Interpreting The Composite Mars

Mars Rover“I guess the real reason that my wife and I had children is the same reason that Napoleon had for invading Russia: it seemed like a good idea at the time.”
–Bill Cosby

Mars in the natal chart is the energy we use to achieve our goals. It’s how we go about getting what we want. As the composite chart is a chart of the blending of individual energies, the composite Mars shows how we act as a couple. It is the representation of the energy when acting in concert. When you present a “united front” in action, you do so from the position of the composite Mars.

Strategically, this increases your options. When planning how you will accomplish something, you go from having just one position, as an individual, to the choice from three: two individual Mars’ energies plus that of the composite. It’s a simple concept and one you see all the time. Couples divide up responsibilities regularly. He does the shopping while she does the cooking. Perhaps they clean up together, or perhaps they delegate the cleaning. This is part of what makes coupling such a grand, practical arrangement, when it works. You have more options. In this case, one plus one equals three.

The composite Mars is the midpoint between the two individuals’ placements. If both the individuals share a Mars sign, the composite Mars will, of course, be the same. However, each individual will have that Mars aspected differently in their chart, perhaps in different houses as well, and the composite Mars will present a third position. Most people just naturally fall into divvying up the responsibilities, but knowing all three Mars positions can pay off when you really need a job done right.

You’ve got an important job to do? Your mother is freaking out about the Christmas plans? The sewer line broke and they won’t send someone out till next week? Which Mars do you send out? Hers, his, go together? Don’t send a Libra Mars to do a Scorpio Mars’ job, and vice versa.

Check out your composite chart report.

Where is your composite Mars? In what ways are you more effective as a couple than as individuals… and vice versa?


17 thoughts on “Interpreting The Composite Mars”

  1. Good piece – straight forward and to the point!

    This made me look up our composite chart – Mars in Sag in 3rd. Makes sense to me since we drag our kids to every museum, take hikes to teach about nature, and generally encourage them to use every form of communication to learn about the world around them..Gosh, this stuff really works *amazed look*!

  2. for some reason, Satori, while the composite station makes sense mathematically, and I get how you arrive there via map, I have a sticking-point with it on an intuitive level, almost as if it’s an artifical aspect.

    This finding the mid-point, I don’t know. That MY Venus in Sagittarius, for example, meeting YOURS in Gemini makes OURS Libra – am I getting this right? – seems to me on a gut level, like I said, something almost made-up.

    Not arguing, of course, just saying. Thanks for listening. Maybe I’d be better off making this a separate thread.

  3. Mars in Libra in the 7th here. It’s true that we have been tested and that our friendship seems to drive others mad that tested our friendship but that seemed to only make it stronger. Die with your boots on committment.

  4. I’m with Bob here. I love looking at a synastry chart with the man who interests me, but a composite chart seems to me too much like a ‘noon’ natal chart – an artificial compromise.

    But clearly people who have more experience may see it differently – and have examples of it working out (says my Libra Neptune/Jupiter!)

  5. I only have my own estimate of my hubby’s birthtime, so I can’t be sure this is actually correct (but I like it if it is). His Mars is in Scorpio, Mine in Pisces, together in Capricorn. I see a fabulous balance there.

  6. Perfect. Our Mars is on the ASC in Gemini. We are a social couple, life of the party, magically witty together. We want to own a business together in the future, I think our Mars rising will definitely help in that aspect, we work extremely well together and get things done.

  7. As a couple: Mars in Libra.
    Me: Mars in Leo
    Him: Mars in Sagittarius

    Wow that makes a lot of sense. I’m usually very decisive and he’s a bit more laid back. Together, we’re VERY VERY laid back and for some reason, it works. It’s never driven this double Aries crazy… ever.

  8. Sagittarius Mars in the 4th house. Makes sense. Creating a comfortable home base is something we excel at. We moved together after knowing just for 6 months, I that may seem long for some fire couples, but we both have Virgo Rising, so that was a bold move. A dream appartment – for both of us – was available. Our taste for home decoration is uncanningly similar, and as I’ve noticed after reading Annalisa’s articles, very Sagittarian. We don’t argue about household chores – we may slack for a while, but we usually see it’s time to get something done about it the same time, and get them done.

    I suppose that if/when having kids becomes the priority, we’ll be “efficient” on that front too.

  9. The person of interest has Scorpio Mars on the Asc., I have Virgo Mars in 5th house. Composite Mars is in Libra in 9th house. Mars in the composite chart falls on my natal Venus, and his natal Neptune. Interesting to note that this works out that I am the one pushing harder for the relationship to work out. Although I noticed that in the composite chart that Juno is conjunct his Sun. In our Natal charts my Juno, 7 gemini,is trine his Juno, 7 Aquarius which conjuncts my
    moon at 10 degrees.
    how you seek the meaning & purpose of Life through: philosophy, religion, higher learning, spirituality, mysticism, inner vision, journeys of the mind, psychic attunement, taking the long view, seeing history and the present from a higher perspective, a sense of humour, observing and connecting widely-divergent ideas and opinions;
    how you learn about life and its diversity through: study of foreign ideas or foreign cultures or religions, travelling to foreign lands, encounters with foreign people and their differring viewpoints, tolerance of foreign races, cultures, religions, or traditions.
    According to this definition of the ninth house we will if we should ever form a relationship work on combining our different cultures. Which makes sense since he was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and I am from the States. He being an Aries also loves to travel.

  10. Our composite has Mars in Virgo in the 12th (along with almost everything else). Which strikes me as ironic, as we’ve both got such significant Mercury vibe but our composite is packed in 12th house Virgo…how could it be hidden?

    We do present a very rational, orderly front when we send in the Mars, though, and others definitely underestimate us on that front. If the two of us attack a problem together, we’re virtually never off base.

  11. We (house 2 for me, house 8 for him) both have Mars in Pisces and composite fall in house 11 (in pisces). Love is our ideal mission 😉

  12. I didn’t know that the composite planets were calculated like this. I always thought the ASC was necessary for the composite, but it’s like a noon chart if you don’t have both people’s ASC. This is very interesting because my Leo Mars squares his Sadge Mars but the composite Mars is in Libra, so sometimes we act indecisively when making decisions together.

  13. Me: sun libra/ moon taurus/ venus virgo/ mars virgo

    He: sun aries/ moon capricorn/ venus aquarius/ mars taurus

    Composite: sun capricorn/ moon pisces/ venus sagittarius/ mars cancer

    what does mean mars in cancer?

  14. His Mars is in Pisces, my Mars is in Cancer. Our composite is Mars in Taurus, 5th house.
    As a couple, we have no problem fluffing out–each of us has gained probably 50+ pounds since we got bak together.

  15. I think the composite Mars makes sense for my husband and I. I have Mars in Libra and he has Mars in Cancer (such a wonderful square to share) and together we have Mars in Virgo. So we can be nit picky when we argue. But when it comes to getting tasks completed we are perfectionists and masters and dividing and conquering. It’s interesting to see how well we work together when we have a goal in mind.

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