Are Saturn Transits Easier If You’re A Capricorn?

capricorn goat childrenHi Elsa,

I am Capricorn sun (Pisces rising), so ruled by Saturn. I was wondering how Saturn ruled people handle their Saturn returns … is it easier for them, as they are already going through life under a Saturn influence? Or perhaps harder, because it is like a double dose of Saturn?

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Hi, K.

Theoretically, Capricorn would have an easier time with their Saturn return. But in reality, you can’t make a blanket statement like that. It depends on the individual and a number of other variables.

I have a lot of Capricorn in my chart. I have never been irresponsible but I have definitely been a rebel. My Saturn return was atrocious. Why?

  • There were other intense transits going on at the time.
  • I had been poorly parented and I had no real foundation

Among other things!

Compare this to someone like my son. He’s been told all along that he should plan ahead and that he’ll have to work for results.  All the Saturn stuff.  He’s went along with it and if he continues on this path, it’s likely he’ll firm things up at the point of his Saturn return. He’ll realize his goals and consolidate his gains.

So it’s possible that the Saturn return deliver well-deserved, and long-delayed success. If you have a strong Saturn signature in your chart, you may get it together young, the way my son has.

Or you may delay it as long as possible!

Or you may be responsible in some areas but not in others. In other words, the jury is out!

But once you’re in your 30’s and 40’s and 50’s, most Capricorns have paid their dues. Consequently, they do tend to deal with Saturn transits better than most. Some even look forward to them. I know I do.

Are you a Capricorn?  How do you feel about Saturn transits?  Has aging helped?

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  1. I’m very Capricorn, and an old rebel, too. My Saturn(8th House/Leo) returns have been intense and dramatic. In many respects how else could they have been? My relationships, including that with Saturn are at the core of my discovery about being human. At 28 I was firmly in denial, so my 1st return was ‘relatively easy.’ I was not fully awake that would could with time. My second Saturn return shook all the foundations, and I had my personal ‘Faulty Towers’ experience.
    How do I feel about Saturn transits?
    They are the most powerful and undeniable teacher. I am a rebel, and I need Saturn’s lessons. There is no manipulating Saturn! I am a teacher and it’s safe to say you learn what you need to teach or the teacher must be teachable. That’s how I’ve come (with age) to understand Saturn. As Saturn finishes his transit through Scorpio (my Sun placement) the lessons have been polishing. The rough edges and old habits are buffed out; a lifetime of experiences are being honed for elderhood. I’ve done the work, and there’s always more. But. I get it, mostly. Humility helps that’s what a goat has to be conscious of being able to bend at the knees to get down to pray:))

  2. I’m not a Capricorn Sun, but a Capricorn Moon. My Saturn is in Leo, at the cusp of 11th and 12th house. Since Saturn is only one of the two planets in my chart outside houses from 1st to 5th, it has basically been one, long Saturn transit ever since my first Saturn Return. These have, however been easier than before. For instance, I had Saturn square Mars and Venus/Uranus in the year leading to my Saturn Return, and these were some of the worst transits in my life! Now, I had Saturn conjunct Mars and then Venus/Uranus multiple times in the past couple of years due to Saturn Retrogrades in late Libra and early Scorpio, and they were nothing like my late 20’s transits. I also attribute this to my astrological knowledge, Saturn crossing my Ascendant, conjunct Mercury and conjunct Sun all brought external destrictions that were typical of that transit. But I took them for what they were.

  3. I am a triple Capricorn with Saturn strong in the 10th conjunct Venus. I can say without any doubt that both the Saturn Returns I’ve had have been extremely positive breakthrough ones for my career. The 2nd was a bit complicated at the time because it asked me to give up an old way of looking at things, but not that hard really.

    My Saturn is well aspected closely sextile Moon and trine Mars so this may well make it easier too.

  4. I’m a Capricorn and I had my first Saturn return five years ago about 8 months after Pluto conjuncted my sun. I think the Saturn return got me to buckle down and finish school. I became really disciplined with my study habits and forced myself to mind the details and really buckle down and learn new skills and conquer my math issues. I think the Pluto transit was way scarier. It was like the ground was crumbling under my feet and my mind and body were rotting all at once!

  5. My sister is an Aquarius with five planets in Cap. I would strongly disagree (at least in her case) that Saturn transits are easier for her. This past year of her life makes some peoples’ worst life moments look like a cakewalk. She recently had Saturn go over her Pluto/DSC, opposing her Jup, then Mars. And now, Pluto is Murdering all her planets in Cap.

    Pluto went over Saturn at the same time Saturn went over Pluto.

    Same transit happened to me about two years ago, and I almost completely lost the will to exist. I have a lot of Saturn/Cap energy.

    1. forgetting to add too that my gemini sun step mother with cancer venus also had a difficult time in the last years, even last year. very very difficult, stressful and painful. so maybe the cancer/cap axis is in effect to this.

  6. mother in law (cap sun/aqua venus conjunct jupiter) is having a difficult time, due to health and my husband’s grandmother is also in poor health (due to very old age) which is my mother inlaw’s mother. My cap uncles are also going through very hard times this year and last. My uncle lost his wife earlier this year. It’s just been so damned hard for them.

  7. I have Saturn in Capricorn. I “like” Saturn returns or transits as they are relatively simple to deal with. It’s the carrot or the stick. Either you agree to deal with limits and responsibilities, or you pay the price. Compared to heavy transits from the outer planets that can be so difficult to understand, and don’t necessarily appear to make any sense, this is a walk in the park! A Saturn return is a period when we are held accountable for the previous 28 years and we get a chance to clean up our remaining messes. If we don’t do it during this return, it comes back with a vengeance at the next return.

  8. Capricorn moon here, venus (chart ruler) square saturn. I have to say it depends on how you handle things. The older you get, really the better it gets if you decide to grow up. I don’t fear saturn transits. My ex had a difficult chart with saturn in Capricorn conjoining his moon and opposing or squaring many of his planets. Sad to say, he did not learn, and had a very lonely and impoverished ending to his life.

  9. I am a Capricorn sun and mercury, I practice acupuncture. My natal Saturn is in 6th house Scorpio. My Capricorn sun doesn’t have difficult aspects. In mid 2014 I had my 1st Saturn return, I was 30, I met an old lady who had no luck with her damaged lumbar nerves(which were damaged by chemo) with other treatments including acupuncture, I gave her the most standard treatment for lower back pain, and she was so happy with the result, she even got her plastic surgeon son to see me, got her oncologist write up a report claiming acupuncture ‘cured’ her nerve-damage. But to me the treatment couldn’t be more simple, having previously invested a lot in clinical study. The point is, if a Capricorn has done lots work in preparation for future greatness, Saturn returns might even be a good thing! That’s my experience.

  10. Capricorn Sun, Mars (conjunct/both square Neptune), Cap mercury, Libra rising. I am very grateful for Saturn returns. To the best extent possible, I try to finish what I’ve started and hope for the best. I have learned to view Saturn in my sign and most aspects to Saturn with relief.

  11. I’m Aries Sun with a strong Saturn in Virgo (opposite ASC & Mercury, square Moon, Neptune, MC) which did a marvelous job in toning down my fire planets & my fire dominated natal chart. All throughout my life I’ve been living a Saturnian life. My natal Saturn is in 7th house which rings true to me as I’m someone who is into long-term relationships/marriage & I hate anything superficial. Capricorn rules my 11th house of hope, goals & friendship which explains why I’m not comfortable socializing & I tend to take everything seriously. When I had my 1st Saturn return 7 years ago, I never felt anything negative at all except that I had to give up my 6 year relationship then for the sake of my personal growth (which I didn’t regret). In fact I enjoyed every second of it because it made me become more well-balanced person & made me understand some things that I never knew before. I never imagined what would happen to my life without Saturn.

    1. I’m surrounded by Capricorns in my life. My partner, exes, both my parents & one brother have Capricorn Moons, my bff is a Capricorn Sun/Rising plus a strong Saturn, my grandfather is a Capricorn Sun/Mercury & my grandmother is an Aqua Sun with lots of Capricorn in her chart (including Saturn in Capricorn). From what I observe from them, except for my current partner, the others seems to have easier time dealing with Saturn transits. My partner on the other hand has difficulty with it as he has a strong Mars/Aries in his chart & so I’m the one who serves as the Saturn person for him. My bff right now is undergoing transit Saturn conjunct his natal Sun in early Capricorn which will be in exact orb on his birthday on the 22nd as Saturn will be in early Capricorn on that date. He has a lot of things going on in his life though he’s very optimistic that he’ll make it just like before as he said that “he’s used to it”.

  12. I don’t have Cap, per se but I have a Saturnian signature in my chart. My Vertex is in Cap, my Saturn sits on my NN, Saturn squares my Venus/Moon and I also have a 10th house stellium, the house of Capricorn. I had to learn how to effectively handle those transits because they used to squeeze me. As much as many people may dread it, I enjoyed my Saturn return and grew exponentially. That’s not saying it was easy (far from!) BUUUUT I so appreciate what those transits taught me. I appreciate it way more as an outer planet transit than, say, the fog of Neptune, the upheaval of Uranus, or the destruction of Pluto. Waaaay more.

  13. i do notice that with capricorns in general, like my mother in law and my grandmother, they have an easier life later, halfway through life(especailly after the 1st saturn return) they suffered alot in their youth too. i mean super heavy suffering. and yeah i do notice the rebellion inside of them. i have a little of that too.

  14. I am a Libra but have Saturn conjunct Moon in Capricorn and on January as Saturn enters Capricorn I started my second Saturn Return. My first Saturn return was quite a crazy roller coaster ride. I blame my nomadic lifestyle and refusal to grow up– Saturn stepped in and completely transformed my life in every way. My beloved boss died and left me devastated and with full responsibility of his clients( I was so unprepared yet I rose to the occasion) My relationship with an addict I was obsessed with ended. alas I could not save him from himself, But did save myself. When the dust cleared I was in a new stabile relationship , my career was in full swing, I returned to college part time and felt the most alive I had ever felt in my life. The nomad finally bought a house, although it took another five years to lay down roots. I adopted a daughter. and many other wonderful responsibilities that I had avoided for my first 29 years I welcomed. So at 58 Saturn is back..
    Since the lead up to this Saturn return has been tragic for me starting in 2016- lots of death -My mom, my best friend and my beloved uncle within months of each other, I still am optimistic. I think I am ready for a shake up

  15. I am the exhausted mother of a Capricorn (Sagi moon and Libra Ascendant) who just turned 28… he was a perfect child until he turned 17… I just cannot see the end of it… He is dragging us all under .. Sorry to say as we do love him dearly… We need some hope here…

  16. Wow, interesting. Would this apply to Scorpios and Pluto transits in the same way? Different theme, but maybe it applies. And I guess you could apply the same question to Aquarius and Pisces, since the outer planets seem more difficult.

  17. I am an Aquarius Rising with my natal Saturn in my Sag 11H. My two Saturn Returns included leaving old friendships that no longer served; and, forming new goals and new friendships. House moves were also involved. I think my Saturn Returns were easier because my natal Saturn is in a succedent house and my true friends were supportive.

  18. 3 planets in cap, cap rising, north node in cap and saturn aquarius 1st with 5 squares. I’ve never been told I need to grow up, or that I’m immature or irresponsible, quite the opposite. However I don’t feel prepared at all and there are some areas in my life where I’ve stopped trying or where I am blocked by my own fears. Self imposed limits. I have a night chart. Guess I’ll have this return at the same time uranus will break havoc on my saturn and mingle with my 2 taurus planets and ic. This will come regardless of me being ready or not. So I’ll have to brace myself.

  19. Cappy here, both returns earth shaking but double hooves helped
    Head up as not the fall off the mountain,I did both times, still climbing curious proud, be proud and do eat from the hand that offers.Have
    Faith. The one statement I most benefit from in life was hearing that the balance sheet works on both sides ;what’s taken ,shall also be given.”it’s being able to see and feel
    The difference.
    My granddaughter is a cappy also and these days she is slaying it !!!she’s working working working towards her degree seems exhausted but so wide-eyed !beautiful world out there !enjoy your Sunday!

  20. I am Sagittarius sun with Capricorn Rising. I needed to shoulder responsibility pretty early in life. I was my mother’s primary caregiver for over a decade. Now I feel that I can offer insights to others from my experience. Saturn transits are harbingers of new lessons to be learned.

  21. Capricorn rules my 9th and 10th. My 1st Scorpio Saturn return in the 7th I divorced. My 2nd I lost 3 family members in 4 months. Leo Uranus in 4th at a common family degree trines Saturn out of sign. Pluto-Jupiter squares Saturn. I’ve always said I was born responsible, having adult responsibilities at a young age. Saturn-Uranus trine can be an outlier. I’m a Cancer Sun with Pluto in Capricorn bringing many changes opposing my Mercury then Sun and now my MC since my 2nd Saturn return in 2014. Even though it has passed Uranus in Aries did square the Cancer-Capricorn axis.

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