introvert tendencies? Yup, you got it. My brain got twisted at birth and haven’t correct itself. So yeah, pretty quirky I’d say, with a huge heart and a freedom loving soul, just like you said…

    1. Oh, and something else I have noticed:

      I let people be themselves and take them as they are.

      I also don’t care about games, other people’s petty little schemes. Manipulation is on my bullshit detector heavily though.

      And, last but not least – you can have freedom. But freedom comes with responsibility. I guess that’s the Saturnian vibe from Aquarius…

  7. I like having an Aquarius ASC. I have always been told that I am an original thinker and a great brainstormer.

  8. I have an Aquarius Sun sextile Uranus. My sun is also conjunct Pallas and trines Chiron in the 11th.

    Most of my best friends are Aquarians. (Capricorns and Cancers too)

    I feel that those who are mature and aren’t easily offended are those that can tolerate me, those with open minds and not entirely attached to their identity and emotions.

    Other parts of my chart allow me to be heavily emotional, having a son helps too. My traumatic past made me dampen my sensitivity. Not anymore. I cry at least a few times a month.

    Celebrate joyously the sorrows of the world.

      1. I am less attached but ai have my days and moments.

        It has taken years. I meditate a lot. Listen to religious and spiritual practitioners who are much older than I.

        An example is how we have attachment to frivolous things.

        For instance, I’m balding. I can be attached to my hair and allow the social aspects affect how I carry on, maybe try wigs etc. But by letting other people’s problems NOT become my own is how I start my approach. Who the hell started the “no balding” trend anyhow?

        Or even, who cares about wrinkled pants, or even mismatch socks? The phrase for our time is called “the age of anxiety”, and people make money off of others anxieties.

        Fuck. That.

        1. Good for you!

          A man who is balding and doesnt give a f&#* is more far attractive than a man whos got a head of hair but is a sheep.

          I do understand that you are saying something slightly different, but just wanted to mention that. Its just ironic how people who care the least about being attractive and are just true to themselves are the most attractive!

          1. I never would have thought of that, how a person is attractive when caring least about their anxiety filled presentation towards others.
            It’s one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever received. Thank you.

            I still remember your birthday too…

            1. Aw, Im glad. I like to encourage people who are walking what I call, the natural path or the authentic path because Im doing the same thing.

        2. “The phrase for our time is called “the age of anxiety”, and people make money off of others anxieties.”

          😮 this blew my mind

          but how do you mean?

          1. Pants being wrinkled is a nice example I speak about.

            No one would have ever know wrinkled pants were an issue until a person convinced others to believe this. The same can be said about hairstyles, clothing styles and more.

            So when their is societal and cultural pressure to do a certain thing, you are compelled to act accordingly.

            You buy an iron board and an iron. Don’t forget the starch.

            Wearing prokeds instead of Nike? You should be ashamed.

            Balding?? By wigs are hair growth product.

            It’s never enough.

            1. lol that is basically my thinking, too.

              I just call it The Emperor’s New Clothes. I see it everywhere. ? Drives me nuts.

  9. PurpleStarGirl

    I probably was someone’s Aquarian love story at one point.

    My Venus, Moon, North Node, and IC are in Aquarius plus I have Uranus sextiling my ASC and conjunct my Sun. I’ve been told many times that I’m plain weird. Lol.

    Having a natal Venus in Aquarius placement, I always get compliments on my appearance, most often on my hair when I cut it and dye it (right now it’s burgundy red) and my earrings (Atoms and zombie antidote earrings – Totally weird and Uranian). I also always have had people copying me in my appearance. When I was younger, friends would copy me in how I played and would buy identical toys to me. I always hated that and even today, I still hate that behavior.

  10. As an Aquarian, I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. And yes, I love being compared to an alien ?. I even fantasise that maybe I’m a hybrid ?.

  11. One thing I love about them is they dont kiss anyones ass. Its like they live by the higher, cosmic laws, as opposed to the accepted 3D laws. I think it can make them hard to reach though.

  12. This was great! Two of the smartest people I know are Aquarian’s and they are so out there. They just don’t give a fk. I love that.
    My Aquarian moon aspects most of my chart, I relate to them in a lot ways.

  13. Tonight one of my great double cancer, libra and sag stellium pals had a birthday. He’s a little magnanimous and friendly. Many showed up.

    My other bestie, a major Aquarius, came and he and I chilled most of the time, while meeting the quirkiest people there who also didn’t quite fit it.
    We were unapologetic about our similar tastes which others cared less for. Feels good to not give a damn at times.

    1. I have sun square Uranus.. I relate.. I don’t like fitting in.

      But it’s almost deeper than that.. I had a problem/fear of groups.. but I do like belonging.

      I don’t get why Aquarius represents groups.. don’t feel like they like being part of a group that much.

      DA, aren’t you in your 20s or in your Saturn Return? I forgot :/

      1. I’m 35. Had my Saturn return 6 years back.
        If you saw me you’d think I was 28. I’m told this often.

        I find that there’s an ironic balance to the world.
        Which is why it makes sense Aquarians belong to groups yet are separate from them, because by not being overly attached yet empathetic and invested, you can find what’s needed for the group without being emotionally disruptive.

        1. My son is a 33 year old Aquarian. He lived with a virgo for 4 years. They broke up during his Saturn return. He is very picky and mature . I think he needs an older woman around 40ish. He does not appear to be in any hurry though. He is true to himself which I am very pleased with.

  14. sometimes i get a “clue” how uranus works, when i see how scorpio works too, because uranus is “exalted” in scorpio.
    the coldness, of cutting off …very uranian. and how to free yourself too, there’s so many interesting clues.

    1. I have Uranus in Scorpio on AC and I would say that I’m only cold towards those who deserve it. My Leo stellium in 10th is what most people see. Perhaps because my Uranus is RX, even though it aspects most of my planets, I don’t come across as “weird” at first glance. No one looks strangely at me even at second glance.

      So how does Uranus work? It confers lightning speed and originality to whatever it touches. I can easily carry on ten virtual conversations simultaneously. In my piano-playing days, I used to be able to play the many chords of unchained melody blind-folded.

      My daughter thinks I have ADHD but I have the ability to compare in my mind 3 Astro charts concurrently. My husband thinks I’m schizo based on what he sees to be a “splintered personality” but I function very well. No one would believe if I said I answer affirmatively to many, many ASD traits (in one list it was 39/40) because for all that, I can work a room with ease.

      So there you have it, Uranus the contradiction. Aqua are either Saturn-ruled or Uranus-ruled. Some belief it’s both and so you see both aspects in an Aqua. I only have pure Uranus. My Saturn is debilitated and only aspects Venus.

  15. On the real, I’m Uranus-ruled. I don’t like being in the pack, I have liked the “easy” Uranus transit almost more than any. I’m having the “tough” ones now along with a bunch of others. I’m not sure. Somehow the Sun square Neptune transit is making everything hard to sense specifically. I guess I like it to a degree, but the depersonalized part where people look at you sidewise like you’re mental to “overanalyze” or “take things too personally”.. that I am not equipped to handle right now.. I think.

  16. Awuarius Rising. Believe me, the love is there, but it will never be your special personal love, only for you, and no one else.

    Someone asked “Why is Aquarius associated with groups, especially when they are such individualists?”

    Because the love an individual has stays just with that individual, until you realise everyone feels the same way. 🙂

    They all want love. You are not so special, after all.

  17. I’m an Aquarius sun. Sometimes I am contrary just to be contrary, it seems, although I do step back and ask whether this is a true belief or not. And it may be, at least until something changes that.

    We do have strong loyalty in our heart for people and ideas (and things, but I have Cap Venus).

    I need the freedom to do what I want. Period. And if it happens to be a conventional thing, that is because I chose to do that. It is the ultimate freedom of the mind to say, I do this because _______ . (Even if it is not the best thing thing).

    I’ve not had many Aquarius friends and I’m not sure I would have ever wanted to date or marry one. Too much Aquarius for me lol

    1. At least you have the ability to reflect, as opposed to just rebelling for the sake of rebelling, which is what many Aquas who lack maturity do.

      The Aquas I know have v few friends, and almost none hang with other Aquas. There’s too much weird for anytime to be truly weird.

  18. I’m Aquarius Rising. Yes, we are rebellious. Because we just want to create new path, new perspective, new possibilities & new path to all human to see everything with a big picture & unconventional ways.

  19. I am an Aquarius sun and can confirm the loyalty to the core point. It is maybe matched only by Scorpio. Yet, they amputate and we detach, but that is probably some “for the greater good” tactic because we are fixed and know we can and will be there for someone forever if we choose to and that is not always for the best for all concerned. I don’t make promises because I will not break them even if it is for the best! It is an intense quality.

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