Astrology And Acrophobia (Fear Of Heights) vs Claustrophobia

millenium falconWith the Sun and Moon in Aries squaring Mars no less, I had a very Mars-y day. I went to work with a soldier on a flatbed truck loaded with steel beams that were slung around with a crane… I was surrounded by Mars in every direction which of course I love. But anyway, first we had to unstrap the steel beams so they could be taken from the truck.

This requires someone to climb on top the load which was inordinately tall. I knew the soldier had an inch of clearance under some bridges with this load so I guess you could say the load was tall as a load can be so I asked, “Do you want me to get up there?”

“Well yeah,” he said.

Now in spite of having over 200 jumps into combat, the soldier has a fear of heights. I guess this illustrates just how much he likes to fight because it was worth it to him to jump from a plane just to be a war but anyway, I have no such fear.

I climbed on top the steel and noted how comfortable I was. Like a goat, right? I was a Capricorn on top a mountain and having no problems at all. However I do have a touch of claustrophobia. Uh huh.

I don’t have a full blow problem but I do get nervous in closed in spaces that lack windows. Like the time I got caught in an elevator in Mexico with my kids and the Millennium Falcon. That was bad. Or the time I was turned over in a panel truck in a heap of dirt. Or when I tried once to go through a truck wash.

patsy clineThey pull the trucks into the bay and unlike a regular car wash they shut the doors on both ends I think because there is a crew in their washing the truck and I imagine it gets cold. In whatever case, when they cover the windshield with soap which they may not rinse off for 20 minutes it is very much like being in a cold steel tomb… if you ask me.

So I am in my element in high open spaces but hate to be closed in, result of a strong Jupiter I’m sure. “Don’t fence me in.” In contrast the soldier is a Taurus and obviously prefers the ground. So what about you?

Are you prone to either of these problems and if so can you see the tendency in your chart?

13 thoughts on “Astrology And Acrophobia (Fear Of Heights) vs Claustrophobia”

  1. I problems with heights AND small spaces! I’m not so much afraid of heights as I am of losing control. I get the urge to throw everything I have over the edge and start wondering what it would be like to jump. so far I have not done so. it’s not a suicidal thing, mind you, just curiosity.

    3rd house scorpio mars.

    the enclosed spaces thing is a trauma reaction: I once had a snow tunnel collapse on me. in north dakota. in 6 foot snow.

  2. Yeah I hate both too. Flying is perhaps the most terrifying thing in the world to me as it involves both–claustrophobic metal tube, dizzyingly high heights and not to mention the loss of control element! I need to get over this fast though, I’m flying to France in two weeks. True to my Pisces nature, I will be taking copious amounts of Dramamine before the flight so I don’t have to deal with terrifying reality.

  3. Snakes, heights and small closed in spaces. I have no idea where the fear comes from *no traumatic incidences* and it is uncontrollable fear. I can’t contain it and I totally lose it. I have always attributed it to past lives, since I do not know of anything that happened in this life and have a very strong recollection of memory back to a very young age. Just thought of the fact that I used to like to climb trees as a child, but that seemed different somehow and I always felt safe with my skin touching the tree’s skin. Anything other than that is bad news.

    Since it doesn’t interfere with any activities, I just stay clear of all and have not delved further into the why’s.

  4. I hate both. Taurus rising likes to be on the ground, and Jupiter trine just about everything needs its space!

    I like to satisfy them both by being on a swing set. I feel like I’m flying but I’m only a few feet from the ground. 😀

  5. Can that be accounted for in astrology? Of course, it can, I’m sure, but I hadn’t really considered it.

  6. I am one of the worlds most atypical Tauruses (is that the proper plural, it is Tauri? I doubt it). None the less I agree with the old USAF adage that it dosn’t make any sense whatsover to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

    claustrophobia sounds like it might have something to do with saturn. “don’t hem me in.”

    My big thing is water, as in, I do not care for it. I have had to have my life saved three times from water things. Twice I was drowning. The third time I would have either bled to death or have been eaten by a shark.

    I have fixed Star Scheat rising, and the worst injury of my life is on the ball of my left foot which, they feared at one point, would have to be amputated due to the extent of the infection from this injury incurred while windsurfing in the Chesapeake bay.

  7. I used to be very afraid to fly. But at some point, I’m not even sure when, but maybe it was after my mother’s death, I started loving it — although I rarely fly these days. It sounds childlike, but being close to the clouds made me feel closer to her. Also, when I’m in flight, I have no responsibilities. There’s nothing I can do. I can only sit there… and that made me feel free…

    Still hate elevators though. Hate them!!

    As for heights… not sure… My Empire State Building experience was kinda fascinating….

    Does my chart show this stuff? Will have to get back to you about that– I do have a Virgo South Node though (and Virgo moon and rising)

  8. I am terrified of heights! Stepstools are too high. *LOL* I don’t know how to explain this astrologically, but I’ve had multiple bad experiences with heights starting when I was very small and I think that’s enough to point toward.
    I’ve never been claustrophobic before, but I won’t rule it out since I haven’t been in what I consider a truly confining space.

  9. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    A. said, “when I’m in flight, I have no responsibilities. There’s nothing I can do. I can only sit there… and that made me feel free…”
    Yes, that’s what I like too!

  10. I have acrophobia but wide open spaces are my thing (I’m mostly an Air person w/Jup trine my Chart ruler), I just need to be 100% SURE that I’m not going to fall and smash my head. So looking down from a VERY high building or flying by plane are ok, climbing a ladder and stuff like that is not. I hate ladders 🙁

  11. For heights fear. I’ll get vertigo, too, ican’t imagine. Mars in gem trining? I’d think someone with those might’ve licked such things, well in theory seems fun, but NO! Itried, too. Don’t like speed, either, lest I’m driving :).

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