Saturn Transit Through Sagittarius vs Saturn In Capricorn

Hi Elsa,

I wanted to personally thank you for the Saturn in Sagittarius workshop I took last year. I don’t think i would have survived what I went through last year without this knowledge! Talk about a real education- ha! I’m a walking testimonial of that.

I was thinking about what you said about Saturn in Sagittarius bringing high flyers down. I see it all around and of course the news worldwide is full of testimonials of this. So if Saturn in Sagittarius brought down things that were “high on themselves”, all that gained power during Pluto’s transit of Sagittarius, I wonder what will Saturn in Capricorn bring down? Things that gained power while Pluto in Capricorn? 

I Wonder

Hi, Wondering.

I don’t agree that Saturn is fixing Pluto. For starters, Pluto did not empower all things, Sagittarius. The press and the courts gained a lot of power.Saturn in the sign is grounding these things at this time. Also, many Sagittarians were decimated by Pluto’s transit through their sign.  Sagittarius-ruled, religion also took a phenomenal hit.  Higher education went into the toilet.

It’s the same with Pluto in Capricorn. While some businesses gained power, many businesses have been devastated (by this transit, as have many Capricorns. So your premise, “UP and then DOWN”, is faulty.

Secondly, people who gain power do not necessarily need to be taken down. The power they gain may be earned and well deserved. They may spread it around in ways that benefit many.

This is true in business, but also consider the arts.  A moderately talented person may become a star, but there are others with long careers and true talent who do a lot of good in the world. Point being, some high flyers do not need to be brought down.

As for Saturn in Capricorn “bringing people down”, I don’t think this is what Saturn does when it transits a sign. That concept is specific to Saturn in Sagittarius, a high-flying sign.

Saturn is at home in Capricorn. It is not going to being Capricorn down, so long as they are living in accord with Saturn principles which are pretty simple.  Do the right thing. Face your fear. Persevere.  Take responsibility. Grow up.

I just heard a talk about not being afraid of “small beginnings”.  Anyone who can understand that is not going to have a problem with Saturn in Capricorn.

To state it plainly, generally speaking, Capricorn does not need to be brought down…Capricorn is down.  So no. I don’t think Saturn in Capricorn will bring people and things down. It’s a lot more likely it puts people and things where they go.

What do you expect from Saturn’s transit through Capricorn?

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  1. I have Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn. I’m mostly air and fire except for my Mars in Cancer opposite Saturn. I am a persevering person. My first Saturn return and transits to my Sagittarius sun were times of advancement in my career and settling into marriage and family . I’ve had a business for thirty years that has fluctuated with mothering and divorce. I’m actually looking forward to Saturn conjunct my sun this year. I am expecting to work very hard and advance in my career – put the blinders on and move forward. I do suffer with depression but I just keep trudging forward. I’m also hoping that a long distance relationship will gel into something more bc Saturn conjunct my sun 28 years ago turned into a marriage. I don’t really require marriage at this age but I would certainly love a long term adventure partner. We shall see. I’ll report back after Saturn is done with me. I have Pluto conjunct Saturn this year as well and am recovering from a life changing Pluto opposite mars transit – probably one of the most difficult transits of my life. Trudge, trudge. Not looking back – just moving forward .

  2. Hello Elsa
    Would you be able to elaborate more on ‘small beginnings’? Does this mean that wherever one is heading (or not clear about where they’re heading), the key is to break down actions into small tasks/goals that overall will add up to a larger change, in line with Saturn’s ‘lessons’?

    1. Good question. Sorry I wasn’t clear.

      “Small beginnings” means you don’t start at the top. For example, I’ve been blogging for sixteen years. I have written tens of thousands of posts, a book, I’ve done countless consultations on the phone or by email, but it all started with my very first post…my first (paid) consultation, etc.
      Had not been willing to start at the bottom, this blog would not exist today.

      For the record, I tried to get a job with an established astrology website. I was rejected.

      So you see, I have to small beginning. I did not get to start out, halfway up a mountain. You have to believe in what you’re doing…and then commit.

  3. I looked back to see when my last Saturn in Capricorn transit was, to see if I can judge “how I fared” back then. That last transit was during my 7th grade to 10 grade years. So different from being an adult. Middle school and early high school are hard times, anyway. During that time I completed Middle school, my Dad got remarried for the first time and then also divorced from that person, my mom, brother and I moved from where we had lived all my life, to my mother’s hometown and I started high school in a new city. Mom, brother and I lived in a tiny two-bedroom apartment and moved into the much bigger and nice house my mom still lives in, in Feb 1991 as the transit was ending. My Dad got remarried again to the stepmother that largely cut us off from him for the next 13 years, roughly til my Saturn return in Cancer when she died. Hm, interesting……

    Saturn in Capricorn will be transiting my 2nd house and my moon, opposite my natal Saturn in cancer. 2nd and 8th houses are intercepted in my natal chart. There were definitely some lows during that time…but it was not all bad. We just have to truck through it, there really isn’t any other choice.

  4. Saturn in Capricorn will conjunct my Cap Ascendant. The last time it was there, I lost weight. That’s what I’m hoping will happen again. I’m already making changes to my diet, so I think that’s what will happen when Saturn is in Cap.

  5. That’s a nice benefit, Diane! My brother is a Cap asc, I’ll tell him!

    I had another thought about Saturn and Capricorn and moving. I think during this transit both of my parents will end up moving. My Dad is already cleaning out, throwing/giving away, prepping to move to the retirement home, probably soon after this transit starts. He is a Sag and I love his discipline in prepping for that! My Cancer Moon Mother needs to be doing the same and of course, is not. Her house is too big/too much house for her. When she moves, she will likely buy a condo in the SAME former apartments, now condo, we lived in when we moved back in 1989. The retirement home Dad is going to is the same one his parents moved into during the last Sat in Cap transit. Crazy!!

  6. L.A. and Jayne — What you both said about Saturn in Capricorn seems like a very similar theme, which has something to do with paring down, becoming more of a minimalist. I can also see that as a theme for what was important to me during the last time that Saturn was in Capricorn. With a Cap Rising, as I mentioned, I lost weight, however, I also cut my hair very short and changed my clothes to better represent who I was. Even though I was 39 years old, I went “back to basics” as Jayne calls it. I stopped dressing like a young girl, using a trendy look that didn’t suit me anymore, and, because of this, I actually ended up looking hipper and sexier. Plus, like I said, I was also thinner, so I was really at my sexiest. And pushing 40! Even though I’m now in my late 60s, I still have faith that I can look good again. I also like the idea of paring down and doing with less — in all parts of your life — which is also what moving and getting rid of stuff does. Saturn in Capricorn gives you that feeling that you don’t need all the crap that you have. This may sound weird and not related but since I live alone, I’ve been getting rid of all the large cooking pans and appliances that I don’t need. I’ve been buying smaller ones because I don’t cook for other people (they certainly wouldn’t want me too, LOL) and I’m trying to clear the cupboards, both literally and figuratively. Live on less, do with less, and not feel deprived at all. Feel empowered! That definitely sounds like Saturn in Cap to me.

  7. By the way, I noticed that my niece, born 1990, recently joined a Facebook page called “Living Off the Grid.” Being the old bag that I am, and being the nosy auntie, I had to look it up to see what exactly “living off the grid” meant. And it has to do with living “small,” with no electricity and not living connected to things. Growing your own food. That kind of thing. And we’re basically city folk (New York City), so this would be a big deal, believe me! (Of course, not for me, but for the young folks, hey, go for it!) So with all this talk about Saturn going into Capricorn, I just realized that my niece has a conjunction of Uranus, Moon & Neptune, all in Capricorn! Even if she’s not aware of it, her consciousness is getting ready for living on less, minamalizing her life, and still feeling empowered by it. You guys are giving me a much better idea about Saturn in Capricorn and it sounds pretty good to me, not dreary and depressing as Saturn in Cap might seem. Thanks for the insight.

    1. Hi Diane,
      Interesting post! After living in cities for the past 12 years, I have been living off the grid (but with electricity;) since 2012. After some adjustments, I have learned to love it. However, when Saturn moves into my 3rd house, I suspect that will change, and I will miss this time in the woods/nature. I wonder if your niece will have to get back on the grid too.

  8. Great post!

    This reminds me of something I was wondering about…

    How come, some planets don’t behave the way they ‘should’? lol

    For example, I have Neptune and Saturn in mutual reception with Saturn conjunct my Asc. So one might be tempted to think that transiting Neptune conjuncting Saturn might be a good thing….But it really wasn’t.

  9. A second Saturn return for me when it enters Capricorn in my 10th (opp my natal Sun). I always put my best effort forth at work but last time was a real downer. Yes I matured, but faced abusive bosses and long hours, pay freezes and spent all my off time looking for other work which I did find. The pay got better. Emotionally it sucked.

  10. I expect it to be interesting but only because I am trying out a new perspective. There is a 1990 echo-ing going on. I first noticed it as I became interested in re-reading the same books I purchased in 1990. And well then I look around me. And much of what I see seems to have gotten stuck back in 1990. Like the last 28 years never happened. It’s peeps telling me they have these new great thoughts and ideas and all I can think is, this is new to you? where have you been? I don’t breathe a word. And I try not to laugh. So interesting, it will be interesting.

  11. Avatar
    Miguel Melchizedek

    My personal experience of the effect of Saturn is very simple: it destroys what is not really solid structure wise and foundation wise. The exact same effect is felt with Progressed Moon in Capricorn – and they have the same 2.5 years/sign, 28 years return period. The image that comes to my mind is of the building that withstood the Nagasaki atom bomb or that other one which survived the Indonesian tsunami. And of course the trees. It’s about roots and how deep they are and structure how solid it is. Take a mental note of that.

    It happened in my life, I had started a business wonderfully in a happy go lucky fashion in my professed Moon in Sagittarius – and boy was I favored by the winds – and then the Progressed Moon went into Cap. I lost my business, I lost my love partnership, I lost my house, I even lost my car. In the end I had been wiped clean eheh but you know what, it completely changed my life turning me to find what really really and I mean really made my Heart tick. So a few years later I started self-learning astrology, then moved on a step into Reiki and kept on moving on and never stopped.

    Like someone else here said, like it seemed the last 28 years had not passed, like the Progressed Moon – and I invoke the Moon so y’all can get it better – it’s really a new 28 year cycle that is started.

    So as Saturn returns to the 7 Dwarfs’ home, what will it do? Well, I guess it’ll go generic but double strong. So whatever in this world is not deeply rooted and absolutely impeccably and castle like structured will get the ultimate test and most probably fail. So if you think about the Donald, you can start laughing and enjoy the spectacle that’s incoming.

    What is the positive outlook of the descent to hell that will be felt by all? Well, I would guess that whatever starts in this period will have a lot of staying power.

    I live in a country that, imho, has Saturn in the Asc. In its 900 years of age, being so tiny, only twice for very brief periods it was taken over by 5x bigger neighbor. And it has an incredible number of medieval castles. It’s also one of the safest countries around.

    Saturn in Capricorn is already being prepared by those in the know who manipulate the world and so we see a rise in proto-fascist, now so called populist, parties. The guys in the know, know that this period is when the Banks, Deutsche Bank for instance, who acted all Sagittarius like, speculating with other people’s money outside of their core business and are now in terrible risk, are going to fall hard. So they’re preparing things for when that happens – a major financial collapse. Most probably they will try to set the foundations for the establishment of a new worldwide crypto currency – when Saturn goes into Aquarius of course.

    Yeah, it’s like a tsunami, that’s my take. But one survives it. And yes, suffering comes not from it but from hanging on to the illusions and resisting it. LET GO. Let it destroy all the rubbish, it’s doing you a favor, be that partners, businesses, whatnot.

    Given that Saturn in Capricorn is going back to roots, to basics, and the possibility of a major financial cataclysm from the Sagittarius hot air bubbles, I would definitely put my money into buying gold and place it on a safe haven like Singapore. But real estate might be interesting too and it might appreciate as well. Getting rid of all money in bank accounts, which can be frozen or be worthless overnight or both.

    I’d do that if I have any money. You see, my 28 year cycle isn’t over, I’m guessing only in the next one changes will come. You know, the way things start condition the entire cycle 🙂

    Be grounded, feet well planted on the ground, and work your hardest and best.

    All the best!

  12. Looking back at the last time Saturn was in Capricorn, he had a lot of company; Uranus, Neptune, and the north node. As a Capricorn, he brought me a wonderful, life-long Capricorn partner, and sent me back to school to finish my bachelor degree. We lived in NJ in those years, which was such a great place- not the ugly armpit the rest of the country seemed to think, though it took me some time to get adjusted to the culture there. I remember going to school full-time while working full-time; busy, but not in a negative way, just productive. Also, I got a new job in my field of study before I even graduated, so that meant work from 7:45am to 4:30 pm, then straight over to evening classes from 5pm to 9pm. And, when I graduated, I was 4 months pregnant. Then, a year later when Saturn moved into my 4th house, we bought a beautiful old victorian. This time around, Saturn has Pluto as his traveling companion, trining my natal Pluto/Uranus/Mars in the 11th. Perhaps this means associations with powerful groups, or friends maybe, and/or a slow but steady transformation of my dreams? Actually, as mentioned in posts above, I will probably grow up some more under Saturn’s watch and toss aside former dreams that will no longer appeal.

  13. Hi Elsa, I’m curious how the Saturn transit into Capricorn and out of Sagittarius will affect a Sagittarius a Capricorn Rising (me)? It’s confusing. On the one hand, I’m starting to feel things lighten immensely already (also being Sag season, which I love). But on the other hand, I feel this other wild ride starting to brew, and it feels like steps will be revealed to me one by one in the coming year(s).

  14. Love “Do the right thing. Face your fear. Persevere. Take responsibility. Grow up.” That could easily the mantra I’d accept for my entire life.

    I’m busy mulling right now because I came to this post via the excellent newsletter, and I recognize myself in some of your descriptions of Saturn figures (well, really “They’ll have some rules about them, lines they won’t cross.”). And I consider myself very much of a Saturn student… with a long way to go. So that’s food for thought… Thank you 🙂

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