Demanding Virgos Who Play “Little Maiden” (Venus Conjunct Pluto)

“…You don’t want anyone stupid – you’re a Virgo!  But to find the right partner, you’ll have to let go the “little maiden” thing. You’re far more complicated that that.

Part of you is voraciously demanding though this is not something you’d put in your press kit! By accessing your own intensity, you’ll increase your ability to attract what you need…”

I wrote this is for a Virgo with a Venus Pluto conjunction in Libra. I purposely wanted to get her back up so as not to waste her time and money. No Virgo wants to appear confused!

I know this gal has lots of company. Virgos who play “little maiden” please sound off!

38 thoughts on “Demanding Virgos Who Play “Little Maiden” (Venus Conjunct Pluto)”

  1. No responses… We Virgos are so under appreciated… Do I play the virginal maiden? Having pisces rising doesn’t help… I feel that if I was my true impossible self, I’d scare my partner away and send him packing so I chew at my anger sometimes and just hold back my tongue and paranoia… In the name of peace…

    I’m scared to be my full complete intense neurotic jealous self… Meh, it is what it is…


  2. Haha it didn’t sound like that though, Elsa :)!

    I read more as an encouragement to be ourselves without holding back and words of empowerment are always welcomed….


  3. This is a Virgo with a Venus Pluto conjunction in Libra. There are a lot of Virgos of this generation who would have the same configuration and I thought this might help them.

    If you want to partner and you have Venus Pluto, you are going to have to come off the maiden thing and start thinking in terms of Persephone.

  4. I’m not Virgo, but I’ve got me some Libra and Pluto. Why serve tea and biscuits, when you’re really all about the filet mignon?

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever played little maiden. Any boyfriend I’v ever had knows I LOVE sex!!! Maybe little maiden outside the bedroom, sex addict inside the bedroom. haha. You’d never know it to meet me. I’d freak your freak. lol. 🙂 I think this is why it’s so shocking when a virgo (Hugh Grant, Anthony Weiner, etc., etc.) comes out with the naughty for all to see. I think we are all closet sex freaks!! haha. I’d love to take some nude pics, and send them to a boyfriend, but ohhhhhh, if anyone FOUND OUT!! I don’t do it, but yeah, it will always be HIDDEN, and I like it that way. SEXY!!!!

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    It’s weird, I really don’t think of myself as a Virgo. I have Leo rising, and Venus in Leo…I hate to clean but, I get depressed when the house is messy or not clean. Most people think I am a Leo. I have great hair. lol

    I guess I am a “maiden” to the outside world, and I do have an aggressive side, which I try not to show too often. Mars in Sagitarius.

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    Thanks Elsa, I have been lurking for quite a while, and I don’t know much about astrology, but I like to learn. Also, being a Virgo, I had to comment… 🙂

  8. Not a Virgo, but I have Venus in Virgo in exact aspect to Pluto and definitely do the “little maiden” thing. I can’t talk about sex with other people without blushing! Definitely happier letting that lion out of a cage in a relationship.

  9. Thanks, Elsa. Venus/Pluto and three other friends, including Saturn, in Libra. It has been a very educational year. A pisces recently hit me with the same observation, but less constructively so. Can you please expound on the Persephone theme?

  10. Thanks Elsa for all these Virgo posts.

    I’m Virgo and even not counting my Scorpio Rising, I relate to “little maiden” syndrome, and only this past year have seen how it’s held me back in relationships.

    I need someone as intense, curious, and cerebral as me. Period. If I don’t have that kind of affinity, I get terribly lonely, confused, and critical, and am a real misery to be around. But my way of courting guys has always been to tone down that aspect of me because I don’t want to scare them away. But as time goes on I get bored and frustrated and put pressure on the guy to get up to speed, which it never happens.

    1. I have always been attracted to cerebral men, actually more like geniuses. But they are usually borderline nuts. There is a fine line there.

  11. I do. It’s disgusting, but it seems to happen unconsciously and I’m not sure how to stop. I’m aware that I’m *not* innocent, but sometimes I find myself thinking of myself that way.

    Part of it is the fact I’m not terribly comfortable with passion. It seems kinda cheesy to me, and I’ve observed it wrecking things for people. I’d rather be cool and observe, but I’m not cool. I’m horribly sentimental (Libra) and passionate.

    (I’m a Virgo with Venus-Pluto in Libra btw.)

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    Funny — my husband used to live in England and we nicknamed me Persephone, waiting for him to come back home. 🙂

    Though I think that playing “little maiden” at the express of revealing ourselves to others to be detrimental, I think it’s important to remember that even into the relationship, we might want to be treated like a little maiden.

    In public, I refuse to participate in lude conversations and I blush when any sort of topic like that comes up. My husband (bless him) plays along with my game and helps move the conversation to something else or walks away with me.

  13. Interesting, I was going through the Virgo tag to gain a better understanding on my man, and although I’m not a Virgo, this post resonated with me. I have my Venus, South Node and Lilith in Virgo though, and especially my Virgo Lilith could point to a “Little Maiden” complex disguising something else… I also have a strong Aries Mars that I sometimes leave out of my “press kit” because i strongly identify with my peace-loving, idealistic, gentle Libra Side, however I forget myself I can get royally pissed if I find myself in situations and contexts that don’t please me, and yes, I AM demanding.

  14. I guess I DO do this. I feel uncomfortable watching sex Scenes in movies. I feel like a voyeur. I also find it unnecessary to the story most times.
    I also get annoyed at the double standard. The rogue or player wanting or desiring an innocent. Look at 50 shades of gray. The whole “I want an innocent woman and be the first one to teach dirty things to” theme that goes all the way back to Barbara Cartland and beyond. It makes me sick to my stomach. I have had literally a handful of lovers with some fingers left over but hate to talk about it.I love sex and Im quite a natural.I devour my lovers.I think of sex as a most intimate thing. I feel powerful and beautiful when I am with someone I can express myself freely with. Youre right. We Virgos are freaks to the nth degree. But we are intensely vulnerable about it.

  15. Virgo moon with Venus-Pluto sextile.

    I just want to feel safe. 🙁
    Haven’t been touched in over 3.5 years and it’s driving me nuts. But I have cried my eyes over letting past men have me when I didn’t really want them. And it feels like there are no men of substance in sight.
    I still love my “innocence” though. Even if I have an 8th house sun.

  16. i really like virgo energy, even if it’s not in the sun, it’s somewhere though. lol my favourite long term couples are usually with a virgo somewhere (Sophia Loren/Carlo Ponti, Humphrey Bogart/Lauren bacall) and i actually like Jay z/Beyonce. lol
    i looked up some of the newer virgo marriages, Neyo a singer, (he’s a libra sun, oct. 18,but he’s virgo moon and Scorpio venus) and he’s with a Virgo lady. I just read he bought her a dreamhome; her story was that she came from rags to riches.Also, Libra Will smith with Virgo Jada Pinkett. And Virgo Selma Hayek; lots of fire, with Gemini french billionaire. lol
    i have noticed the good girl/bad girl theme with the women though. good girl in front of others, but deep down bad girl behind closed doors. lol

  17. Oh boy. I am going to say something that might offend some Virgos. First of all, I have a lot of Virgo in my chart: Venus/Mars/South Node tightly conjunct. OK, so that’s karma right there. I get it. I also have Ceres/North Node conjunction opposite all of that.

    So for many years I’ve had skads of Virgo women in my life, or women with lots of Virgo, as in my mother who survived major abuse and perpetrated it upon me until I was a senior citizen myself.

    In recent years I’ve had trouble with them (Virgos). Two of them were therapists who gave it up because they became exasperated with people and didn’t like the low salary/high emotional cost as well as how people were just so clueless and impractical (like that’s the real issue!)

    They are both out of my life because of their high and mighty attitudes and insisting that I live my life according to the way they live and see things. Not gonna do it. Why do they have such a need for me to live exactly as they see it? My mother had that need too. None of them could understand that my brain is wired differently than theirs.

    Then there’s my daughter, a Virgo with a tight Retro Leo Venus/Direct Mars conjunct right on the nadir. Her Saturn is also exactly on my Mercury in Scorpio. We’re currently estranged because I’ve told her many times in the past: I will not have a relationship with you unless we go to counseling and learn how to communicate effectively. (As in, you don’t get to win all the time, Missy.)

    So far, she’s digging in her heels and so am I. I’m the boss this time around, as the mother. I’m also more awake spiritually. I don’t care that she and her father’s side of the family have a need to think of me as a loser instead of someone who’s simply just different. They’re not more evolved because they have their earth plane shit wired.

    Not only that, they won’t acknowledge the severe dysfunction of my family of origin and how it has severely affected my ability to be self-actualized. (Again, working on it.)

    So yeah, I’ve become very wary of Virgos in recent years. But I hadn’t been! Probably because I was always the one to apologize and acquiesce, whether I was right or wrong. I know it’s my karma to work out and I’m working on it. In My Own Way. Which is my right, no matter what their opinion is!

    I can’t imagine wrangling with a Virgo with a Venus/Pluto conjunction in Libra. It would be challenging karma as well since I have major Libra this time around. That Libra Venus/Pluto Delilah stuff would give me a good whirl but to me, Saturn in Libra always win. Fairly.

    OK rant over 😀

    1. I started to write that I don’t wrangle with virgoes either, but as I wrote it I started thinking about Aquarians,taureans,scorpions, leos and I don’t wrangle with them either. And then I thought I won’t wrangle with the cardinals either, just dodge em. But that leaves the mutables and what good would that do. I guess I know hard headed people. It’s just finding out who people are, what their boundaries and limitations are, and if they can honor my boundaries. Hey, thanks for jogging this loose for me.

  18. Have you ever seen Ella Enchanted? That’s how it sometimes feels to be a Virgo (virgo sun in the 12th with libra stellium; Saturn, Jupiter, moon, Venus, Pluto).
    The maiden is dutiful, and is prone to ignoring those messy emotions. With libra involved, the need for niceties is intensified. Then Pluto says “F$&k this.” it creates the dark atmosphere; The sarcasm. The little bitchy maiden that’ll make you cry with her sharp tongue after catching the bald spot you were trying desperately to hide.

  19. The ‘little maiden’ is an interesting term and its not just Virgo. (I have Jupiter in Virgo, I typically like them) There is something I call the ‘Little Good Girl complex,’ and it’s seen in many signs. But, its also a losing proposition for finding a relationship.

  20. I’m a Sag sun but have Virgo Rising (opposing my Pisces moon). I’ve projected the “little maiden” image all my life, hoping to be taken care of (stellium in Libra, I’d like to be pampered). Doesn’t work. I attract bad boys who see right through me and want to play rough or dutiful men who want an assistant to go over his balance sheet When it comes right down to it, I’m capable. Capable of love, of passion, of motherhood, of making a living.

  21. My son was born with a crazy exact (within minutes) Venus-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio (Dec 1986) in the 2nd house. He’s very much his own person too, and foregoes relationship as well (Aries Moon-Jupiter conj in 7th). He wouldn’t think of foregoing himself for the sake of a relationship.

    I suspect that when he does commit (he’s a Sag) it will be for personal security (conj is in his 2nd house). His father has been living vicariously through him for his entire life (Sun/Saturn straddling his nadir) so he feels no need to commit to someone else until the father is out of the picture. He stays near his father to protect him from the bad marriage the father’s in. I don’t agree, but it’s their lives not mine.

    On top of this he has Virgo rising, but he certainly doesn’t play the maiden! He too has the Virgo exasperation with impractical people. It would be interesting to know if he would if he were female.

  22. Following with great interest. My daughter has the Venus-Pluto conjunction in Libra, 5th house; and Sun,Moon, Mercury in Virgo.

    Still trying to understand her, and she’s in her 30’s. I can see where the “little maiden” fits. She’s has acted vengefully many times. Is that the Venus-Pluto influence?

    Thanks for another thought provoking blog post, Elsa.

  23. Uh, fail on the maiden thing. I am told that I am too blunt. My usual response is that if I am straight with people they will be straight with me. Not that I like what I hear all the time, but at least it’s straight.

    The upside to too blunt is that there are people who will come to me saying I can ask you because I know you will tell me the truth. However, I am older now and prone to spare people the truth more often than not. Who am I to say? It’s not my world anymore. Just biding my time till I jump ship.

    1. “Who am I to say? It’s not my world anymore. Just biding my time till I jump ship”.

      I can relate to this. My phrase is “Just killing time until time kills me”.

  24. @notch, I so relate! Now that I’m really REALLY over the hill, more and more I’m just biding my time till I jump ship too!

    As for the “little maiden” thing I have a lot of Virgo and Libra, so I vacillate between Virgo snippiness/directness and Libra philosophicalness/diplomacy. Depends what mood I’m in. Usually I keep my thoughts to myself and they’re sometimes not good and I’m working on that.

    1. Sometimes I cannot believe the thoughts I have. Like what I would say if I could say. I mean I can say but why f*ck somebody else up. Keeps me amused in those golden years bop bop bop.

  25. I have Virgo rising with Pluto and Venus in Virgo in the first, so yes, I play the little maiden to the hilt. I actually had a huge falling out with my stepson’s girlfriend because she would come over and scream nonstop during sex for an hour every day. She also stole silverware, so I confronted her, and the kid moved out and I never saw her again. But the neighbor lady downstairs commented to me how she wished she had that kind of sex once in a while, and I was so shocked that she would SAY that out loud, that I could not respond. Look, I have moon, mars, mercury and neptune in Scorpio all within 4 degrees, so I enjoy great sex, I just like it PRIVATE and I never want to talk about it.
    I don’t even think my “Little Maiden” attitude is an act.

  26. „I don’t even think my “Little Maiden” attitude is an act.“

    Yes, exactly – it’s not always an act, says another Virgo rising with a Mars Venus conjunction

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    Irmi1969 / Char555

    I had to laugh when I saw the title of this post! ‘Demanding Virgos Who Play “Little Maiden” (Venus Conjunct Pluto)’. That sounds just like – let’s call her JA, ok?
    So I pulled out her chart: Venus conjunct Pluto, but in Leo. As soon as there’s a man in her life, she turns into a simpering virgin who had her kids by immaculate conception. Her Venus/Pluto makes a minor grand trine with Neptune (in Libra) and Chiron in Sag – the Neptune is at the apex, so I guess her act is successful!

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