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Henry’s Chart: Authentically Interesting Person

Thirty years ago, my sister told me I was just like my grandfather who we called, “Henry”. This infuriated me. It’s not that she was wrong. It was like the Capricorn who told me that I was “a mother looking for kids” when I was in my twenties.  These people were right but I was

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Henry: Desert Philosopher and Authentically Interesting Person – Part 1

Today’s newsletter spurred a lot of emails.  They made me realize, something is missing. I’ve maintained this blog for a long time. Nearly 25 years! Obviously, most who read here have no earthly idea my background… which used to be common knowledge. Specifically, that man right there is my grandfather. He was called a “health

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peace pilgrim

I Met Peace Pilgrim

This is Peace Pilgrim. She started walking in 1953, and she walked until she died in 1981 to promote her cause of World peace. That’s twenty eight years of walking. She walked over 25,000 miles in the US and Canada saying that she would eat when someone gave her food and sleep when offered at

Saturn In Sagittarius – Desert Philosopher and Authentically Interesting Person

That’s a close approximation of my grandfather’s chart. Think he’s got enough Saturn and Sagittarius?  Think he might have been a teacher/preacher? If you’ve not read this series – Henry in his own words – Desert Philosopher and Authentically Interesting Person – you’re in luck!   Expose yourself and be amazed. There is a link at

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