Pluto Transit My First House – Let’s Go, Once This Filmy Gunk Slides Off!

pluto the coolestPluto’s transit through the 12th was a trip. The 12th house is an abyss. Much of my time was spent swimming in weeds with various things that go bump in the night.

It’s dark down there but from this position,  I was able to look up everyone’s skirt so to speak. Turns out this is not that much fun.  So I just communed with the watery shadow for fifteen years . Now I’m here; deposited back in life to be visible to all.

Pluto is now, solidly in my first house. I’m not comfortable. I’ve called myself, “swamp thing” from time to time…

Pluto Transit to the Moon – Mine: Be Still, Swamp Thing

I’m no longer in a swamp, but I’m not exactly cleaned up, either.  I ran into a lot of slimy things with Pluto in my 12th. I can’t become un-swamp-thing all the quickly.

I imagine all the seaweed-like stuff that clings to me, is drying up and will fall off at some point. I have no idea how long this might take.

Because I’m me, I want to broadcast all I’ve learned in the last fifteen years. All the things that have been hidden. It’s not easy because I’m pretty sure I’m repulsive.

It doesn’t matter if I am not repulsive. I feel this way. Pluto in the first house aspects the fourth (feelings).

I’m dealing with Capricorn here as well. It’s slow as a snail which irritates my racing teenage-boy mind.  And then there’s the cautious aspect of Capricorn. We all love being judged, right? /s

These things make it hard to move forward, quickly, though I am moving. Having left the ethereal world on this level, I’m working to orient myself and evaluate the new schema.  How can I define myself with all this gunk attached?  I feel I should take my time.

Looking forward, I think things with continue to improve every day.  I am healing / drying out and such.  But as far being free from this; I expect I will have to wait for Pluto to enter Aquarius to really be liberated.

I do notice I repulse a good number of people but it’s only fair because I feel similarly about them.  Pluto in Capricorn is a hard “no”. A hard rejection.  This was concealed with Pluto in the twelfth.  With Pluto in the first, it’s apparent.

I don’t know that this matters much after what I’ve been through.  But it’s a power struggle of some sort.

Seeing this gives me a clue as to what this transit is going to be like. However, I don’t want to get too invested in it. I’m still “impaired” from 12th house ordeal, but I also know that Pluto will change signs relatively quickly.  I have never been to prison but I think this might be akin to serving a long sentence, then becoming a, “short-timer”. Instinct tells me to stay out of trouble because I really do want to advance.

If you’re interested in Pluto in the 12th or crossing your ascendant, here are the posts on these topics. I don’t think there is anything like them, anywhere. I’m really glad I did this work or they wouldn’t be here, either. Pluto transit 12th / ascendant.

Is Pluto transiting your first house? What’s it like?

20 thoughts on “Pluto Transit My First House – Let’s Go, Once This Filmy Gunk Slides Off!”

  1. Thank you for your wisdom, and teaching. We live our charts… and that’s the best way to learn astrology. And to be able to convey the experience to others, in service, creates “useful” suffering. May the gunk fertilize new beginnings. My progressed moon just broke the surface, after a harrowing 12th house Scorpio tour of duty. Now I am off and running, stumbling, blinded by the light in Sag. But it feels better than the pressure of being squeezed through the birth canal.

  2. My natal Pluto is in the 12th.. I only recently discovered that my body produces anti-bodies that literally smash blood red cells as they are produced.. No wonder my psyche was always obsessed with everything underworld.. Thank you, Elsa, your post has opened up new vistas.

  3. Pluto won’t cross my ascendant for 70 years, since it’s been transiting my 8th the whole time…Sure enough, people, places, and things have changed totally or disappeared..Maybe that’s the divine plan, but I weary of dealing with people who think nothing has really changed…

  4. When Pluto transited Scorpio in my 12th house where my sun is also<I definitely felt like I was imprisoned. I was married to a controlling abusive man. When it finally crossed over my asc in SAG I got my divorce. I was truly liberated.

    1. Avatar
      Jeanne Cavanaugh

      Pluto probably will never transit my first house, I’ll be dead by but. I remember when it transited my 4th house and opposed my sun!! I didn’t know astrology then, but my whole world was turned upside down my life as I knew it was gone and I resurfaced from the ashes

  5. Oh my, Dear Elsa, thank you so much again for the heads up. In my life all slow planets had crossed my ascendant except Pluto. Time is now. I have ASC 5 Aquarius , Pluto in my 12th is closing opposition to natal Saturn at 29 Cancer. Pluto oppsition Saturn. This soumds hard. I went through a lot, and it is not finished yet. Luckily Pluto will trine my Venus 29 Taurus, so maybe something will be beneficial.

  6. Thank you for sharing this Elsa. I like how you describe the bare bones of your experiences- the way you feel is raw and human- you don’t say you throw love and light at things. I have tried to take the high road with ugly, nasty experiences, and feel so much worse when I can’t ‘transmute’ the negative feelings. You are clearly a very decent person- and your stories tell us we are not alone, and can come out the other side.

    1. Thank you. It’s been interesting. I’m aware of new trauma-related quirks. I’ve been evaluating them, but very slowly. I’m consolidating what I’ve learned and also trying to complete some of these things. I will not be rushed!

      Boundaries are also huge right now. Endings, is more like it. Bob Dylan’s song plays in my head… “I just can’t do what I’ve done before…”

      Pushing me is not a good idea at the moment. I’m like a deeply rooted, solid structure. It’s not sexy, but hey!

  7. As your asc twin I always enjoy these posts. Yes I feel I’m rejoining the living but it’s slow. (And it’s not as if I was literally obscure or isolated but I felt unconnected. I’m slowly growing back limbs, like little tiny shoots).

  8. What goes bump in the night, as a little girl
    I heard sisters say this it made me scared as I grew up I realized they were referring to my folks, just a funny thing .
    My Pluto retrograde in Pluto 3 Degrees
    In the third house not sure about today
    As always I love to read your findings
    I am still developing my voice and approval
    Of who where why and what next
    Knowing Ian doing the best I can
    And praying to keep my chin up

  9. Thank you for the travel log thru the 12th house, not for the faint of heart!
    I was born with with Jupiter/Pluto at 25 and 26 degrees, in the 12th house,
    with the Ascendant at 2 degrees Virgo.
    Not to disrespect my parents, but I think, I was born into gunk.

  10. Today is my son’s 39th birthday. I just looked up my transits for the day he was born… and Pluto was about half way through my 12th house.

  11. LOL your description of yourself during this transit provided some very intense visuals in my mind, thank you!
    Also, story of my life ! I have Pluto in the 12th in my natal chart, as well as Scorpio rising. Fun times haha

  12. I have ascendant at 5 aquarius, square pluto, so I’m looking forward to this *wink*. I also have sun and mercury 16 libra, with moon 16 aries. Mars in capricorn. So, it’s been a lot of intense pluto action over these years. Saturn in my 1st has been a lot more death and destruction but I handled that mess better than I have before. I don’t know how pluto crossing the asc could be worse (though I didn’t think 2022 could be worse than the previous couple a years so). Thing is,I feel like saturn was my “cleanup crew” after the pluto transits, but with saturn ahead of pluto I wonder how that’ll affect things. I’ve been closely following your pluto posts, Elsa, and I appreciate them! Here’s to brushing off the slime. Can’t wait for my turn ?

  13. Part of your post is exactly how I am feeling right now. Being a Capricorn rising is so damn challenging and with Pluto sitting in the 1st, life is showing me everything I denied deep down or so oblivious to it. Major challenges, secrets being spilled, a huge light bulb moment including realizations that I am slowly coming to terms with. It’s like wearing a tight costume and trying to squeeze out of it! Yes, these past years has been intense and it’s like I’m losing my mind.

  14. I have a Cap asc at 26deg59′ Pluto through my 12th the last several years has been nothing short of transformational. My younger Cap sun sister passed away under the most restrictive of times in 2020 and dreams of aging together were tossed by the wayside. Now that Pluto has crossed my asc and is sitting on top of my 28 deg Cap Saturn, I have been searching myself for what the next chapter will look like. I seem to have no fear and to want to smash structures both imposed and self-imposed that have held me back. The swamp I crawled out of beckons to show me the long-lost dreams buried deep within waiting to be dredged up. I feel simultaneously fearful and empowered.

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