Skeletons In The Closet: Yours, Mine and Theirs

Everyone has something they’d rather people not know about and most of us have some things.  I wonder sometimes who my things might stack up against your things not because I want to be better or worse than you but just so I could have some kind of reference or bar by which to measure.

The reason I want the bar is because I wonder sometimes if I am too hard on myself or not at all hard enough and I have no idea the answer to that.  Are my skeletons tiny or or are huge and looming and ridiculously heinous?

In some cases I wonder if I classify something as a skeleton that is really not a skeleton while simultaneously minimizing or dismissing things I’ve done that I ought to take a closer look at.

I used to think of myself as a “good” person but I no longer do. I think I’m just a person a this point, hopefully average, and I wish I could verify that.

What about the skeletons in your closet?  Do they rattle around much?

This post brought to you by Saturn’s transit through my 9th house…

29 thoughts on “Skeletons In The Closet: Yours, Mine and Theirs”

  1. “This post brought to you by Saturn’s transit through my 9th house…”

    LOL!!! That’s a good one!!! Honestly I don’t know, I wish I could have some frame of reference as well. What I’ve figured is this, you can’t have a frame of reference because what everyone’s going thru, it’s all important, it’s difficult (may not seem that way to others) and one things not more important than another. I don’t even know if that makes sense the way I wrote it, but it’s the best I’ve been able to come up with. See what one person deals with might seem like an easy road to another and then vise versa. Besides that, it’s totally a judgement call and well that just gets me into plan big time trouble.

    ps. That picture gave me shivers big time!!!

  2. Yeah, I have no desire to judge anyone. I just know my own judgment is skewed. I am sure of it.

    I just hate to think I suffer over something that is actually small (this has happened in the past) while missing the boat on things that are NOT small.

    I’ve got enough Capricorn, etc. where I can really eat my guts out, however I have enough Neptune action to be sorely in denial simultaneously.

  3. It never crossed my mind (suffering) until recently. Am dealing with some of them, but some of them will stay there and I could care less if they stay in there forever.

  4. I feel exactly the same way. Never know where I might be in denial and where I’m going nuts inside over nothing.

    I have noticed a few times though, when I’ve admitted something to someone that I thought I had to keep schtum about because I’d be judged for it – I WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE! And it was no big deal in the end.

  5. So odd, Elsa, that you’ve brought this up because this came up in a mental conversation I was having with myself last night. I wonder too if my skeletons are so bad compared to others’ skeletons. I have no idea though because I hold tight (Mercury square Pluto in 12th) to my secrets, partly out of shame but also due to my need for privacy. I do know that my husband’s skeletons aren’t half as shameful as mine–he is so transparent and confessional about his life and what/where he has screwed up. But whenever I feel guilty, I go online and read PostSecret–that website where people post their deepest secrets–and I immediately feel better. LOL. I’m not an angel but I’m not the devil I think I am either!

  6. Hm, no skeletons here. The closest thing to a skeleton I have is the weird predictions that I have for myself some years in the future, which nobody would believe (and think I was crazy if I said) anyway.

  7. This is interesting. I would never think of comparing my skeletons to anyone else.

    Plus I think it matters where you are on the planet as to where on the sliding scale your skeletons are. Like something that is no big deal in Paris, may get you stoned to death in some parts of the world.

    I only have two skeletons. One is known to a few people, and the other one nobody knows. It’s not like the second one is embarrassing or anything, I just don’t think that it is anybody’s business.

  8. Well, there is something I don’t understand here. If something horrible was done to you, that could be a skeleton of one kind, but if you did something horrible, isn’t that another kind of skeleton? It’s the moral inventory bit I don’t get, I guess.

  9. Well, I can say things that I know might make me look bad, but I do it anyway. After, I think, OMG shut up, Pixie! Perhaps it is my Scorp Merc in the 3rd. But then I read stuff other people write or admit, and it doesn’t seem so horrible to me, thought they might think they are revealing too much.
    I think things that are secrets to an individual are often quite universal. So maybe not as bad as people think.

  10. Tam, it is fascinating to me as well. Libra to me is just outta this world.

    I was thinking in adjunct to this about some people being really prone to feeling guilt and others not prone at all.

  11. “some people being really prone to feeling guilt and others not prone at all.”

    I can do either (depending on what you do)… having Libra and all. 😉

  12. Avatar

    Elsa, what if I have zero planets in my sixth house Libra? My sun and Jupiter are opposing it though… So, would it affect that 12th house instead or in addition to?

  13. Read_em, the Saturn transit reference is to my chart. It does not translate… unless someone else has Saturn transiting their 9th. They might be examining and growing up their perspective similar to the process I’m in. 🙂

  14. Avatar

    Ahhh… Just curious as my sixth house is empty and I’m having some real issues trying to regulate a schedule and find daily balance. My sleep is all messed-up and trying to strike a balance between night and day has me a little challenged… My skeletons are under the shoes… I have a few… I suspect we all do…

  15. Everyone makes mistakes and I certainly don’t “advertise” mine. I only share when I feel that it can benefit a friend who might be making a similar mistake. Otherwise, it’s my business, my skeleton, my closet.

    The weird thing is that I seem to be the one others trust with their own “skeletons” So, really, most of the bones rattling around in my closet are not even mine. I have “secrets/skeletons” from other people that I will take to my grave. Some of these people are no longer alive but it doesn’t matter. That I am a person worthy of trust….That really matters to me.

  16. I have two skeletons, and that’s all. Just two.

    There’s all kinds of stuff I don’t just blurt for public consumption, but if it comes up I’ll share. But my two skellies are massive things.

    One I’ve never shared, probably never will. The other I wish I hadn’t shared, but I wasn’t thinking clearly when I did both the action that caused the skeleton and the sharing.

  17. Yep,

    Some skeletons here. But one person’s skeleton is another’s non issue right? I tend to experience deep guilt/blame about practically everything. I think it’s my Saturn in Pisces.

  18. I don’t have a closet, so they’re all around, most of them are covered by flesh 🙂

    Saturn-Neptune in the 9th house…

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