Judging A Person’s Saturn Return – Big Mouth Goat Blathers On Some More

door-slam-shut.jpgeva writes on More Of My Goat-ish View Of The Saturn Return

“Okay, I see this about the point of maturity. I’ve seen that happen. I’m not sure what I think though about the idea that what you do at your Saturn return is a “mistake”. It’s just a choice culminating at the end of your childhood, made with the best of intentions based on what you know. Which, at 28, isn’t that much.”

eva, thanks for your comments, you are helping me get this out.

I am not judging someone or something as a “mistake”. It is the person themselves making the judgment. I have seen many, many people characterize things in their lives in this way. “I made a mistake,” they say. “I shouldn’t have done that.” See how humble that is?

What I am doing is noting the limitations when I see them because I’ll be damned if that door does not slam shut. It does slam shut.

No joke, I have watched this for at least 15 years (and thought about it in reverse) and I can’t name you one exception and I mean NOT ONE. Saturn transits are by their nature no joke. You either clutch it up (starting at 7 years old) or you get left behind and I don’t make these rules, I just observe them.

It is sort of like a orthopedic guy saying, if you run around in 6″ spike heels for 20 years, you are going to have a problem. It is not his fault if this occurs and saying this is going to occur before it actually does not create the reality. Making the statement is a service because it gives a person a chance to avoid the fall… if they wish.

And on that note, I think we have come full circle…

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9 thoughts on “Judging A Person’s Saturn Return – Big Mouth Goat Blathers On Some More”

  1. Hi Elsa- The shoes that fate wore when he knocked me to the ground and ran over my back during my saturn return were more like football shoes with spikes. It might have helped if I was not standing on the thirty yard line yelling threats at my opponent. Any way the scars healed in a few years and I learned a lot of things about myself and life.

    More to your point… I think? I thought that I was a very mature young man, but it didn’t matter, I was blind sided by a steamroller. Is that what you are talking about?

  2. I keep hearing (what Elsa is saying) is that the choices you make during your Saturn return are there for the long haul. But I guess some more concrete details would be helpful.

  3. For me, many of the most important choices that I made occurred several years before my Saturn return. It was these choices, like deciding to get married, have children, buy a home that created a stability in my life that I believe made it much easier to handle some incredible challenges. It was self reliance, faith and to some degree a naievte which grew through success to overconfidence. It was the naivete and overconfidence which allowed me to not see risks. Although I would not want to live through this again, it did not take me that long in the scheme of things, to begin to understand how valuable the lessons were, that I learned during this time.

    What was your experience like?

  4. Having a strong saturn position in my chart, and having gone through several saturn phases already(pretty harsh) but not as harsh as pluto, which has been transiting all of my natal planets during the first half of my life, i appreciate any comments as to what this precludes.

  5. Well, hang on a minute. When I was 28 I knew about astrology and I knew about Saturn returns. I believed at the time that what “Saturn” meant was that you had to grow up and be responsible, and what I did was, I went back to graduate school, got serious about being a grownup and a parent and spent the next 15 years trying as hard as I could to make something out of my life and being as responsible as I could to my husband, my mother, my brother, my child, the mortgage and society.

    It was a mistake. I was buried, I should have stuck with my guitar. And myself.

    Maybe most people think that what they picked on their Saturn return was a mistake, because they *didn’t* pick the other thing. So maybe the thing about Saturn is this, Elsa: your Saturn return is the only moment in your life that you have the *entire* world at your feet. One time offer only: you’ve got the time and the energy and the goodwill of the world so make a big wish.

    When you’re 35, 40, 50, you look back and say damn, I could have done anything, and I did this.

  6. Unless, Eva, you’re 36, like me, and you haven’t made irreversible choices (though I often wish I’d commited – but had I, it would have been to people I’d have ended up divorced from for sure). I held out. And I realize the repercussions of that . . . but I think I’m in a position to make much much better choices now. If I’m given those choices again. And with Jupiter now, I’m chosing and hunkering down.

  7. Eva- great comment! I did make some choices then that eventually led me to where I am now. Sometimes I am just slower than the average bear. How are things going for you and your guitar now?

  8. i think i missed the boat at seven. not sure there was one to catch, at that point, but it’s when i first got hit hard by my saturn. i just didn’t understand it at all at that point. i think i did all right at 14, 21, and 28, though. at least in that i can see massive growth i felt forced to undertake at those points. of course, i could have given up, instead, i guess. that just never seemed like a good idea. the cost would have been too high.

    sometimes you have to miss the boat to see the problem, i think.

  9. I made some choices on my 1st Saturn Return in Virgo in 12th that I regret. I am now on my 2nd and see it as a chance to make-up for those mistakes. We can always change; old dogs can learn new tricks.
    I dropped out of art school that was paid for 100% on my first return because I couldn’t handle the unrelenting criticism of my father. He later said: Dropping out was the stupidest thing you ever did.” I said if that was the case, why did you constantly criticize me, tell me I had no talent and wasn’t learning anything and was a failure and a bum and an idiot( I was making A’s)when I was attending school? He had no answer for that.
    After years of therapy and spiritual growth, I have finally gotten rid of the ultra-critical voice in my head that said I could do nothing right.
    This time I have different aims as an artist, but an artist I am and will be.
    I also realized that I could not have done the type of art I am doing now (Photoshop, digital and photography back in the 1970’s. Now is finally my time & by God, I aim to go for it!

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