44 thoughts on “Pluto Transits And Loyalty To Friends”

  1. I bought that because I had to relinquish my yellow purse. I wore it because I like yellow clothes because they are sunnY!

  2. Elsa, you have a very different blouse today, what’s up? 😉 But it’s appropriate to talk about a double Gemini, all yellow. It’s bright, looks great on you. See? I’m already projecting things because you’re not wearing your uniform lol

    My mother is a double Gemini and she does stand up and stick up for the witches when they’re at their lowest. She has Capricorn rising, that gives her more substance.

  3. LOL! I couldn’t help but notice how cheery & great you look in your yellow blouse too! Love the smocking on the edge. 🙂

    I have lots of Scorpio and am more inclined to defend others in pain than myself.

  4. grandma the gemini has always supported me.

    i knew a girl in school who wouldn’t tolerate anyone picking on anyone else. ever. she also was a star on the track, cross country, and (boys!) hockey teams. quite a spunky lady.

    i do, sometimes. more often than not i’m sideways about it, though.

  5. I can definitely see what you’re getting at in this vlog. I have a habit of making myself out to be a villain and the friends that see through that and make the effort to see who I am are always the friends that mean the most to me. Chances are, even if I have a falling out with them I won’t betray their trust and they will always have a place in my heart.

  6. I have a Gemini Sun and nope, can’t remember standing up for anything. But I am really scared that I won’t, when the witch comes along, when someone threatens my ideals, I won’t sacrifice myself. That bugs me. I’ve failed in the past.

  7. Plus, about Plutonian things/stuff uncomfortable to talk about. The essay on death I sent you that my classmate wrote was probably prompted by a comment my nonfiction teacher made in class. She asked us how many of us had imagined the moment of their death. Most of the class raised their hand. She said she can’t picture someone never having thought about it, yet in her class of graduate students, almost no one raised their hands. She thinks it’s something so human to think about the moment of death that she can’t picture people not doing it. To me, it seemed like she was putting positive value about thinking about death. By which I mean, having a clear picture of what your death will probably be like. This made me really mad. Why is it so human to soberly look in the face of your own mortality? I kind of waved so-so at the question because as a fifth grader I had an obsession with death and used to say I felt less like a fifth grader and more like an 80 year old woman on her death bed. I used to be obsessed with cemeteries and cried about how time flies when I got my first watch. But even imagining myself as an old woman, I felt secure to the degree that I knew I was a kid and had a ways to go before being 80, plus the 80 year old woman was kind of like a character in my head, she was separate from me in that way. You can’t be that accurate imagining your future death, so in a way, thinking about it always turns theatrical to a degree. The sense of security is a lot like looking at a stormy sea through a window. You know it can kill you, but you are far away from it. I think it’s much more human to use various mental tricks to repress and deny death. For me, when I was 6 years old, not being able to imagine what I would be like when I was 13 was much more immediate and poignant. Maybe our thoughts of death are more immediate as children, when we first hear about and experience it, after we grow up a little we learn to lick our wounds about it maybe, think about what we have to do during the day, about our future. Death isn’t immediately in front of our eyes. We especially don’t think about it with clarity and honesty. That’s what I think anyway, you probably don’t agree with me. Just thought I would tell you that.

  8. I love this shirt. Every girl deserves to have some happy clothes like this 🙂 Yay for Gemini!

    I like standing up for the “witch” as well. The pisces/neptune in me feels everyone deserves to be redeemed. No one is hopeless

  9. Thanks all. I also wanted to be wearing sunny clothes when talking about being repulsive… and of course give you people something to talk about. 😉

  10. I watched this at work and didn’t have time to respond then. I love the recent comments bit on the sidebar because it reminds me to go back to interesting posts.

    I love that you’re defending Gemini here for one thing and to answer your question, true to my Gemini/Scorpio nature I am equally likely to be the witch or to be her(very vocal)defender.

  11. I’m a Gemini and have a friend with a Pluto-Sun transit at the moment.

    Much as I wanna stick it out, I’m the one in the line of fire, so I wrote her a note (she wasn’t taking calls) saying, I can’t stand here and take the abuse day after day (basically a daily interrogation of my [dis]loyalties) with no right of fair reply. I also said, anytime you want to calm down and talk, I’ll be here, but in the meantime, I’ve got to withdraw for a while.

    I feel awful, because I had Pluto opp Sun a few years ago, and have since apologised to everyone I was repulsive to!

    Awful as it is, I think if there’s a positive side to Plutonian transits, it forces you to face up to your ugly side. What you do with it after that is up to the individual.

    Thanks, as ever, Elsa.

  12. “- that death really isn’t the big deal we make it out to be, just a change of form and the parts that make us who we are keep going.”

    Marc – That’s a very interesting way of putting it, thank you. 🙂

  13. “- that death really isn’t the big deal we make it out to be, just a change of form and the parts that make us who we are keep going.”

    That’s very Pluto/Eighth House/Scorpio, in a way.

  14. Though I’m a Scorpio, I’m not inclined to pull out the stinger to defend myself unless things are extreme. My friends (and family), however, are a different matter. If someone is unwise enough to attack them, I don’t hesitate to go in for the kill.

    As for the Plutonian death stuff, American culture is too freaked out by death… When in Mexico City I really loved their Day of the Dead celebrations — they have all these images of the dead enjoying the same things they did in life. For me that’s an approach that I really connect with — that death really isn’t the big deal we make it out to be, just a change of form and the parts that make us who we are keep going.

  15. My Mom the Leo would love that shirt. lol

    I’ve got a loaded 8th house… Stellium in Aries. It takes a lot for someone to become one of My People, but once that happens I’m frequently loyal to the point of stupidity.

  16. Okay Molly, now you’re not talking about me, right? Because I don’t remember screeching and flinging. I was more like writing (Mars Mercury) letters to God and stuff like that. 🙂

  17. I hung in there for Sadge in Pluto transit, flinging herself against walls, screeching and being repulsive. But the memory of that haunts me.

  18. I have to say I noticed your shirt too and it looks great. What you said about Scorpios and their loyalty rings very true with me. I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by Scorpios all of my life. It can be difficult to befriend a Scorpio and gain their trust, but when you do, they are with you forever. I have nothing bad to say about Scorpios ever. I’m pretty comfortable around them and I think they get a sense of ease when they’re near me.
    Elsa, ….great story….and your friend is lucky to have you!!

  19. I distinctly remember the Pluto transit opposing my ascendent and sun…and that’s just how it was. I felt repulsive and was repulsive. Couldn’t figure out why.

  20. Yeah, some of my Scorpio friends have been loyal to the point of stupidity. Even when I trampled all over them, it took a while for them to be hurt and retract.

  21. I have three planets in gemini (sat/moon/ven) and all air/fire in my chart. I tend to be there for friends that need me (behind the scenes) and once they are doing better and are more stable…I flee to freedom. I give a lot: doing overnights at their place, calling daily to check in, stopping by to lend an ear, cooking, errands, etc..but when I am done I am done. I’ve some pluto aspects but when I delve deep it’s in bursts…but if they need me again, I’m there.

    Good thing is most of my friends also have gemini moons even if they are caps or virgos or pisces so they get me.

    I just love being there for my friends as and when I can. It would be a great challenge to be like that all the time. Sorry, no scorpio here, just a pisces asc 🙂

  22. maybe gems (speaking here as gem moon), having just gone through the pluto opp themselves, can embrace the full repulsive spectrum. and not bothered by contradictory behavior, being the nutters of the zodiac.
    wondering what shirt you’re wearing today, elsa. my friend’s pluto transit was like an exoricism. and yours, too, through writing…?
    pluto is going to menace my cancer sun soon, so i’ll have lots of repulsivity to report in the years to come.

  23. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    I used to defend the “bad guys” in class throughout my school years; the ones that admittedly often are up to no good but who ALWAYS get the blame. Come middle school, I was the only nerd to go unharassed past the infamous “smoker’s corner” (in middle school, smoking is pretty hard core, huh?;) courtesy of Mr. Sun, Mercury, Mars and Uranus in Scorpio that I always stood up for. Later in life, I usually have (male) Scorpios stand up for me (Scorpio Midheaven). Even a female Scorpio, who is an aquaintance through my Scorpio ex and who largely ignores me when we meet, has worked in my favor behind the scenes. She hardly knows me, but she knows I’m “the witch”!:)

  24. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    And yes, I was pretty much forged at the stake and will defend anyone who’s treated unfairly – friend or not. Often to my own detriment, but that’s second nature by now, hah…

  25. We just love your shirt, Elsa!

    I think there’s something to helping people when they’re down – when they’re hurt and vulnerable. I have a friend who is a miserable wreck right now 🙂 (She’ll be the first to admit it) and I write her a thousand times a day. I’ve been through some of the stuff she’s going through, and I’m glad I can be available to support.

    But it’s the people who act like nothing’s wrong or when they’re down they take it out on you – ick. Get me the heck away from those people!

  26. Leo Sun, Scorpio Asc. and Moon – think blindly loyal! I have defended people who have let me defend them while they’re sticking daggers between the ol’ shoulder-blades! Sometimes I feel stupid doing it, others I just think, well, I’m glad I was true to my own ideals if nothing else.

    Reeling from lots of Plutonian endings, but as optimistic and sunny as your beautiful yellow top, Elsa, I know tomorrow’s a better day!

  27. I will always stand up for the witch as she is being burned at the stake even though I end up getting tossed in the fire with her more often than not. I cannot possibly do anything other than stand up for the witch, I am incapable.

  28. I DO! I do stand up for people that need it. I care, and I am almost too unafraid to take the bullet meant for someone else. I don’t care at all about being hated, I am going to love that person that needs to be loved, whoever they are.

  29. gem sun, scorpio moon. just coming out of the pluto opp to my sun and almost all of the people still standing in my life are scorpio. i’ve morphed from caring about whether people are interesting (gemini) to whether they are loyal. I’m loyal in return but if i’m betrayed, i’m done, i’m done.

  30. I stick up for people who deserve it, and I also have this unfortunate habit of sticking up for people who don’t deserve it. I nearly lost my life (figuratively, not literally) doing this very thing.

    I’m pretty repulsive these days. There are so many things I wish to talk about that I feel like I can’t .

    I like the letters to God option. My sister (Pluto conjunct ASC with Moon in Gemini) does this too, and swears it helps her.

  31. I have double gemini too, and this fits, i.e., befriending someone who thinks they are repulsive. But it’s my Libra rising that most intrigues me in terms of working out the terms of my own loyalty. I can be down on someone, I mean really down, but if others jump on that bandwagon and start to dog the very same person, I will instantly, I mean down to my very core instantly come to that person’s defense. This is not a tactic, it’s a real and very genuine need.

  32. In my world I wouldn’t even notice the gang of people..I don’t care too much about what other people think…I would of saw a person in need..
    And I am pretty confident I could have stopped the witch burners and if not I would have given them a fight to the death….

  33. Hi,
    I too went through a long, painful, miserable, pluto transit to my sun, and although I will never forget the people who trashed and abandoned me, more importantly I will always remember and admire the strength, and character of the few who refused to be fearful minions that would do anything to follow the crowd to save their own hide or status.
    You know who you are!!!

  34. Your Leo Venus is SHINING in that SUNNY shirt, Elsa! 🙂 of course, you know I love it too…

    Funny, I have always felt I was repulsive to all around me…and yet, I will always stand up for the underdog…I think that’s the Aquarian side of me, tho’

  35. This really made me think of my relationships since my Pluto transits began. I’ve had friends be disgusted by me once my Plutonion side showed, especially considering I already have Moon in the 8th. But the ones that stuck around, they will be my friend no matter what. You’re so right. I feel I really should appreciate them more. You’ve also settled an argument I’ve been having with a friend who is experiencing Pluto through the 8th.

    This also makes me think of how much it was my fault-the ending of relationships as much as others’ during Pluto transits. Maybe I just scared people lol. But then again, if anyone gets scared of a little darkness, then they aren’t worth MY time lol. Thanks again, Elsa!

  36. Yup,I’m ALWAYS defending my loved ones/friends. I don’t get intimidated easily. Must be that Scorpio sun,rising,Pluto. Then Pluto square mars. Moon in 8th house. I’m a Passionate womyn what can I say. =)

  37. Haha. It’s very rare that I do that kind of thing for people – they must mean a lot to me for me to do that. Honestly. But for those who I feel deserve it, I am crazy loyal and strong. Those people are like my family. (Cancer Mars)

    I think Gemini always thinks of things through a “temporary” lens.

  38. Yay Elsa! “I also wanted to be wearing sunny clothes when talking about being repulsive” I absolutely adore that statement, lol!

    I would stand up for the witch, by trying to get others to see her side. Make space for her to have a voice. At great anxiety and fear for my own safety, at the same time. So if I’m too scared, I support the underdog’s right to express, but I’m undercover.

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