I’m A Sore Winner!

red rageI’m really looking forward to Mars transiting Gemini for seven months, later this year.  There are a lot of reasons; one of them is that we’ll get to talk about Mars – alll right!

I was talking to a client yesterday, who suggested I write about this.  She’s got a Sagittarius moon conjunct Mars in the 9th.  Sounds bombastic but there are mitigating factors.  Sort of  like me.

In whatever case she’s in a tango with a Scorpio, who she has beat, inside out, upside down and backwards but she keeps going on.

“Why?” I asked. “She can’t beat you, you’ve already won! Why don’t you just leave???”

“Well, I’m a sore winner, that’s why!”  I snorted and she repeated it. “I am a sore winner!”

Well, this was a wonderful comment. In all the time I have worked with this gal, nothing like this had ever emerged. I stared at her chart which I had in my hand.

“Do you know that Pluto is squaring your Mars… and your moon?”

It was very clear this (truly high-minded) gal would like to stomp the guts out of her foe. Clear because she make it clear!  She said that when someone messed with her in this way this gal had, she made a point of causing them so much harm they’d never think of messing with her again.   By the way, she’s a Libra!

I hope this reads as funny, because it was.  But I also think it’s worth considering in this way – what lurks in your chart?

It’s also a theme, lately. People are “meeting” their Mars.  I guess it all the provoking going on right now. People who don’t consider themselves to be angry or vengeful and finding out they are both.

I don’t think this is bad.  This gal is now far more aware of what I call, her “coiled up serpent” power.

Are you seeing people pop off? 

14 thoughts on “I’m A Sore Winner!”

  1. Yes. I have had 2 students pop off on separate occasions for some innocuous reason recently. Throwing chairs, upturning every container of markers and crayons (hundreds) onto the floor, pulling books off the shelf as they ran around upturning. Took me forever to sort them out and load them up again 🙁

  2. “I’m a sore winner”…ha ha ha ha! That’s brilliant!

    I have Mars conj. Neptune and Sun in the 12th. I don’t see how angry I can come across. I just think I am being enthusiastic or emphasizing something. I also have Saturn in the same house as Mars though in the second house (although I think in Placidieus it’s a split house and that house is ruled by Jupiter and I have Jupiter in Libra so I usually just try to be nice when I want to get mad but it’s really hard for me. You have to really push me to get mad. And I am a Scorpio! If I hear people talk about revenge it makes me feel physically sick.

    I wonder how this Mars transition will play out though as it will be in my 7th house!

  3. Now that’s funny! (Mars in Gemini) I also have Sun in Scorpio and I know “waters run deep” Me thinks this high minded gal should let it go and offer a sincere apology so they can be friends again.

  4. I have been on the receiving end of the “sore winner” energy and it hurts! I am a mushy Cancerian,Pisces Rising with an unexpected MOON IN CAP to strengthen me somewhat but I am always blindsided when someone takes something the wrong way and BLASTS their energy against something that didn’t even happen! Well, my soapbox.Feeling so vulnerable today with the Moon in Cancer,Pisces sun time.. laying low… cooking and listening to cool jazz. Our sick son needs help today too.. so there’s that. Hoping for relief on so many levels, for all of us!

    1. I’m sorry your feeling low today, but hey,cooking and cool jazz sounds like a lovely day.
      Take care and my best to your son.

      1. On the scale of “bad day” today is actually a good one.. our measurements change as time goes on,right? Those “hurts” happened a long time ago— not much anymore.I truly have the best friends one could ask for! you learn over time to upgrade your quality of friends and block out the meanies… My posse watches out for one another … the political situation and the astrology of these past few days have me worried but I am keeping busy in the kitchen and also watching some astrological webinars. Thank you Daisy!

  5. to be honest, that doesn’t really sound very sagittarius or 9th, more libra with being treated unfairly and some scorpio energy. Sag usually runs away. lol But yeah i can see libra definitely wanting justice.

  6. ‘people are meeting their Mars’.. soo accurate!! I have been exploring lately the contained strength of my natal Mars in Libra in a very powerful way.. Feeling I somehow have the licence to act contrary to the world’s expressions of anger and get away with it unharmed. It was an incredible realization!!

  7. I have my Mars6/Moon6/Mercury8/Neptune10 Scorpio in my 3rd house, so I have already gotten facial stitches from a road rage incident, and have had lots of other close calls, but yesterday a bus driver messed with me after speeding around me and I honked, so he pursued me and got withing an inch or two of the left side of my car- couldn’t get any closer because of the car in front of me, but I always flip out when people put me in physical danger. I pulled my car even a little closer to the bus before pulling to the left and flipping him off while yelling a few choice words, to the shock of all the passengers. Of course I thought things through later, and I really don’t want to go out and get in the same situation again because I wouldn’t want my face plastered all over social media while screaming and flipping off a bus load of people- no matter who is in the right. They used to say, “Right, dead right“ or something like that in the 60’s.

  8. I’m currently feeling this “about to pop off” energy. I got very triggered by someone today over something so stupid and all my anger boiled up. I pulled back but was disappointed in myself because I’ve been trying to escape through my books and staying offline, and been mostly successful. The thing that triggered me isn’t even something that I can do anything about!

    But to the point you make about meeting your Mars – mine is at 0 Libra, square my emotional Cancer Moon and conjunct Virgo Saturn, and that usually is something I hone – in for the long haul, patient action, etc. But that cruel side is under the surface wanting to take it out on someone or something and it’s not a part of myself I like. I relate to the “sore winner” in a humorless way, because I don’t want to be a sore winner. It’s like this bug on my arm I can’t shake off or something. Why can’t I leave things alone? Why do I want to blow them up and be ruthless in my victory through destruction?

    Ugh I hate even typing it out. It’s so ugly to look at. But it’s there. I comfort myself that we all have something icky in our personalities. I guess maybe I’d rather be this way than traditionally weak, but in this way I am my own victim because I don’t like what I’m capable of in thought alone! It’s a scary energy and one that needs mastered. Not sure if I have but at least I know it’s there.

  9. I was feeling an internal fire about something personal and realized that I feel that way often, yet I didn’t know where it was in my chart. Where was this coming from? Ohhhhh, an aspect that I had totally overlooked, and I don’t know how. I guess there were so many other things to look at, and I’m considered such a mild-mannered soft-spoken person, that I didn’t see the glaring T-squares with my Sun and ascendant squaring Jupiter and Mars conjunct. Oh boy. And a Mars transit coming up involving all of that. I think this may be the tip of the iceberg. I think I just figured out why people are always shocked when they cross me or witness it and this soft-spoken quiet woman who is so empathetic and sweet suddenly erupts. The witnesses usually excitedly tell me something to the effect of, “Wow! I didn’t know you had it in you!” Then I’m embarrassed and they say, “No, it was awesome, really!” ? This volcano has been dormant for a while, but the fire is still burning.

  10. So many different people ,so entertaining to consider ,just like the search bar !!me after winning ,hopefully walk ,anger it’s just a Way of setting my hair on fire
    Mars and Gemini sounds entertaining ,almost ,that people won’t know what to be angry about ??one of my favorite past times , to watch people not so they know , keeping myself at the sidelines , maybe we were all stuffed in the same spot and the perverse unnatural
    Event of that thought as nature would never put all of us in the same spot with the same story lines , this has boiled out some perverse unnatural behaviors strange New World

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