Are You Weak-minded?

Vintage zodiac paper dollsI am in yet another philosophical discussion with my stepson. I made a remark about weak-minded people. I wonder what people think of this concept, especially with Mercury in Pisces conjunct Mars.

Are you weak-minded? Know anyone who is?

Also, are you sure?

22 thoughts on “Are You Weak-minded?”

  1. I have several people in my life who operate on an emotional level instead of using their intellect to discern with. They seem happy to believe what feels good, regardless of the consequences. Problem is, feeling good doesn’t get them out of their existing troubles. At the same time it leads them further into delusion.

  2. I can think of people who are strong-minded but with weak character, or people who are weak-minded but somehow have strong character.

    My own mind is fickle so I try to develop other traits to compensate…

  3. i operate on more of an emotional level than a mental one. im a cancer and am very emotional and intuitive. theres a difference between emotions and delusions. i dont think operating from an emotional place makes someone weak. its a different kind of awareness. there are some that only operate on mental levels, and i sometimes wonder if they have any feelings at all. the idea that we should live our life only by what makes logical sense and not by what our gut feels doesnt illustrate strength, to me. strength is knowing what you need to do, and sticking to it. that kind of knowing comes from both our hearts and our minds.

  4. mars rx in pisces here. Yes, mars in pisces moves from something else than mind. Am working to understand and cultivate that during this rx time.

    Really can’t blame anyone else for not getting it.

    Yes dorchid, the weak to me are those with no value system, or willing to sell themselves out for bright shiny objects or favorable attention from bright shiny people. Or who are easily persuaded.

    I am extremely happy to be experiencing all this pisces energy now. All and everything. It’s the ultimate. It’s worth protecting so yes I must keep my wits about me here on the ground. Not a problem.

  5. I’m extremely confused as to whether I am strong-minded or weak-minded. Natally, I have Mars in Aries Rx in the 1st house, it’s squaring Neptune and Chiron (as part of a Neptune-Chiron-Mars t-square), I have Mars trine Moon, Mars trine Venus, and Mars sextile Jupiter as part of a kite. And then, I have Pisces Rising.

    So I’m sensitive to what is around me (which is why I gravitate towards places that I know will bring out better parts of myself). Sometimes, I have to say what I need to say, but sometimes I’m afraid as well. I can be confused as to whether to run away or to push for what I want because of the fear of having to face other people in the process. I’m less afraid of saying what I think because at the end of the day, I still have my space, and other people have their space. But I can be afraid of pushing for what I want because of the ire I may arouse from others.

    At the same time, I have found myself pushing hard for what I wanted when I felt really clear about my desires. I can be incredibly committed, even stubborn when I feel extremely confident about a path. And then, if I really need to say something to someone, I can manage to do so.

    And then, when I see sobering, depressing realities, I acknowledge them. Yes, it takes a lot of work to use that information in an empowering manner, but I know I need to do that. So in that situation, maybe I’m strong-minded.

    Is it possible to be strong and weak at the same time?

    In my progressed chart, my Mars in Aries Rx is currently at 1 degree (it’ll even go into Pisces in 2024), and then Mars is squaring Saturn and Uranus. But in 2029, my progressed Mars will turn direct.

    I do feel a bit drained with all the Pisces energy, but since a part of it is in my 1st house, I do feel like I’m emerging from the shadows in a way.

  6. Everyone is strong at something, and weak in other areas.

    I find it odd how people want others to “get on their mental plane.” Well, I tell them that it’s nice and warm down here. The higher the elevation, the colder it is.

  7. “Mars in Pisces conjunct Mars.”

    I think you meant Mercury? 🙂

    Speaking of the Pisces, stellium, my Merc could go either way 🙂 – strong (mutual reception w Pluto) but also conj Neptune.

  8. Agree with jgirl. I don’t think operating from a place of intuitiveness and emotion makes someone weak either. I find emotional intelligence to be the most effective. I’m in tune with my feelings and my desires, and I act according to them. I believe there is a connection between what is right and what feels right. Awareness and mindfulness make one strong, the lack thereof make you weak in my opinion.

  9. Agree with Dark aquarius.

    I say for sure that my mind is stronger now that I trust and take my emotional instincts seriously.

  10. Hahahahahaahahhaahah!!!!

    Sorry I can’t help it “weak minded”

    Well my sister called me weak minded when I used to be really negative and now I am indecisive and pretty bad at dating, with memory loss and I’m a confused 28 year old half the time, so maybe I am??

    The above aren’t exactly strong words. However it really depends on my mood. If someone pisses me off watch out I may end up in jail so I have to tone it down. I can volcanoe on someone so I usually just storm inside.

    My sis is strong minded she knows about everything, anything and anyone. i admire her. And if she has a vulnerability you won’t see it because she knows better ahaha. My mom is a strong B! she won’t put up with anyone or anything either

    My moon in pisces makes me a softy and confused thank heavens for the mars in scorpio, usually my gemini mercurial nature can win out any situation too.

  11. An example of a strong minded person is martin luther king and ma teresa just compare to that standard and you’ll see hehehe.

  12. Mercury in Pisces here and I’m not weak minded at all. (Due to Pluto and Saturn conjunct in the 3rd). I’m very strong minded. Pisces is weak where it is strong usually, it doesn’t know ego, therefore doesn’t care about being strong. It doesn’t *need* to be strong because its not its purpose. It’s strong in that it is weak, because of boundless unconscious “wisdom” so to speak…it knows that nothing really matters.

  13. te question is… about what. i’d say look at saturn to see where tat might show up. maybe because i have that saturn/mercury square, but yanno. i’m toughminded some ways, totally deluded others…

  14. I don’t there are weak minded people in the world so much as there are emotionally scared people in the world. It’s from emotion that one does, or does not make choices.

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