Mars And The Moon: Physical Or Emotional Pain

Fight ClubYesterday I got the flu shot. My cousin has the flu and wound up in the hospital ICU with nearly total paralysis. My mother was freaking out and applied extreme pressure on me to get the vaccine. I don’t usually get the shot. I rely on my normally strong immune system and prophylaxis, hand-washing, cleaning and avoidance. I allow my mother to schedule flu shots for the kids as they’ve never had bad reactions to vaccines and I figure the risks weigh out on the plus side for their overall health.

However, I do tend to have negative physical reactions to such things so overall I avoid. Usually I weigh the pressure she puts on me against the possible outcome and opt for no vaccine. This time, though, with all the freaking out, I decided the risk of emotional consequences, weeks of nagging and guilt, took a back seat to the likelihood of physical discomfort. Whether it’s psychosomatic, negative fulfillment of a fear, or fact, I definitely have the side effect of mild flu-like symptoms: temperature fluctuation, aches and pains, general malaise. Here’s the odd thing, though, I’d rather have this than the never-ending guilt. Mmmm, intestinal cramps, so much better than a year-long lecture.

But that’s just me, and it’s my choice. I’d rather have a punch in the face than an emotional injury any day. My mechanisms for coping with physical stress are much stronger than those I have to deal with the complex machinations of emotional pain. My Mars is strong in Scorpio, while my moon is weaker in Capricorn. With Mars in the sign of its co-ruler, Pluto, my potential for action and the physical is “loaded for bear.” The moon, however, is in Capricorn, considered in detriment, opposite the sign of its ruler. Now add in a Venus in Aries, in the 8th house (associated with Scorpio) and what I prefer is going to come down on the side of the physical.

Given the choice, which do you choose, physical or emotional pain? Which do you deal with better? Which has the stronger position your Mars or your moon?

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  1. That is difficult to answer as I have Moon/Mars conjunct. Physical pain is easier to cope with than true emotional agony. Bien sur!

  2. I’ve been sitting here thinking that there’s no difference really, one leads to the other in the end. And I can’t stand either anyway.

    Then I realised – both my Moon and Mars are weak, and they both aspect Neptune!

  3. cut my arm off..please. Stay away from my constant fluctuation of emotion.

    Not sure you how you judge which is strongest, but I can tell you my moon is in my first house trine mercury, sextile jupiter, square uranus and square MC. While Mars is in the 8th only aspected to Saturn.

    I have a very high threshold for physical pain. But it seems my emotions..and those that I pick up from others..are overly sensitive.

    i’d call moon the winner..congratulations moon

  4. So hard to choose.
    I suck at dealing with pain either way.
    I have a great immune system , and I am hardly ever sick. A part of me thinks: my body can take whatever, hit me!!! But with a sun and venus in Aries , my worst nightmare is to be imobilised. So I guess allthough my seasonal depression kills me ,rather that than broken bones ect. but like someone said over me they go hand in hand sometimes. Usually in the physical- then psychological order .

    Best wishes to your cousin Satori. Hope he recovers fast and without permanent damage! <3

  5. Moon in Sadge but Mars in Cancer, and they’re inconjuct.

    I use physical – pain and exertion – to deal with my emotional.

  6. Physical pain over emotional pain, but I’d rather have neither. 😛

    Although, I don’t really like the physical pain after visiting the dentist, the soreness eventually gives me emotional pain! Must be the conjunction at work…

    Moon-Mars conjunct in Leo in the 8th.

  7. Very interesting post I never really looked at it that way, I’m pretty adverse to both. Aqua moon 1st, mars scorp 10th, both receive a square. I should be more equipped for physical pain but I think I get all hypochondriac and start fixating on how long it’ll last…maybe this pain will never go away…maybe it’ll get worse and I’ll have to have an organ cut out…what if I’m the small % of people who reacts badly to anesthesia? Yeah, my train of thought can get nuts. No, I certainly cant control my physical pain. I’m certainly not the person to be asking for emotional health advice, but it APPEARS that emotions can be controlled easier, to me. All you have to do is flip your frame of view, right?

  8. Physical,please. My weedy Moon is conjunct Neptune whilst my boner Mars is Capricorn.No question, as far as I’m concerned… 🙂

  9. Emotional pain is my forte — I’ve had a lot of emotional pain in my life and very little physical pain. I fear physical pain… and am very squeamish about blood, broken skin, injury–

    My moon is in pain all the time. I am a cancer sun with moon conjunct pluto. My mars is in cancer but supported by sextiles and a trine. Is squared by Jupiter though….

    So, both have their challenges–

  10. Yep, me too, Daisy!
    When I physically feel strong and well, I can take the emotional crap that comes my way.
    When I hurt, everything is tough.

  11. wow, satori’s last two posts whacked me so hard between the eyes with realizations, I can barely think straight. must go back into cave and continue processing.

    thanks, satori!

  12. A majority of pain and illness is a result of emotional stress. Physical pain is a result of the brain being trained to know to feel such pain by patterns instilled from childhood proposing it must hurt or will hurt. All illness is associated with emotional baggage. Sorry to say flu shots do not work and actually make things worse because they are made with virus strands no longer in compliance with the actually viruses mutation stage to stronger and growing. People get the flu not because they come in contact but because their immune systems are weakened by stress, processed foods, mainly sugar and dairy. Flu shots also weaken immune system because they inflict a virus for the body to fight. If your immune system is strong you can walk outside nude in the freezing cold for an hour and not get sick. The way the flu works is if you have five people sitting in a row–Mary, Joe, Tom, Sue and John—the virus mutates as it travels from one person to the next, so by the time John catches it from Mary the virus is now totally different and the flu shot cannot be effective because it is using last years actual virus to make the shot. That is why it gets stronger each year. Just one big BIG DRUG CORPORATION way to make money.

  13. Jilly–I am sorry you don’t agree and everyone is entitled to their opinions. I am not saying people who are sick are unevolved–heck we are all unevolved to some degree if not many degrees. Emotional baggage creates stress and this in turn weakens the immune system. This is the new scientific evidence that is coming to the forefront and making headlines associated with autism, ADHD and other environmental overload enhancements. By environment I mean external as well as internal. Sambucol is excellent for the flu, or better known as elderberries. In fact elderberries have been proven scientifically to protect each individual cell from being penetrated by the virus because of the protective black coating on the berry itself which coats the nucleus of the cell and protects it.

  14. Yeah Agrees with Jilly.

    Emotional baggage can’t be blamed for genetic disposition for breast cancer for example.(runs in my family..wish I could feel it away) Or any cronic disease.

    A friend caught a rare cronic disease common around the silky way in asia. We live in norway.
    The kortisone doses she was given made her bones brittle. At the end ,doctors stop counting her broken bones .it was too many. It will take years to recover.Don’t think it was emotional.

    I don’t think there is any absolutes in medical science..just my opinion.

  15. For anyone interested may I recommend a great book by Collen Deatsman called “Inner Power” Six Techniques for Increased Energy and Self-Healing. Joining a local drumming circle associated with shamanic practices will help with these healing techniques. My life improved dramatically and does each time I enhance and create the movement of energy and push through barriers that inhibit change and creativity. Loving the journey!

  16. Am both sick and upset now. Mars in Cap, Moon in Leo, both in strong positions I suppose. I trust I will get better, whilst I am in a strong defensive position against friends who have acted stupidly (jup conjunct Ur in 11th house). Looking for new friends and developing other friendships when I get over respiratory infection, which all might come to a flashpoint on 4th jan Eclipse.

  17. My mars in taurus in the 12th my moon is in Scorp in 6th almost 7th. But in the 6th emotions affect my physical health often to the extreme. My mars is sextile my Pisces sun and they share the neptune influence. I have and often do just keep doing no matter how hard the labor, how sore or how badly I am physically hurt. However I took years of emotional “abuse” I would say 20 thats how long we were together and the emotional tore me appart mentally, emotionally and often physically. But recently I realized the abuse actually stopped getting through and I just stayed until the trigger and strength came to say get the hell out. Moon for me! But now that I realize it maybe I can be as strong there as I am physically 🙂 We shall see

  18. i’m ok with physical pain… but i have mars pisces, which is great for denial.
    then again, aquarius moon just detaches.

    what really pisses me off is fatigue. my aries hates hates hates running low on gas.

  19. I’d rather deal with phycial pain then emotional. Emotional hurts me more ,this maybe because my mars is in sag conjunct neptune a so I can transcend and bounce back from physical pain however I have a whole stellium square my capricorn moon and noway does my poor moon have a chance

  20. 9th house Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Mars and Virgo Jupiter, opposite Leo Uranus, square Scorpio Neptune, square Aries ASC.
    1st house Taurus Mars square Aquarius Venus, Mercury and Chiron, trine Capricorn Moon.
    I think I can handle both emotional and physical pain quite well. I am pretty buoyant emotionally and also heal fast physically. I grew up with a Virgo Sun, Capricorn Moon, Scorpio Mars mother so I’m well used to the guilt trips (lol) but, given the choice I would probably choose physical pain… I can detach.

  21. If it’s a quick, intense psychical pain, then I’d take that. If it’s a headache that last seven days, I’ll take anything over that! Quick intense pain is fine. Dull pain that goes on seemingly forever puts me over the edge — I’d take the emotional pain over that. Sometimes emotional pain comes from things we were suppose to let go and we cause our own pain. Once working through it, I find a nice catharsis effect.

    Moon Taurus, Mars Cancer

  22. I’ll take physical any day over emotional! I can stand pain for hours and hours and I have been known to work while having fever. I will not drop down and slow down, I can stand up, using only my will power. Mars is strong, in its own sign, Aries. While my Moon, the poor thing, is in fall in Scorpio.

  23. Same as Opal: my Moon is conjunct Venus in Gemini, and square Mars in Pisces. I can’t stand either.
    Moon/Venus also widely sextile jupiter and Pluto, so if I can laugh in the middle of emotional upset, it can ease it for a while.

    Mars also trines my Uranus/ascendant. For years, I went without pain medication, fearing that I was growing dependent on it. From 19 until 30, I avoided pain meds, until I worked out too hard, and had trouble walking for days – my calves were shot, I needed to look for a birthday present, and walking around going, “Ow, ow, ow” just wasn’t working for me, so I opted for the Tylenol. I’ve had a problem knee since my teens – the pain extending up my thigh and into my foot – and had the most abominable period pains for years, that still occasionally come to visit, but I drank herbal teas, like chamomile, thinking that if I relaxed the muscles and knocked myself out, the pain would go away. (6th house Sun conjunct Chiron, here.)

  24. my moon-mars conjunction in leo has no major aspects to anything else (though it makes a tight quintile to pluto).

    i can put up with any kind of pain if i can just find the humor in it.

    and i think most people would choose physical pain over emotional pain. deep emotional pain (at least for me) almost always has a physical component. like the few times i’ve felt real heartbreak i’ve literally felt my chest cave in and tighten. it’s the most awful feeling.

  25. how does one separate a conjunct moonmars in scorpio. it’s taken years and I am now seeing that yes the moon is bad here, but the mars is good here. physical pain is no problem, although I do not have chronic stuff and am able to heal well. Emotional pain has been a deep and stormy journey and now in my 40’s I am containing this feeling realm – or rather, I have learnt to manage it consciously. I do not want the big pain anymore – who does – and I am no longer experiencing life as such, but one thing I have learnt EVERYTIME, is that after the crisis and collapse there is a golden insight and tangential evolutionary step onwards. And so, I honour my pain and my journey and no longer fight it / or go to war with myself.

  26. Moon (Pisces/6H) sextile Mars (Taurus/8H) and both heavily would say, on first impression that physical pain is more agreeable than emotional pain- but then if I’m in pain I get the famous Pisces whine (whhhhhhyyy mmeeeeee?) so it’s really a never ending circle.

  27. Pisces 6th house moon here as well square Mars in Cancer 10th house. I do better with emotional pain because that doesn’t (usually) interfere with my ability to work and provide. If I don’t have energy to provide (mars in cancer)my pisces moon feels very vulnerable. So I don’t think it’s the pain of physical pain so much as the implications…which circles back to fears and that is probably emotional!

    That said, emotional pain in it’s deepest variety has nearly killed me….so not a great choice here. Interesting food for thought, Satori!

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