Asia Argento: Venus Square Pluto

Venus beautyI’m working on a newsletter for Friday.  Venus in Libra is squaring Pluto at this time.

There are infinite ways this energy might express but one thing they all have in common is the pretty Venus in superficial Libra, has a (Pluto) shadow.

It occurred to me, the revelation that Asia Argento paid off a young man who accused her of sexual assault is a great example of this.

Curious, I looked a Ms. Argento’s chart.  She has Pluto in Libra conjunct her ascendant. That’s a Venus – Pluto exchange.  Her look is textbook.

In whatever case, don’ t be surprised to see all kinds of betrayal and nasty stuff being made public over the next week.

Most of it is going to be disgusting, but often enough, this is something a person goes through in the process of healing.  Compare it to lancing a boil or puking up the poison…

Do you see signs of Venus square Pluto out there?


68 thoughts on “Asia Argento: Venus Square Pluto”

  1. When I saw this news It didn’t surprise me. She looks wicked to me. But It’s interesting that I have this reaction when I come in contact with people that have Pluto conjunct the Ascendant. They trigger me and not in a good way.

    I think I’m seeing this with the report that came out recently about the sex abuse scandal in the Pennsylvania church. The excerpts I read were so troubling. Disgusting is right and as a Catholic it’s really disheartning. But I attributed this more to Jupiter in Scorpio.

    1. i’m kind of shocked, she’s rich and famous, and because she can have plenty of men her age or older lol why someone underage? :/ did he lie to her about his age? she does look like a woman that can seduce a man. not your typical girl next door look. lol

  2. Hi elsa,
    Is there a positive side to pluto square venus?..
    I hope there is. I keep having this in most my relationship composite charts. I have the natal conjunction…

  3. Isn’t she the woman who pretty much broke Anthony Bourdain, possibly driving him to suicide? Didn’t she also help start the #metoo movement (now it looks like she could mess with that too)?

      1. This is so baseless and dangerous. You don’t know that, NotMyCircus,
        WBWH and Tonya; not only can’t you possibly know anything of their life together, you most certainly have not been reading the reports and interwievs if this is your belief or take away.

        And it’s so ironic! Let me tell you, there are a lot of people who would deem us and the astrological symbols we use as satanic. In different times, what we do and believe in would make people label us as “no good”, wicked women as well. And all because she’s posted symbols on Instagram? Dear god, really..

        And what’s the deal with writing that he “supposedly” killed himself? What exactly are you suggesting and what exactly do you *know*? Christ, why do grown women have to be told to behave and stop getting off by speculating about someone else’s misery.

        Not only is it a shame that it still has to be said – in this day and age where the self appointed leader of the free world is disrespecting good taste and embarrassing himself on the internet by his own hand, you’d think other adults would take note – but it’s extra pitiful since the conspiracy theories you are peddling go against any and all of the knows facts about Asia Argento and Anthony Bourdain. I don’t know you, or who you are outside of the internet. But I sure hope you’re more compassionate, thoughtful and smarter than this would suggest.

        1. Let me instruct you. I will say what I damn well want to say. End of story. If I want to say she has purple skin, I will say it and NO ONE will stop me!

        2. I think he was murdered. I don’t think he killed himself. Just because the news puts something out, does not make it true. You can back the hell off because I say what I want to say about whoever I want to say it about…got that??!!

          1. Tonya, your tone and false bravado isn’t exactly frightening or deterring: I’m almost flattered that I caused this reaction from you. Please note though that I never said you were not allowed to speak your mind; what I was criticizing was the content of that mind, and how you spoke it.

            Further, I was giving you the benefit of the doubt by assuming that your previous comments weren’t necessarily indicative of the rest of your personality; though I see now that I was wrong to even give you that much. But then again, I’m many miles from you and I have no will to interact with your further – so I suppose I’ll just wish you well, and I hope that delightful disposition of yours works out for you.

            1. As I said, I will judge who I wish to judge and I will stereotype and discriminate and no one will change me. I can’t stand the little B__.

              1. wow that venus square pluto.

                i never realized it deeply until i did my own chart, i’m venusian with pluto dominant. lol not (air) venus but still… i can see what it all means.

                i still dont find her disgusting though. she just a little weak against these men wanting to “please”… i understand libra in that way.

        3. Hmmm….Venus/Pluto/Libra on the ascendant…definitely a gorgeous “black widow” teacher Anthony drew for his last hand of cards…not for the faint of soul but definitely not a boring course:). And wasn’t it HIS funds that paid that “innocent child”? What an archetypal triangle: the boy, the spider teacher and the old king…if I didn’t have to beat the tourists to the pecan sticky buns at the bakery here…as an astrologer I might have spent a few minutes thinking about this one with my coffee:):)! How much grinding down is it going to take for humanity to get it that duality doesn’t mean black….and…white…with nothing around or in between??

  4. I have Pluto square my Venus in Scorpio and so does my husband. Definitely loyalty in love, deep love. We’ve been together for 40 years.

    I saw pictures of her with the young boy. She would have been 37 at the time. He looks very childish and naive. Its very ironic that she accused Weinstein of doing the same thing she did. And, she thought she could get away with it. She has a very low vibration Pluto conjunct her Ascendant.

    I wonder if he’s the only child she went after.

  5. She grew up in a weird family and especially the dad. I used to see her on Italian tv and she just always seemed strange.

  6. Shes a Satan worshipper.

    I see that the signs of Satan are becoming more popular. I was shopping with my son for school clothes the other day and there was a tshirt with Baphomet on it.

    1. You’re here on an Astrology forum. You do realise that even if you don’t consider what astrologers do divination, you and the rest of us would be considered dangerous Satan worshippers? What with our mysterious, loaded symbols – just like Baphomet in a T-shirt. Food for thought, isn’t it?

      1. Uh, its pretty obvious that shes into Satan. Astrology might be considered to be Satanic by some who are ignorant but its not.

        But its hard to deny that someone who wears a jacket with the word Lucifer printed on the back is not Satanic. Look at her instagram posts! Wether or not they know the meaning, the symbols of baphomet, 666, certain hand positions, are symbols of Satan. There are people who embody Satanic principles! Those being, above all else, service to self. Some knowingly. Some not knowingly. I dont judge either. Ive researched Satanism and its symbols. The left hand and the right hand path, etc. They arent mysterious to me and I also dont judge it, although its not for me.

        But if the shoe fits, let them wear it. I dont know what went on with Anthony Bourdain. No idea what she had to do with it or not. But to defend someones reputation who proudly wears these symbols, seems silly. Shes broadcasting her alliance.

        1. Even if she IS a satanist, WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE her for that? Its like saying… shes a jew… be very afraid or hate her. Religious intolerance is ignorant in ANY form.
          Satanist is just another group/religion/belief just like the rest of the many religions out there. There is a deity, there are rules, etc etc. Have we not learned from years and years of religious persecution to NOT continue to do it?
          And no, I am not a satanist defending my tribe. I am just a person who finds any sort of discrimination extremely ignorant. We are all souls on our journey trying to find our way.

          1. Stereotyping and discrimination are a part of human nature and it will never stop. Judging a person by things they did is human nature as well. No one will stop me from judging.

          2. Wow. Comparing Jews to Satanists??????

            I’m amazed you could write that and hit enter. Judaism and Satanism, no big difference, like choosing chocolate or vanilla.

            There is absolutely no equivalency to those two things.

          3. Oh, Im seeing this months later. Not sure if youre still around. Im not judging her for being a satanist. I dont care what she practices lol.

            Youre the one with judgements attached to satanism, apparently. That you see me being judgmental is projection on your part. You are actually the one with bias, and thats the lens you are seeing my comments through.

            Hey, there are satanists in the world. Many. I cant discriminate, because Im not in a position of power to do so. But if someone openly aligns themselves with the energy of Lucifer, Im not going to deny that its so, on their behalf. It doesnt mean Im judging what I see, just that I see it. I can say, oh thats a tree. I dont judge the tree.

            Also, I personally understand what satanism is, maybe even more than some satanists, so youre statement of me being ignorant is untrue. For all you know, I could be a satanist….

  7. “Lancing Boils”!!! On Sunday morning I had woken up from a dream where I had boils all up and down my legs and I was squeezing pus (sorry) out of them with my fingers – I’m a Scorpio, so it’s all good LOL. And I was angry too, on Sunday.

  8. I have a boy (baby) with pluto conjunct ascendant. I assure you he’s not evil! His birth was traumatic though so that fits.

    1. My mother has this, too. I think that they can have a very strong presence so that sometimes it can feel like a bit much, depending on how people react to it and how the Pluto person uses it. My mom is Cancer rising, so very loving but she can be super intense.

      1. I have a Gemini Sun friend with Pluto in Virgo rising (Virgo ascendant.)

        Great person. Powerful and intense presence. Good survival instincts. Protective urges.

  9. I’ve been compelled by her imagery for ages. I feel the need to seek out every photograph, every film. She draws me in. This has nothing to do with her sexual assault accusations. This may well be my Moon opposite Venus, both squared by Pluto.

  10. She certainly have the Plutonian look!

    But her eyes…. They betray her. There is craziness in those eyes, pure and wild.

    I would say there will always be a need for these themes in our society, as we need these people to confirm ourselves and our own sense of being rational and balanced (Libra) – we need oyhers to play out our shadow selves.

    1. Pluto gone bad xd
      she does look virgo though, with pisces energy. (the combination) I’m familiar with that energy. lol i just didnt really see much of the Pluto libra conjunct her Libra rising. I guess cause “air” is a bit tricky and has the superficialness one can’t really “grab” as they can water and earth.

      1. oh there is another lady who was with Sandra Bullock’s Aries ex husband, Jesse James who he cheated with; who also had Virgo/Pisces combination and lots of Libra, (a stelium libra) kat von D. She is a Pisces sun/Virgo moon, with stellium libra placements. She had tattoos everywhere and looks like a bad girl as well. ;p but of course, even bad girls can cry and not get the guy. she had an on and off relationship with JesseJames until they finally broke up.

  11. Anette, you say: ‘we need others to play out our shadow selves’.
    I agree, so, isn’t that the reason you see ‘… craziness in those eyes, pure and wild’?

  12. Something fishy about metoo. It seems very sensationalistic, too much of a media show. My fear is it will backfire and become some worse oppression for women. But on the brighter side maybe communication will be more genuine less me. Madonna is receiving this message big time. Her tribute had nothing to do with Aretha, all to do with her.

  13. A family member has a fixed T-square involving her 8H Leo Venus squaring her 11H Scorpio Pluto; and her 2H Aquarius Saturn opposing Venus/squaring Pluto. She has an obsessive (Pluto) love/hate relationship (Venus) with the father of her child. Her parents are highly against perpetuating this kind of relationship (2H of values).

  14. I don’t know anyone here, nor do I know much about Asia.

    However, it seems that the vitriolic posts that are erupting certainly are in keeping with the Venus square Pluto aspect being discussed, or at least what some were trying to discuss. All in all a good example of Venus square Pluto. Although the focus seems to be on Pluto (than Venus). Pluto, or Hades or Hell and various incantations and inhabitants of the underworld, the hidden and the unseen, again suggestion how potent the Pluto symbolism can be.

    I find it amazing how imaginative the Internet crowd can comment about the image of a person. And how that image can evoke so much about someone they have never met and don’t know at all or know any facts about the image itself (date,location, circumstances, etc). And sadly, it’s rather difficult for an image to respond to comments or defend itself, since it’s so easily taken out of context from the real person.
    Thumbs up to Ivs. We need more Venus in the mix

    1. And sometimes, a picture says a thousand words and a person can be read from a single photo. That Asia is NO GOOD.

      1. Or misread or the target of projections.

        So, since we have your comments on the image, what are your comments on Venus square Pluto?

  15. Wow – most comments in such a short time period as I’ve seen here….funny how misogyny works
    & funny how beliefs work too
    ‘Believe’ the earth is flat – it isn’t
    ‘Believe’ the sky isn’t blue – if you’re human & have our particular range of perceiving light & are not dysfunctional with eyesight apparatus: guess what? It’s blue! Yay!
    Misogyny runs deep in this culture- no point in going into it. Those who want to have beliefs that reinforce their worldview that correlates to misogyny won’t listen. & the others: they already know

  16. I think she just looks a little mischievous, not evil.

    But people don’t have to look evil to do evil things.

    As far as symbolism, it’s hard to know what’s a reflection of personal philosophy and what’s a fashion person trying to be edgy.

    1. If she did this she needs to be called out. I guess the relationship could really be fishy.

      But as someone who’s had pictures taken of themselves with wild looking eyes, someone whose expressions are sometimes a little exaggerated I feel very unsafe around people who believe they can just look at others and know who is good and who is not. Gut level intuition is a valuable tool but maybe you need more than a picture, seeing a person’s actions and body language helps too.

    2. I know what you mean about just wanting to be edgy.

      But some symbols are so powerful that they call forth the energy into the one who uses them, even if the person doesnt truly believe in them. They also give power to the entity or energy they represent.

      That goes for Satanic symbols as well as others. Thats the whole thing with symbolism, is that it works on the unconscious level, so they work to call forth a certain energy even if they aren’t consciously recognized or understood. We live in a realm of symbolism, which is not as widely known as it used to be. Those with their third eye chakra open are more prone to recognize the power of symbolism and how much it pervades our world.

      It seems like an archaic way of looking at things to the modern secular society but

      I guess my whole point with bringing up the symbolism thing, is that Im seeing more and more Satanic symbols in society. Its not necessarily something to be afraid of, but Im just really aware of the energies I surround me and my family.

  17. Asia has that very Plutonian look. Dark, penetrating eyes and palish skin. It draws you in or repels you. Her Pluto conjunct her Libra Ascendant is within 2 degrees, so its very strong. People with that aspect have very complicated emotional relationships in life and that’s partly due to other’s reactions to their strong persona.

    I think for the Hollywood people, the #metoo movement was a good thing, but she is not a good face for it. She has some real skeletons in her closet.

    1. This Penthouse article was also * just an opinion * piece.
      I’m not sure why so many folks want to tear Asia apart. It would be interesting to know everyone’s age and location. Seems to be too many young tots who don’t know how to live and let live. This whole thread is truly a very good example of the transiting venus square pluto. You opened a can of worms, Elsa – but it has been an eye-opener for sure. And entertaining too.

  18. Having Venus in Scorpio semi-square Pluto, one thing is certain, KARMA does return when I intentionally hurt a person who does not deserve it. I think Asia has done wrong by people and it will come for her.

  19. i dont know why.. lol but i like asia argento lol
    i guess cause of her energy.

    and the boy that accused her, i read that he jumped her and was a horny boy. But, i think he was taking revenge on her because she rejected him and thought him jumping on her in bed was weird. I mean he was a horny teenager, then i read reports that it was traumatizing on him. The whole thing is weird in general and honestly, it’s best to always know your partner’s age and the consent. Because this was taken place in California where age of consent is 18 years old. Some boys will take revenge on you if you reject them. Im not saying this is right, it’s just right now, she’s the adult and she should have known better in the eyes of the world/public. I just remember how it was when you’re a teenager. Teenaged boys aren’t exactly all goody goody either.

  20. Who is Asia Argento? Never heard of her before, don’t give a crap about her drama.
    I LOVE that I’ve never heard of her. I’ve got my own life to live.
    Be nice guys, damn. Maybe focus on your own selves? Just a thought…
    Triple Libra Double Scorpio

  21. I read this last week and with what was happening here in Australia on the political front, I would have to say that was the penultimate act of betrayal that describes Venus square Pluto in the purest form.
    The political circus whereby a group of 45 selfish, self-centred career politician’s can suddenly change the leader of a country as the Liberal party room did last week is beyond a disgrace. Our entire political system is still tethered by an umbilical cord to Britain, simply because we use this ‘Westminster’ system. I think it is more than time for Australia as a country to cut that cord to begin to grow.
    Venus square Pluto probably signifies that the public are no longer loyal to the 2-party preferred system. Our next Federal election is certainly going to be interesting.

  22. To me she almost looks like an innocent girl dressing up like a badass. Almost poser-ish. I don’t think she is evil in the slightest. I don’t get an evil vibe, but I think she might have some childhood issues. I wouldnt want her as a friend or anything, I dont think she would exactly be trustable. As far as Satanism, I don’t see that either. I think she just tries to look like a hard ass. Her eyes don’t look penetrating to me either.

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