Spending Your Entire Life, Stuck In A Rut

If there is anything that terrifies a Mutable or a Jupiter-type person like me, it’s the idea of getting stuck in rut. However, this is extremely common.

On the surface, it seems that people with an emphasis on the Fixed signs would be most likely to fall prey to this, but this is not what I find in practice.

For example, the gal in this piece was stuck in a rut for no reason as all:psych

Stuck In A Rut, For No Real Reason

A person can get stuck in a rut because they’re stubborn or they’re scared or because they’re isolated or they lack knowledge or insight.

A person can also get stuck in a rut because they’re arrogant.

But there a commonality to all these scenarios. A person stuck in a rut (for an extended time) is almost always narrow-minded.  Think about it. If they were broad-minded, they would see that they’re surrounded with ways out of their rut.

Here is another post on jumping off the track you’re on.

Can You Overcome An Abusive Childhood?

Looking around, I see people who are never stuck in a rut for long. I see others who are stuck in a rut, but might be convinced or enticed or supported or encouraged to leave their rut and get themselves free.

I see way too many who will probably never leave their rut. However I never give up on them, probably because I know that there is always hope – always.

What do you know about being stuck in a rut?


20 thoughts on “Spending Your Entire Life, Stuck In A Rut”

  1. Omg. I have an influential family member like this. It’s been a 35 year rut showing no signs of changing.

    5 planets in cardinal signs and 3 in fixed signs.

    Here’s the main aspects I can glean:

    Mars/Moon in Cancer opposite Saturn in Cap. (Courage/willpower shrink in face of obstacles, family/emotional baggage)
    Mercury in Aries square Saturn. (Narrow-mindedness, limiting mental patterns & fear)
    Venus in Taurus square Chiron in Aqua (indulgence instead of confronting and resolving pain)

    I know another person like this. Also an Aries sun. Almost all cardinal and fixed and damn near, the entire chart is retrograde. Turning focus inwardly instead of fully living life. They have no willpower and don’t express their authentic voice. They’ve been bedridden for ages with all sorts of mystery illnesses. I think it’s unexpressed anger and grief made manifest in the body as well as the need to be nurtured.

  2. Are you referring to stagnation – A pluto issue? I wouldn’t necessarily say almost everyone who is stuck in a rut/stagnating is narrow-minded. Most times, or more likely, all the time (at least subconsciously) people know exactly how to get out of their rut, but for whatever reason are afraid of change. We get attached to things and people and situations in our lives and that’s why we get stuck.

    1. I am not referring to any particular kind of rut. I am saying that if you are stuck in one, Jupiter/Sadge/9th is what cures it…this includes a fear rut or a Pluto rut or any other rut you can imagine.

      1. Well I guess so. But I’m not sure Jupiter can always cure fear. I know Jupiter can make us optimistic, where we can find the silver lining in difficult situations and we have a sense of being protected under its influence, but sometimes fear outweighs optimism, no? I feel Uranus helps us get out of ruts too- it liberates us from them. But I have Jupiter and Uranus conjunct, so I’m not the best at differentiating the two energies.

    2. Completely agree, Lasirena – I have 4 planets in Sadge, and Jupiter been transiting my 1st since last year….but I have been stuck in a Huge Rut for Decades now – I know it also – but – I feel I have responsibilities to be here for family members who have problems/issues

  3. Been stuck in a job rut for eight years. Finally realized something needed to change, got a book, realized what I was doing wrong in the interview process. You’d think being honest would be what they want, but times have changed and not anymore. You can’t say ANYTHING negative or anything the interview can construe as negative.

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      It’s hard to learn something new, but once you learn of limits, it’s weird, you become free…

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    I like the post on how to overcome childhood trauma… It’s good to know what kind of rut your stuck in so that you can get the hell out of it.

    I’m getting help so that I can take out the bad and leave the good thoughts. Infiltrated by negative thinking from my dad and I’m mad. MAD as hell that he did that and mad as hell that I’m still here repeating history in my work-life. Mad that no one thought I could do anything while I was growing up

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    I think I’m going to align myself with the Cardinal aspects, like you wrote… remind myself that no one is allowed to mess around with me, especially me.

    I need to trust that feeling of being happy, of feeling joy. I haven’t trusted it for so long, as a Capricorn. Moon. I miss it and it’s time I trust myself, instead of being mean.

  6. I have been famous for it, creating a prison for myself with a moon in a natal square to Mars and Saturn/Pluto quincunx to Chiron- a Chiron which is locked in a forever battle to my sun-Venus-Jupiter conjunction in an exact opposition to Chiron.

    It’s hell. It’s like I am literally STUCK IN A RUT even in my horoscope, can’tget out. It doesn’t help that the opposition is is Taurus/Scorpio. My last BF was atriple Taurus with amoon smack on my Chiron. It played out ALL the crappy aspects of my horoscope I think…. not healthy at all. But when he broke up I knew without a single doubt I would never linger here. That relationship was simply too painful.

    I know the way out of a rut is forgiveness and action in a hopeless relationship. But for some reason that Rx energy of Chiron seems to be the hardest thing to master when it comes to forgiveness…..

    1. I can relate to this – natal Saturn conj. Moon( and Sun) – in exact aspect to Chiron in 4th, exactly opposite Uranus in 10th – the Prison analogy…it’s like you’re powerless to break out, even with transits which sound like they should help – tr. Uranus in Aries in 7th, tr. Pluto in Cap. in 4th..maybe Time ( Saturn) will eventually help….?

  7. Wouldn’t jupiter in aspect to saturn, esp a stressful one, enhance the fear? Because everything jupiter touches is blown out of proportion and saturn also rules fear (among other things..)

    1. Ultimately, no. Jupiter and Saturn are a natural pair, like Venus and Mars and the Sun and the Moon. If you want to see it that way…oh my God, my fear is out of bounds! But your ability to see your fear is oversized, allows you to pull back.

      People forget they have free will, or refuse to exercise it. These planets work together and if you have them in aspect, all the better.

  8. What I know about being stuck in a rut is that the plutonic signature in my chart does not allow it. Either I keep a move on or I will be moved. Best to stay in touch with energy flow and in tune with my self so I don’t get whacked unexpectedly. I do think mutability does help keep me fluid and open.

    And yet someone could look at my life and see a rut I suppose. It’s not all outwardly big and exciting and running here and there and doing this and that with me reporting big exciting news all the time. It’s just my ever changing invisible life. I am often amazed at my ever moving experience of being on the planet in this life.

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