Scorpio Moon, Lack of Trust, Paranoia, Obsession

The moon falls in Scorpio. Nevertheless. I have a great affinity and affection for these intense types. I work with then, pretty much every day. I’m also married to a man with his moon in Scorpio.

People with the moon in Scorpio tend not to trust people, unless they trust you! Even if they do trust you, they will periodically probe you for leaks or for what I call, breeches in the hull.

Scorpio moon people also tend to feel paranoid. They’ve got great instincts but a person who can discern when they’re going off the rails is of great value.

Obsession is a given with this placement but that doesn’t mean it plays in a negative way. If you want to be exceptional at anything, you must focus.  With your moon in Scorpio, it’s hard to not focus. That’s why these people are so interesting to know and work with.  Their depth creates a magnetism that cannot be denied.

Is your moon in Scorpio?

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  1. Astrologers have been known to ask me,
    Q: “What have you got in Scorpio?”
    A: “All the right people.”
    (no planets or key pebbles)

    I remember that story about Sonia, I read it with much interest. It got under my skin, but only at the end.

    I once dramatically ended a relationship with my closest friend at the time, a Scorpio Moon. Rising Full Moon, thank you. I got tired of the unskillful application of ‘burning life to the ground’ after years of happy secret keeping and accepting manipulation.

    5 years later I acquired a new friend with the same chart (asc off by degrees) who puts more passion into our shared way of life (meditation and yoga). We share a deeper, healthier burn. Share is a key word here.

    In my experience: If you truly let a Scorpio go, instead of just leaving them, a great new one just might show up. (If you’re a bona fide Scorpio magnet)

    Never stop __loving__ them.

    The attachment of missing someone whose not coming back doesn’t do any heart good. Look back on what you’re really missing. If they ressurect instead of totally self destruct, they’ll be better off anyway.

    BTW, I dated the same chart too. I don’t miss him either. If I let every Scorpio in my life have a piece of me, there wouldn’t be anything left to share.

  2. I don’t have any experience with Scorpio Moons, only with Scorpio risings and Scorpio Suns. I’ve mostly dated the ones who were Scorpio rising and my family is chockfull of Scorpio Suns. There’s been A LOT of power/possession issues; at first I get a lot of attention and passion from them but later I end up feeling as if they thought they owned me. This is not necessarily sexual; for instance, I was my grandmother’s favorite (she’s Scorpio Sun) and she was one of my primary caretakers. She was extremely controlling: locked the old rotary dial phone (remember those?); read my diaries; refused to let me go out to play with children, etc. I don’t mean it to sound like it was all awful, bc it wasn’t. She also nurtured my intelligence and my curiosity. She wanted me to be a writer. Well, once when I was eleven, I wrote a poem about my father who abandoned me. It made a real stir and I was shocked bc a lot of adults came over to me and told me that they’d had the same experience. My grandmother published the poem without my permission. She had the newspaper print it with my stepfather’s name as opposed to my real father’s. She then sent the published poem to my real father. Again, never once was I consulted and when I found out that she did that, I was furious. I had never meant to hurt my father even if he abandoned me.

    My grandmother’s influence shows up in my birthchart: Pisces Moon in the 9th House opposite Virgo Pluto in the 3rd. And, yes, I have a really hard time with my writing, bc I’m afraid of the power of hurting others. CC, now that I’ve read that thread about Moon/Pluto influences, I understood this.

  3. i am a scorpio moon too. it is a hella thing to deal with. do you think that scorpio moons can ever trust a person again who has broken their already shakey trust? i really want to trust this person again.
    a tip for dating a scorpio moon – don;t ignore their feelings. distance yourself and try to understand. otherwise the scorpio moon will withdraw and make the situation a lot worse. don’t ignore the situation but don’t try to approach it too head on. respect baby! that is the key word.
    hmmm. ok. byeeeee. (i am a gem so i am extra zany)

  4. I have a Scorpio moon. I dont think trust is the issue, its blind trust. Scorpio moons can never trust blindly, i used to trust so many people (but maybe thats because i have a leo sun and aries rising) but lots of betrayals from people i would have given my life for and whom i have never intentionally harmed has left me wary. its just an instict to question and verify that is often mistaken for lack of trust. its not doubt but need for reassurance. i am in love with a wonderful geminiian with sagi moon and sagi rising. our relationship faced this trust issue. he felt i dont trust him enough and that i should not question his love so much. we had fights over this, but he came to understand what i needed was reassurance and some sensitive behaviour on his part,like not getting too pally with other girls, and i realised that i must follow my heart and believe in his love and not keep questioning. we share a beautiful relationship. touch wood. and if i get into my suspicious moods he patiently answers my questions and i love him all the more for that. we have a long distance relationship. i havent seen him for more than a year, yet i believe our relationship is only growing stronger. we can only talk over the telephone. with both of us freshly into college there are so many opportunities for infidelities and deception. we have only each other’s word and we trust it and our honour.
    i am writing this so that people will try not to make the mistake of judging the overbearing need to probe, the jealous natures of scorpio moon as lack of trust. remember underneath all the self sufficient exterior lies a soul tormented by its doubts. if you love a scorpio moon you must also have the patience to answer the question do you really love me? a million times. and to all the scorpio moons out there you can be truly free only if you always follow your instict. its always right and dont bother repressing it, even if it means an upheaval, seek the truth and the truth will set you free. well at the end of the day respect the privacy of other’s as much as you value yours.

  5. i am done loving.
    i am shutting down. and it may be a while before i come back.
    i am so tired.
    tired of trying to live a life full of love when they always walk away.
    No one chooses me. and why the fuck should they…. why the fuck should they.
    I am not worth loving….it is clear ok? i see it now….
    ….. i see what it is trying to say…am i a bad person? why?? why does no one love me enough to be with me…noone wants to stay…
    i am unloveable.
    i am unloveable. so no more will i love.
    no one wants it anyways…they always walk away.
    Its my turn to turn my back on love. I am done. .. as of today i am done.
    Only I know the truth behind this mask i wear and inside i am dead and what i have to give will be empty smiles and heartless hugs.
    All i have done is love,
    All i ever wanted was to be loved back.

    Signed, Scorpio Moon

  6. Am a Scorpio sun who had intense love with Scorpio moon, thats an intensity you never can forget. its like an explosion.BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

  7. To Sun,

    My sentiments exactly! Few understand the intesity of a Scorpio moon and darkness it can bring. We need a lot of positive, loving affirmations & an outlet for all the emotion that brews within the depths, especially during childhood. If not we start the darkness eats us alive and all those whom we let into our world.

  8. I am a Scorpio Moon, yes, it is hard when there is no outlet for tension. overwhelming. as hard as it is dealing with Scorpio suns, I am drawn to them immensely

  9. i have a Scorpio moon bf. yah hot-tempered….gets angry easily etc i hv seen him cried after showing his rage.

    But he didn’t show much of this when we were just friends. n he doesnt show it to his other friends.the closed ones mayb

    I was wondering….do they only show their dark side or vulnerable the Significant Other? or d people whom they love? any comment? im all ears 🙂

    1. @Feline….
      your bf is scorpio moon. Thats a lot of intensity u dealing with. Its true that scorpio moons do not like their emotions n intensities to n shown to others. Friends to scorpios r nothing just a passing cloud. The significant ones r the ones who knows our emotions, reactions, accepts & most importantly understands them. Its not everyonr who can understand n its not everyone we shw this to. Its like why the heck u wud understand my feelings??? Its the closest 1
      that matters to us.

  10. My mother has scorpio moon, my father has scorpio sun, my brother also has scorpio sun and I have scorpio moon. Sadly only me and my brother have some sort of relationship via the internet. I’m desperately trying to understand it all after a crazy chilhood full of intense dramas but reading and learning from you all is helping.


  11. Avatar
    loony moony scorp

    Im a scorp moon. A really weird one too. Im young and i dont understand my emotions for shit. Its even harder with no mom in the house, living with my 2 older earthy brothers, and fiery dad. i wish i could only have watery moon friends, cuz those are the only people that can actaully FEEL me. Oh ya and a word of advice, dont trust gemini moons, no matter how close u are to them, u will get betrayed by them at least once, even if it was a mistake. Ive tested this with all the gemini moons i kno, both girls and guys. And 2 i thot were my best friends. lol i dont discriminate against anybody’s skin color, but i will discriminate about their natal chart. ”virgo sun, scorpio moon, libra rising” the perfect disguise. ‘charming’ ‘silent’ ‘deadly’

    1. Spot on about gemini moon.
      Ruled by trickster mercury. It’s the way they adapt so readily to the person they’re talking to, you feel they’re a kindred spirit.
      Avoid telling them anything, no matter how relaxed they make you feel at the time.

  12. i was completely facsinated, it felt like a film. you are an excellent writter, really! : )
    My best friend and i are both Scorp moons and we share each others struggles, like wounded soliders carrying each other through. of course i can relate to this, brings back memories of crazyness, that i hav been working on leaving behind ever since. I am a true believer in karma, and i think Sonia needed u, clark and her other friend to leave her, as a way of reflecting her behaviour back at herself. It must hav taught her such a great lesson. this story leaves me with a great yearning, that hopefully things will be alright for me in the future. i havent had a relationship in 3 yrs because i scared myself of how i went on in tht relationship. its just hard to kno when ur truely ready for another relationship.
    thanks for sharing your story elsa x

  13. I’m a virgo sun with scorpio moon AND ascendant. This combination makes my emotions brew under the surface so bad that I know I have to let it out,but I can’t. It feels like I’m going crazy,and I think only killing myself will make it stop. I also have a strong sex drive,but I’m still a virgin as I want to find the right guy. The only people who really do understand me are my scorpio friends from school. Nobody else really does get it. 🙁 I just want someone I can really open up to and who won’t judge me,but I can’t trust anyone.

  14. I am a sun moon mercury neptune in scorpio. I am extremely extremely emotional when I see animals n nature hurt. I am NOT people person but I dont ignore them either. I have Sagi venus. Iam weirdo to my parents n never get along with my mom. My father (taurus) is myy hope. I want to b loved but I only love guy who is not my native. I love adventure n homely comfort. I have been in several relationships, taught me lessons of life. I hardly have friends but I dont care much bcoz I knw many ppl who love to seek my advise wen they knw me. I am a best counsellor they can find. My life experience is wat makes me to counsel others. I never leave the needy but wen they pick themselves… im no more with them. I have taurus rising. All these ppl I meet at some point of time I forget but they never forget me. Its a bit difficult to recall bcoz I feel I lived really long ob this earth dealing with soo much of intensity emotions imaginations n most importantly so many experiences. I am 33 fem nw but I am not married. Most times I seek solitudeness where I can find myself close to nature n away frm ppl that have issues with my existence. At work I have a diff personality. I am very very ambitious n can never let down my team. I love fighting for others wen I knw they r not wrong. I am annoyingly honest to the core n most times ppl fear talking to me bcoz of that. I hardly fear anything except that I respect nature laws. I have tendency to feel a person energy. I knw who feels wat n y but im nt convinced until i hear their genuine reasons. I love probing, making wrong ppl uncomfortable n enjoy sarcasm. I love to face criticism… esp wen i knw I am right. I am at my best when I am independent n someone needs my care n attention. I cannot cheat, I dont have heart for it. I can only mess someone when they mess with me, that too if its worth my time. I love my life, though I had more of lows than highs. Its hard for me to believe that there can b more of happiness than sadness. Whatever it may b….. I feel…. It’s so crowded n yet I feel lonely, bcoz I don’t belong to that party. I seek solitude thats close to this calm n beautiful nature of earth. What attracts me the most is after a scorching heat, the first rain n the aroma that comes from the earth. The same goes for the man who smells good n has patience for me.

    1. Ha! Same here, except I’m sag sun.. scorpio rising scorpio moon neptune in scorp Merc in scorp.. I feel the exact same as you wrote here! Bone chilling it was so close!

  15. Hi all. Hi elsa. Love the blog. 33 year old scorpio moon female. Love reading posts from fellow scorp moons. Mine is at the top of my chart along with jupiter in scorpio conjunct my mc. It’s tough out there for scorpio moons. I feel much older than my 33 years after all I’ve been through in my life and wondering how and when I’ll ever find a partner when I have so much baggage! The toughest thing about being a scorpio moon is being honest about your emotions-with yourself first and foremost. I require a lot of personal space me time deep thinking to reach my perspective on things but I simply must thoroughly consider all angles and usually end up sitting on the fence-mars in libra. But I’ve thought about it and delved deeply (scorpio moon). I’m lonely but I don’t trust anyone so prefer to be single have been burned badly. And they left me so now I have issues particularly as they chased me initially. So now I’m wary of anyone who likes me. Next time I’m going to do the chasing and I won’t drop them like some used plaything either. Thanks for letting me rant. To all the scorpio moon pple out there thanks for being real and esp for being you.

  16. I’m a male taurus sun, scorpio moon, which creates that tension between sun and moon as directly opposing forces and I can tell you it’s not easy to open up, it’s very hard to trust and let people in. Come to think of it, I’m not sure if I ever did.

    1. I love a man like you with Taurus Sun and Scorpio moon. I’m sure he love me too but he won’t tell me anything but just being kind and carefull to unstability. He get rage when he feels jealous. I am sure it’s exactly jealousy but he will deny if I ask him. Now a days he tell me that he is not satisfied with his job. Tell me plz how can I deal with him. I love to be with him. I’m Aquarius Sun with Pisces Lilith in house 8 that conjunct his Mars in 8 house. He is so seductive. I can’t lose him 🙁

  17. I love a Scorpio moon. Too much maybe 🙂 I see her get anxious like that already and we talk in depth about it. Even a young one goes through it. Its a lot already…she is going to be in for one heck of a journey. I hope I am around long enough to teach her how to navigate. She sure is special. But, things wont be easy when that uncalled for second guessing anxiety kicks in.

    I have a Virgo sister with a Scorpio moon….dear god…when she is in a mood she will suck the freaking life out of you. She can be so insulting at times claiming she is just trying to help when to me it seems an excuse to be rude and cutting…. I have to distance myself from it because it hurts and I don’t want to hate her. I haven’t talked to her in a while. Last time I did she started her insults…I let it go and had an excuse to get off the phone. Hope she is well…its over the top and too much for me at times. I do love her though.

    I mostly love Scorpio moons. I get them. I am always rooting for them. They live with a lot. It’s not easy having a Scorpio moon. It cant be.

  18. I have found shame to be a big part of the Scorpio secretiveness. But maybe they feel they will be misunderstood. Sometimes a good time is all that’s needed but often their ability to extend, help when help is needed, go the mile is what is called for and I appreciate it. But no the sunshine is not for them, that’s for the Leo’s.

  19. With Scorpio/Pluto Moon types the obsession is often an unrealistic fixation on obtaining something emotionally from a connection with another that first needs to come from within.
    Second house and fourth house areas need to be rehabilitated and revitalized after we have been thru Plutonian experience.

  20. Eighth house moon. Different I think from the two scorpio moons in my bio unit. Of course they were libras, so they knew how to use it to get what they wanted in the most emotional of ways. They just don’t stop. One screamed at the top of his lungs and would not stop till he got what he wanted, no matter what the collateral damage. The other is libra sweet. All my and my sister’s boyfriends were enamored with her. Connivingly sweet. More covert. We have developed a relationship in our golden years and when she starts that nonsense I shut her down.

    While the releasing the deep emotional ties of my eighth house moon left me feeling cold and detached initially, I had to resolve that common courtesy and treating people fairly is enough. It opened up my heart to the universe on a very awesome level. And I can use my eighth house cancer moon spidey sense more effectively in the practical sense. It triggers on what were hard learned emotional cues, so I would not give up the experience of feeling on that deep level for anything. I can get the cues now, but not go emotional about it. And if I didn’t have the experience of feeling on that deep deep level, my heart could not have opened up to the splendor I now experience. So I would say my eighth house cancer moon was an opportunity, a doorway, to experience heaven on earth.

    My progressed moon is in Scorpio at present.

  21. Read on the internet that Madonna won’t associate with Scorpio’s, even in business settings. Personally, I am drawn to them perhaps because Scorpio is on the cusp of my fourth house. My narcissistic mother had retro Venus in Scorp. In any case, as Sag moon, I am so sick of their secretive, ghosting bullshit. Maybe Madonna is right. They work against the team.

    1. anonymoushermit

      I don’t see Madonna as disliking working with Scorpios. It could also be that she sees him as incompatible with her. She’s a Leo, and he’s a Scorpio. They square!

  22. Disclaimer on above. I’m criticizing the low functioning Scorpios. Problem is that the high functioning Scorpios seem to be so few and far between

  23. Progressed Moon in Scorpio for the last few years (moving out end of this month!) I have noticed that I have been more reclusive in this period and keeping cards to my chest, sorting out my own stuff. Not huge amounts of social contact, just me, my partner, ocasionally family members. Have felt comfortable and strong in the aloneness. Moving to Sagg so will look for changes.

  24. 12th house Scorpio Moon, square Neptune & oppose Saturn.

    Emotional intensity, mystery, difficulty opening up, Spiteful.

    I am loyal. I fight for loyalty and trust.

    Sometimes you earn a Moon scorpio’s heart, you earn his everything. They are willing to give unconditionally.

  25. There was someone with a moon in scorpio. A man. He had his principles and self set rules to not do a certain something for whatever reason personal to him and he strictly adhered to that rule for roughly 15 years. No one could budge him to change it. And many tried, really tried, using every persuasive and intense charms in the book. It took me one second apparently. I was so nervous and willing for one time in my life to be vulnerable, to ask and let him see I value that one specific thing from him. I was certain that I was going to be rejected like everyone was. Yet he was willing to! He was ready right then and there! This man was willing to forgo his rule of 15 years. I was very shocked. My capricorn moon heart moved an inch from it’s place that day. But then others overheard and overseen and said if he’d do it for me, it would have to be for everyone. So he didn’t. And I loved it even more. It’s the intention. I would have hated to be that person he broke his principles to himself. Even if I tried. Because it was something related to him, that was why I was trying. Resentment can come later if that happens. I broke my rule for her, what for?! Years later I kissed him. On the cheek. He seemed surprised. What a man he was. So intelligent and captivating. His smile, his smirk, that thing, I know something and I am not telling you aura. Why am I remembering this all of a sudden.

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