Pluto in Capricorn Square Mars in Libra – Extreme Co-Dependence

libra mugPluto is squaring my natal Mars in Libra.   My son and my husband left today.  This is the first time I have been alone (for the next two weeks) in the last twenty years!

The first thing I noticed is that I have no idea what I like to eat.  I buy what other people like to eat. I can’t remember the last time I went shopping for just me! Left to my own devices, I’m entirely lost.

The (rental) house is empty so there isn’t this or that in the freezer or the refrigerator, to provide a clue. I think this is interesting. It’s special in a way.  I’m in no rush to fill the void!

It’s quite odd. Like being obliterated, but not really.  I feel this is an opportunity to get to know myself, if there is a “myself”.

I think Pluto’s transit through my 12th house might be in play here as well. I’ve been writing for years about disappearing into the wood/swamp/some other deep, dark place (tag – Pluto transit 12th).

I’ve come to a place where food is irrelevant, unless it’s meant to nourish someone else.  This is deeply interesting to me. I’m don’t think I’ve felt this before.

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  1. My Mars is also in Libra but right now I wish I had the house to myself LOL. I think I posted my chart for an online discussion. It would be nice to be alone for a bit, maybe about a week. Hang in there & hope you have just enough time with yourself to appreciate it!


  2. Oh boy… (((Elsa))) Are you on Pinterest? Lots of ideas for things to make/eat there. I understand the void. I also live for other people and its Neptune…Neptune/Venus. Hope finding out what you like turns out to be a rewarding experience for you.

  3. What an extraordinary situation. I experienced something simular a few times and it was at the same time interesting and stressful. I wish you a good (and interesting) time!

  4. Being alone is a gift these days I was on my own for 14 year after the divorce and getting use to doing things for me it was nice to find my own nest and make that mine one find they never learn to cook for less then five and now that I have remarried I still find it hard to cook just for us you will only being to get use to the quiet before your family will be back the best was being able to soak in the tub and use all the hot water if I chose to or eat when I felt like it the one thing I did learn was to make a great cup of coffee and enjoy the dawn I have learned so much about myself and now there are times when being alone for a day or so isn’t to bad enjoy your time its a growth period

  5. That’s such an interesting revelation but I can understand that, as one who also makes others’ food choices a priority, mine being an afterthought. But it sounds like a fun time to discover and experiment. That’s what I love to do when I’m left home for any length of time!

  6. This transit is 6th house to 3rd house for me. Tr Mars in Libra is in a loose square to my 12th house Na Venus and Mars.

    There is much anger and shame being unearthed in my half/sisters as they must deal with my physical presence in their lives and the revealing of the true circumstances around our births, parents, our father, our mothers and our paternal grandparents. Mars is transiting my 3rd house. My Capricorn half-sister is sitting in my 6th house seething with fear and rage and with all the force Pluto can muster, is trying to control the secrets and lies so her world will not be blown apart.

    I have learned the depth to which they have lied about me to our father’s side of the family, through omission and direct lies. The stories they have told others and themselves are elaborately detailed. Family members are caught between wanting to believe these two on one side and their years of stories referring to me a “other” out of wedlock child and on the other side, not wanting to be wrong and reject me, my father’s daughter from a marriage they can now verify via state records. I am not feeling co-dependent…I am feeling on the verge of liberation that will forever change life. I do not quite get house this rings into my 6th house. It could be the loose opposition to my 12th house Venus and Mars…but I am sure I will come to understand it.

    1. Oooh where is my head? The lunar eclipse (Moon in Libra) is in a lose square to my 12th house Na Venus and Mars. The eclipse is happening for me there.

      Soooo I am expecting (with all the stuff above) that there may be a blotting out, a letting go, a releasing that has something to do with at least one of my sisters. I do not really wan tot interact with the Capricorn anymore. I do not want to be dragged down into the darkness of her relentless pit of secrets and lies that do no one any good.

      The weekend could be TOO exciting.

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