Ashton And Mila: Can Aquarius Moon and Scorpio Moon Last

Ashton Kutcher has a lovely Venus/Moon/Sun conjunction in Aquarius, part of a grand trine involving Jupiter and Pluto. Plus, he has Mercury in Aquarius! What an egghead! I’ve noticed with people with grand trines in air tend to live in their brains. They are not emotional at all; they “logic” their emotions, bringing their feelings up to their head and process that way. He has two planets in water, one of which is Mars in Cancer. That’s good; he’s very protective of his family. He also has Uranus is in Scorpio, squaring his Sun. So he’s got the six-gun I’ve written about in another article, here – Stubborn Uranus Squares. Once he’s decided on a cause, nothing can stop him, which is perfectly exemplified by his humanitarian work regarding the sexual exploitation (Uranus in Scorpio!) of children. His Aquarius stellium is opposed by Saturn in the 4th house. His home life grounds him.

Mila Kunis has a good deal of earth, so potentially, she might help keep him grounded. However, she’s also got a Uranus square… to her Venus. So this shows that relationships can be a source of friction for her. She has only one planet in water, and that’s the Moon. And other than a sextile to Venus, that Moon is unaspected.

To get a little more info on the Scorp Moon, I look to its rulers. Pluto and Mars are co-rulers of Scorpio, and in her chart, Mars is at 0 Leo, a very critical degree, and a very self-important one. But it’s squared by both Pluto and Saturn…. she’s got a tight lid on herself. A pickle jar that you’d have to go to extreme measures to open. She could also try to control *others* with that kind of configuration, because what we repress in ourselves, we are bound to inflict upon others.

Ashton’s Moon is constantly saying to Mila’s Moon: What did I do? What’s the big deal? Why are you so mad?

Mila’s Moon can seethe. Ashton’s Moon just wants everyone to get along. In order to get along with Mila, Ashton needs to know what her bottom line rules are, and be with the program. Her Moon forms an apex of a t-square… her Mars opposes his Mercury and t-squares her Moon. They argue. Bet on it. Not that everyone doesn’t argue, but to a Scorpio Moon, the arguments are deeply felt and incredibly important. To an Aquarius Moon, arguments are … discussions. One of the finest things an Aquarius Moon man once said to me is “don’t EVER give me an ultimatum. Tell me what you want, and let me go for a walk to think about it.” Invariably, on that walk, he’d come to see your side of an issue. But back him into a corner and all you get is cold detachment. This would absolutely enrage a 0 degree Leo Mars, and a Scorpio Moon. HOW DARE YOU not take this seriously?? Do you have to look at your phone every time we talk???

Hopefully after two kids and many years of marriage under their belt, Mila has learned that it’s best to save her deep, profound emotions for her girlfriends, and Ashton has learned that if gives her absolute undivided attention during the times she needs to express herself, the issues do not escalate. Now that I think about it, the characters they played on “That 70’s Show” pretty well expressed their true personalities! Ashton was the cut-up (although on the show he played a dummy, and in real life the man is a genius) and Mila played the serious, controlling, don’t-take-me-for-granted girl.

There’s lots of other good stuff in the chart between these two… what do you see?


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  1. Another thing I see is that her Sun falls on his 4th house Saturn. I would guess that he finds himself very much at home in some way with her, and that her personality is very similar to a parental figure. According to Wikipedia, he has a twin that has very severe cardiac issues and at one point in his life, he considered killing himself so that his heart could be donated to his brother. He says his father talked him out of it. Having someone’s Sun close to your Saturn can be a very good thing, the glue that holds the bonds together.

  2. Hi Diane,

    I like this couple so I’ve really enjoyed your post about their emotional needs and how they might express them in the relationship.

    I see great things for long time relationships based on Sargent’s ideas.

    Like their respective ascendants and descendants are conjunct each other. Also, the ruler of her ascendant (jupiter) is in the same sign as his 7th house sign.

    Also, the ruler of his seventh house (jupiter) is in the same sign of her 7th house.

    Blachske looked at sun conjunct saturn conjunctions in synastry (they have a wide one) which are binding (and saturnian – she and he have saturnian key aspects in their respective charts so they can do saturn and commitment/responsibilit, even if often it can be a bit of a stern and parental element in their dynamics.)

    Her sun conjuncts his 4th house cusp which can be nice as his natal saturn is in his fourth house and opposes his sun. It can also be hard (her sun enlightening his fourth house saturn flavour, reminding him of her spontaneous side – despite her scorpio moon dynamics that might not be that spontaneous.)

    His north node conjunct her MC…

    So many good factors too.

    Thanks for describing possible emotional dynamics that they might have and for stating that they might know how to manage them a bit more by now. Made me think about the emotional dynamics with my partner.

    I wish them well!

      1. Actually, if you look again at the picture here of Mila Kunis, she has the *perfect* scorpio moon look on her face. I can’t tell you how many pictures exist of me with this exact same “oh realllllyyyyy?” look!

  3. Poor Demi didn’t have her Scorpio Spidey senses turned on and didn’t see him coming. She pulled the little creep up about 100 notches and in return he cheated on her publically.

    For me….his birth chart makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and the alarm bell in my head ring….I would have thrown up orange cones around myself and dressed in a head to toe hazmat suit …..

    He really screwed Demi over (I can identify with a lot of her birth chart. I am surprised she didn’t pinch his face off!! He better be careful with that Scorpio moon! She ain’t playin’ …. why does this guy keep dipping his toe in the Scorpio pot? It doesn’t work! He must have a relationship death wish ….

    Me and Aqua moon:
    Me: I really feel…____ fill in the blank.
    Aqua moon: What? I have no idea what you are talking about. Walks away shaking head…..

    I raised an Aqua moon child. That’s all I have to say about that.

    Women fall all over this guy. I think he’s a phony punk with a big square head. haha (but who cares what I think lol)

    1. Soup, you and I both have Aquarian Moons in our families, and yep, it’s like talking a completely foreign language!

      And, I agree…. “she ain’t playin'”!

      1. Me and Aqua moon child: When I speak….. he turns his head to one side like a dog does….looks at me like I am from another planet and doesn’t understand a thing I am saying. Deer in headlights….that’s how he looks at me. Its hilarious to watch sometimes….and only ‘sometimes’ HA I speak from heart and feelings (Trust me, I wish I were different) and he speaks from Data Graphs and Pie Charts!

        1. Yessss! Thank for this comment. I have an Aquarius moon child too. He’s exactly like that. “Stop with all the drawn out analogies and give me facts and figures.” But he also has a Cancer rising so when he does try to convey emotion during certain sensitive times, it just comes across stilted and somewhat awkward. Like he’s not expressing emotion from his own heart but from how he’s watched others express it. He’s in the process of learning emotional intelligence… Thankful he’s a great hugger. ?

    2. @soup, Demi Moore was married to Bruce Willis, Pisces sun/Aquarius moon, Aquarius venus (I don’t know why she loves the aquarius) and I read she divorced Bruce Willis too, because he cheated on her. I was shocked as well. I wonder why she likes the Aquarius moons -she married two! Bruce Willis is now married to a Gemini Sun/Scorpio moon. It reversed.

  4. He has a thing for Scorpio types. Demi Moore, Brittney Murphy and now Mila.

    I have an Aquarian moon and my son has a Scorpio moon and it’s definitely complex when it comes to our emotions.

    I do know a few Aqua/Scorpio coupes so there must be something to it. LOL

    I really like these posts. It makes this newbie understand things better. Thank you, Diane!

  5. I actually don’t like Ashton Kutcher’s acting. He comes off really boring but obviously he’s doing something right, as I saw some new Netflix series with him as lead acting and an older cast, Sam Elliott and Deborah Winger, called, “The Ranch”. He has one of his co-stars from the 70s show. Me and my husband, honestly don’t like his acting. But I think that has to do with “taste” and personal preference.

  6. Avatar
    Southern Cross

    Not about the charts, but if anyone issues me an ultimatum, I go for a walk too. Only I keep going. Boyfriends from my youth used to issue ‘ultimatums’. They must have had a death wish. I was gone. Someone from my past wanted me to contact him not more than six months ago. After 32 years! He was one of the ‘ultimatum’ posse. Did I respond? You can guess the answer. Moon in Leo, conjunct Uranus. Opposite Sun.

  7. Squares aren’t always bad. They can expedite growth. Sun conjunct Saturn, in my opinion, is the “I can’t always stand you but we’re sticking together forrrrever and a day no matter what happens because I can’t be without you…” aspect. It’s like superglue. They’re not breaking up anytime soon. Plus, they’re too adorable as a couple.

    MASHTON 4ever! ?

  8. @Diane, I don’t know if Scorpio moon &Aquarius moon will last, so far Bruce Willis and his Gemini wife has lasted but I see a difference in that he is much older than her, so he would have a handle on things?
    the thing I see with their chart is that they’re both super fixed, I’ve not seen super fixed charts do well but i’m hoping for their sake. I’ve seen /researched that even Scorpio sun/Scorpio mars/Gemini moon Dylan McDermott could not last with his Aquarius sun/Scorpio moon/Scorpio mars ex wife. so much fixed! And there was Taurus sun and Scorpio suns (Sam Shepherd & Jessica Lange) with Aquarius moons both couldn’t last. Also this happened to Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman (both aquarius moons) maybe it’s the too much fixed! -_-
    The only decent without scandal marriage that lasted and is a good marriage, (that is public — that you can research) is Aquarius sun Clyde Tombaugh and his Scorpio wife, Patricia Tombaugh and they both have strong mutability in their chart.
    too much fixed might kill things no matter the sun sign or moon sign.

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