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all astrology topicsI was talking to a new client yesterday. She knew a lot of astrology. She found me by looking for information about Pluto in the 12th, crossing the ascendant and such.  This is definitely the place to be for that transit.

She asked me a lot of questions of different kinds. I answered them the best I could and then she asked me if I could tell her anything about Neptune conjunct her Midheaven. Whaaat?

I have written well over 100 posts on this topic. It’s ridiculous! I told her this, recommending she check out the tag.  I also decided I better get on here and explain…

You may or may not have noticed, it’s not that easy to find astro info anymore. Generic, yes!  But I’m talking about the kind of thing you find here.  If you don’t know this – I have tagged all the posts on this blog for 17 years.  I’ve had a tag page (topics) buy it’s been cumbersome.

forum searchI recently got a new plugin to sort the tags. It’s a great improvement. I moved the “search” and the “topics” to the same page. It’s fast-loading now and easy to use.  Search and Topics.  You might want to bookmark it. The search is powered by google, which will prioritize results based in it’s criteria.

If you want to search the forum, specifically, there is independent search engine that’s part of the forum software. It’s pretty good! It’s vastly better than what we’ve had in the past.

If you’re looking for quirky, candid, intelligent astrology ideas or interpretations, this is the place to be. I feel content of this type is being eradicated and I can tell you why, or at least one of the major reasons. You have to write for the major search provider out there; try to get ranked.  It’s all about conformity. I have tried to go this route but just can’t.

Have fun and please help me out by sharing this post or the link or whatever else you can think of.

Thank you!

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  1. I appreciate this information and post so much. I come here to consume info regularly and try to support regularly. Not here to say much else, just thanks ?

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